If you enjoy this type of content and subscribe to the channel, if you havent subscribed yet set app, is an incredible cross platform Suite which gives you access to over 200 iOS and Mac OS applications without any additional cost. You only need to pay for your subscription and choose the apps that you would like to use now. A great benefit is that you can start a free trial when you use my affiliate link listed Down Below in the description, okay, starting off with the first quarter. The first item expected is the 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pros powered by the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. This MacBook Pro is expected to feature the same design as previous generation same ports, but new processors. The M2 Max, for example, is expected to feature a a 12 core CPU and up to 38 core GPU. Next, the 27 inch mini LED display according to Ross young apple, is expected to release it in the first quarter. The display May feature, as the name already suggests, the mini LED technology. Pro motion support allowing the 120 hertz refresh rate, and it could be similar to the studio display regarding the release date. Young did predict that Apple would release it at the WWDC last year. It didnt happen, then. He said that it was delayed until October of 2022, but it was also delayed. Unfortunately, so right now lets see if this release happens until March talking about the price.

If you consider the 27 inch display size and the mini LED technology, it could start at 15.99 next, M2 and M2 Pro Mac minis, the M1 Mac Mini, was released in November of 2020. However, the higher end version that is currently listed on Apples website is still powered by Intel, so we are waiting for a long time for an upgrade for that model. Regarding its design, it may feature the same design as the current generation. No big design changes are expected now. The fourth release expected for the first quarter is the M2 Ultra Mac Pro. And yes, this is another Apple computer that is still powered by Intel and were currently in 2023. So its definitely time for the company to update it. Good news is that Apple did confirm that the Mac Pro powered by Apple silicon is currently in development. Also, last March, at the Mac Studio event, Apple also said that the Mac Studio was not a replacement for the Mac Pro, which means that, yes, we are getting a different computer. No design changes are expected at the moment, but I feel like the main thing here is to switch from Intel to Apple silicon. This will be the focus now, according to Major quo. Apple is also working on a new version of the homepod, but also no design change is expected. My grandma previously reported that apple is considering a new version of the homepod that in size sits between the original homepod and the homepod mini now.

Lets talk about the second quarter of 2023 weve been hearing rumors about a 15.5 inch MacBook Air, and it looks like it is indeed coming out this year. According to recent reports by Ross young, the new Macbook Air could feature the same design as a 13.6 inch. Macbook area that was released in 2022, which means flat, edges large Force, touch, trackpad, updated keyboard with function, keys, magsafe, charging, ports and more and next. The third quarter is the most predictable one, because apple is expected to release the new iPhones in the new Apple watches. Regarding the iPhones, four new models are supposed to be released: the iPhones 15, 15 plus 15 Pro and 15 Ultra for the Apple watch. We may get the Apple Watch series 9 with an updated chip and the Apple watch Ultra also with an updated chip. I do have other videos about the iPhone 15 lineup here on the channel so make sure to watch them as well in case you havent seen them yet and of course I will be publishing more videos as soon as I have more information for you guys. So if you havent subscribed yet make sure you do and also if you enjoy the content, make sure to give me a thumbs up after iPhones and apple watches. Lets talk about the fourth quarter and the first product expected is the M3 iMac. The 24 inch M1 iMac was released in April of 2021 and we havent seen an update for it.

Since then, the M1 iMac is the colorful one that has a new design. Its also the one that I currently have here in the studio, I do love it, but we also love Apple releases right – and I mentioned M3 iMac, because, according to Mark German apple, is expected to skip the M2 version of the iMac next iMac Pro with mini, Led display powered by the M3 Pro in M3 Max chips. This information comes from minchi quo. That believes. That apple is indeed planning to release the iMac Pro and Mark German also agrees. He said that apple is working on a larger, screened iMac aimed at the professional Market. He believes that it will use the variation of the M3 chip likely the M3 Pro and M3 Max. That would match the chips inside of the MacBook Pro. I will say that I do find it weird for Apple to release both M2 Pro and M2 Max chips and M3 Pro and M3 Max chips in the same year. Because do you remember what I said in the beginning of the video that the 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pros powered by the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips should be released in the first quarter? I dont think that Apple would release both of these Generations in the same year, but I guess well have to wait until the end of 2023 to confirm this, and the third product expect did for the fourth quarter.

Is the seventh generation iPad Mini no design? Changes? Are expected for this product either? I feel, like I said, no design changes are expected a lot in this video, but apparently, according to Mark German, the new processor is the main selling point for this device. Also, the mesh shipment is expected to start by the end of 2023 or in the first half of 2024. and last but not least, were not done with the video, because there are two different products that are expected to be released sometime in the second half of 2023., the first one is the AR VR headset, which is long rumored and also delayed due to unspecified software related issues according to Ming. To quote and Mark German recently said that apple is planning to debute the device this spring and ship it later this year, and the second product is the second generation of the airpods max. We dont have concrete rumors about it at this point, but Mark Roman did say that it could feature an USBC Port by the end of 2024, which means that that this release could happen next year instead. But well put it here for a second half of 2023 and I guess well see what happens, and these are the Apple releases expected for 2023.. Let me know your thoughts Down Below in the comments whats, your favorite product. What are you excited to see? Because I would love to know if you enjoyed the video dont forget to give me a thumbs up and also subscribe to the channel if you havent subscribed.