To know what hmd global is planning uh, it’s, just quite shocking as well to know that the 5.4 was launched less than six months in the nokia 5.3 and we are already hearing rumors of the nokia 5.5. Now, with that aside, uh today’s topic is going to be on the nokia earbuds, so we all know that previously, under hmd global, they have been producing some very high quality, uh nokia powered earbuds. So um i’ve made a review on this uh. Previously, the nokia bh605 um – this is one of the best earbuds out there for the price range and uh surprisingly, uh nokia’s parent company does not seems to believe so, and so the licensing has been passed to a company called pitchco. So if you can see clearly, this is rishko a company based in shenzhen china. So visigo is not the new company it’s been there for quite some time, but for the chinese markets, so they have recently acquired licenses to produce nokia powered devices accessories, mainly so they’ve been producing earbuds headset and as well as power banks. So most of these are just a free batch of the previous uh products, so not much of r d that goes into that they are cheap. They look colorful and cheerful, probably more suitable for the lumia days, but this caught my attention. This looks like they mean business, looks worthy of the nokia branding so i’m going to do a quick unboxing of this and let’s look.

What is inside and we’re going to compare how this fast to the nokia b8605, so it’s a bit tight over here all right! Fine, so how frequent is it for you to come across a nokia branded metallic case like this? So this is a metallic case uh, which is quite the opposite of what bh605 is so ba. 605 packaging is a simple cardboard clean, uh design, but this is taking to the whole new level. So i think which go is going all out with this uh unit, especially they do have another higher configuration unit which supports active noise cancellation, which is the p3802a. But the design looks kind of boring to me now, with this aside, let’s see what is inside wow, so there you go. So this is the bh sorry, this is not the bh. This is the b3600 and look at how small it is. That is this cool. Okay, so this is how we unwrap it just look at the size difference. This is so much smaller. Uh weighs about the same, looks more premium. To be honest, so we’re going to put the comparison aside, we’re just going to have a look at this okay. So you have the usbc here and apparently this is where you open it up and there you go. So these are the new nokia earbuds by rich, go let’s, see what else is inside. So underneath you have a nice nokia pouch. I think this will come in handy because the uh metallic surface on the charging case might be prone for scratches and you don’t want that to happen.

So a nice touch to that and let’s see. Okay, they do have this small box. Okay, this should be where the wireless – sorry, not the wireless, the usbc cable, as well as the uh yep correct and the power tips. So you’ve got the additional power tips. Usually they come in three sizes. So two is here: one is already in the earbuds. Usually they are the size, small, medium and large ones, and then, if you look inside let’s, see come start easily. Okay, there it goes a usbc cable and at the bottom of it you have the nokia pro through wireless earphones user guide, i’m. Going to keep this aside and bring your attention to let’s see if you can see these qualcomm app x, so um to be honest, uh aptx is something new to me. I have been using nokia devices, and this is one of the first few devices to support the nokia. Sorry, the qualcomm app x, so app stands for audio processing technology. So, for example, traditionally, when you have the cable usb uh, sorry not usb the 3.5 millimeter head jack cable, so your audio goes directly to the wires and to the headphones, so not much of issues with transmission of the music, but when it comes to wireless devices, So this audio has to travel wirelessly to your earbuds, so this is where app x comes in, so fx, basically compresses the audio and then transmit it. Wirelessly and decompresses in fx supported his uh headset or earbuds like the ones on the p3600.

So this supports the latest app x technology, which is the adaptive app x. So they have a few in the qualcomm website to explain the different types of app x available out there. But this one in particular the ones that is supported by the p3600, is what is known as the adaptive fx, which allows you to adjust the performance based on the surrounding environment. So, basically, what it says is that let’s say the environment. Changes becomes less, more noisy or less noisy than the big rate and the audio quality and the probably the volume of it changes to top to it. It also supports low latency mode and also has a audio, which is hd quality, and this is probably made possible by the fx compression technology, so we’re going to talk about Music, the bh605 versus the p3600. Now, before we get into that, the differences are already quite apparent, so the ones made by nokia, parent company and also by hmd, comes with the branding of bh in front, whereas the one that has been licensed to rich go comes with the model, starting with e And p, so this is the p3600 and there are also a few other e series like i’ve mentioned before, so a total opposite take on the earbuds, as you can see here, matt very large made of plastic metallic, small compact and shiny. So they weigh about the same. This feels slightly more dense because of the size.

