There bye, bye there yo head over there, hello there. I am a Space, Ranger and Im here to take you down. All right were about to open this little peanut show yes, thats right. Busting open this Peanut Shop, dont be messing with me. Punks here lets uh grab that I think some cool stuff. These guys cant handle the Space Ranger epic Space Ranger. Like me, hello, having fun there. Dont worry, I have a present for you too. Oh, you didnt get the presents. Thats, okay Ill, give you that present. Let me uh grab some of these things pretty nice. Anyone else wants a little piece of this essential. That sounds like a fun party. What are you guys? Oh hello, there Sentinel Walker! How are you doing today? Oh, you might have a good part here, delicious. Take it hello there I feel, like Im being Spotlight about these cameras around here. Is that it is that all they have for me. I thought Id be green with a bigger party that does not look good thats, my Walker, Ah thats. Okay, we can take him. Oh hello, there General Walker, you enjoy that hello. There, oh hello, there boom watch out. Uh. Oh, I mean attack from somewhere arent. I oh hello, there! Walker, are you having a fun day? I hope you did had a fun day. There! Walker, you cant, really, you know face me Im a space rank. You think you think you can fight this.

Are you stranger of me yeah? I dont think its done well, that was simple enough is the mission complete I dont know lets go inside and see whats up in here, just recharge, my elf meters and such and lets go inside uh alarm going off. I guess they didnt want me in here. Lets take some other research. What else do they have in here? Ling, bling, all right, experiment, containment, fairly common fuel element over chart explosion. All right, all right terminal appears to be asking for manual confirmation um, I entered the carbon and then the rumble reaches the smoke. Sheeps into the terminal, the key entire system well looks like we uh. We did a good job here boys. We did a very fine job, not really doing too much.