This has a 3000 milliamp battery. This has a venturi size about 400 plus in theory. This does last longer much much longer than this. This is for the p3600. It is suitable for a day’s use, so uh the battery life of the uh charging case. The charging case for the nokia bh 605 is phenomenal, with a 3000mah battery. So for my usage of listening to music about an hour each day, i can use easily use this for about two weeks without going for a charge. So for this probably, i would require more frequent charges and all right let’s open up Music, so uh. This is how it opens up it’s, not really assuring okay. The hinge mechanism is visible here and uh. You can kind of toggle it at the back and this direction. Just uh just reminds me of the uh hinge mechanism for the nokia n97 ones on the bh. 605 has a much more assuring snap to it, and you know it’s not going to break anytime soon. There’S no hinge mechanism available to be seen, it’s, all very slickly, packed and designed. Now you know, take a look at the earbuds itself, so the earbuds themselves look different. The one from the nokia bh605 is significantly larger and slightly heavier, whereas the one on the p3600 is smaller, more compact and it’s shiny all over, whereas the one on the bh605 has the matte finishing toward the unit. But now i want to bring your attention to this now.

One of my main complaints with the bh605 is that the earbud tips are actually quite rigid that if you were to use it continuously about two to three hours, especially if you have a small ear canal like me, then this will cause some pressure discomfort, whereas on The p3600, the earbuds, has a much wider silicon base to it, and you can see that the wider base also means a better noise cancellation. So this somewhere it’s mentioned that it supports some sort of an hybrid noise control and yep. It does block the noise and it’s supposed to because this has a wider base to it compared to the one on the bh605 now. So how does the audio quality matches – and this is a really surprising finding for me now i’ve – been impressed with what the bh605 produced coming from ear buds like rokin, looking among the earlier ones to have a bluetooth earbuds, but they are not in the fancy group Of earbuds, like the ones produced by sony and some so so coming from rokin, this was much much bigger upgrade. So the quality of the audio by the bh605 is excellent. There’S, no distortion at the loud volume and also the range of audio quality. Without getting the line, disconnected is also much better than what rokin has to offer. So when i was uh uh going through with what the app x can do, i was a bit skeptical, because the bh605 does not support fx, whereas this does so will there be any difference, and besides this has the fin um graphene membrane, which actually produces the Very rich audio quality that the bh605 has, whereas here there’s no graphene membrane.

So this has a six millimeter membrane, and this has about the eight millimeter membrane, which is not graphene based, so to be honest, i’m, actually, really surprised that the audio quality of the nokia p3600 is a step better than what the b8605 has to offer. It is slightly louder, sounds has better depth and it has a much stronger bass. So for those of you who are into base rich music, this is the device to go. So it is really amazing because such a small compact device produces such an excellent audio quality and the performance is actually really great and i was really skeptical whether or not it is able to actually top the performance of bh605, and i have to say yes, it Does and it’s really amazing, because um we do know that uh nokia itself, the parent company, they do know a thing or two about making audio devices from the blade 360. The nokia monster, headset and reach goal was not really well known outside of china. So i assume that they are fairly new to this as well, but uh, seeing how the nokia p3600 managed to be better than bh605. This shows that the ritual is actually taking it serious with the nokia branding devices. So this is something to be um, be happy for the nokia enthusiasts like me so um. I do look forward for the next uh offerings by ritu, but the thing is that the availability of this device is even much more scarce than the ph 605.

So this is basically for asia, pacific market and it’s going to be hard to get unless you do have uh means of getting it through china. So there are some online platforms, such as tabal aliexpress and what not. But then, when you calculate the shipping and taxing prices, then the ba605 looks like a better value to it. So one of the other differences is how the battery life is indicated here. So the battery life is indicated by a single led which blinks to show how much of the battery life is available. So this is currently blinking three, so this is three out of four uh, whereas the ones on the uh ba 605 is actually shown here. So once you put it in back so it will show that this is fully charged for battery life available. So, in terms of connecting is the same as the bh605, you just take it out, it instantly connects to any device. It was connected before seamlessly so that’s. How easy it is so, all in all, i have to say that i’m actually really impressed and surprised by how small the packaging is with the p3600 uh i’m, actually very, very very impressed with the audio quality that is produced by the p3600. It is exactly um what you would expect nokia to do when it comes to evolving their product, so this is definitely a newer, better version of the ph 605 in almost every way, except for the battery capacity, so um for those of you came to purchase.

Yes, i do recommend this um. One thing is my concern: is that i’ve been using this since uh sorry june or last year, and this device is actually very sturdy? Um it’s really reassuring to actually just keep this device in the bag and carry it around. You know that it’s not going to be affected but i’m slightly still skeptical the build quality of this. The battery case itself looks a bit flimsy, but the earbuds look solid, so that’s, my quick unboxing and also my first tech review on the p3600. If you have any comments, questions do ask below so till then um, i do hope to see more devices from ridge school. I think they’re in the right direction, with this one so congrats and uh we do have something to celebrate for especially for all the nokia lovers out there so see you in the next video um. I hope there will be new products to be launched by hmd.