You dont need a computer, you dont need like a dongle or something all you need is a Micro SD card and thats it so lets just get straight to it. All right guys, so first thing youve got to do is boot into the desktop version of Linux. So its super easy just hold down that button boot to desktop version once youre here, theres three things you need to download from Firefox. The first one is the file thats in my bio. This is the Windows 10 steam deck Nation IMG file. This is what youre going to use to boot Windows. There are two other programs you need to download one being etcher. This is used to flash Windows onto your SD card and Steam support Windows, resources, download the Wi Fi driver. You dont need to download anything else. Just yet focus on the Wi Fi driver, alright. So now that we have all three of these installed lets go ahead and begin the process before you do this, you need to set a password on the console, its super easy to do, and you can set it to anything so, once youve done that we can Now actually proceed: okay, guys now that we have these three downloaded lets go ahead and put our micro SD card inside of the steam deck. So now that we have the steam decks micro SD card plugged in lets open up etcher right, Flash from file and choose the IMG steam dagnation Windows, 10 file open, ignore that select Target for the Target were going to use your SD card mine, says windows, its A terabyte click select and then were going to flash.

Yes, Im sure go ahead and Flash it okay. So while this is starting, youre gon na have to enter your password back here, its a little hidden so make sure you find it and grab it simply. Just put in your password and now it will begin flashing, its going to take a little bit of time. So in the meantime, while were waiting for that to flash were going to go over to our downloads folder again and then were going to extract the windows. Wi Fi driver, so pretty easy, just extract archive here now that the file is extracted were just going to wait. Till etcher completes its process, so well go ahead and just sit for a minute. While this is flashing Ill just answer some, you know generic questions. Can I choose what to boot into? Yes, you can whats super cool. Is I have 2s micro SD cards? I can take this one out the windows one out and put in my 256 Steam OS card right. The Steam OS is on the SSD. So all I have to do is swap the card and itll boot into the SSD as opposed to micro SD. Now I say I want to play Modern Warfare with my friends. I take out that 256 I put in this terabyte card thats being flashed on right now and I can simply just boot into Windows. Super cool super easy! Yes, if you have files on your tip, your micro SD card that youre using its going to format everything all right, you guys flash, has been completed, take a look at removable devices here you can see the windows files, so all were really going to do.

Is go back to your downloads, folder copy, the drivers, you can even delete them if youd like and then go back down to your removable devices and just paste. So now we have the Wi Fi drivers inside windows now its time to actually boot up the device and take a look at windows. So what were going to do is were just going to Simply turn the device off okay, whats up yall. Now that this index turn off were going to boot, it into the bootloader Bios mode right, so all were going to do, is hold the volume button up like that. Just click the power button keep holding it down and let it boot into the bootloader. So now that were inside, of the bootloader were going to go to boot manager and, as you can see here, theres a few different things. For me at least what youre going to want to do is go to the EFI SD card, simply just click a and now let it do its thing. All right, guys check this out. Weve got Windows were not done yet we got to do this setup process, but after that theres two things we got to do. First, just get inside windows thats. All we care about right now, us skip Network, see that nothing, pops up click I dont have internet nah. Well, do that later accept and then just name it. Okay, like that, you dont need a password.

Just click enter and then turn all this crap off. You can do it if you want, but I dont want no freaking, Microsoft tracking me down so once its done. Just simply, click accept no cortanas crap. Never look at this guys. How easy is that luscious weight again guys, look at that how cool were not done yet, obviously, theres a few things we got to fix um by the way, if this worked for you guys, like comment subscribe, help me out here. I spent a lot of time making this video and Im so glad I can do it um, but yeah guys. I want to grow this channel super super large. I want to scale it to a big old Channel about steam, deck and all portable gaming, because that is the future and I want to be a big part of it. So lets go ahead and fix some of these issues, the first one. Of course, we need to put it over to landscape, so just go to settings display so theres, two more steps that weve got to do in order to make this a successful window go over to the files. This PC and look at that were already full and I have a one terabyte drive, so what were going to do is were gon na wipe out all the partitions, so your Windows driver open up your Windows driver and set it up. Yes, let us do its thing: Perfecto golly, finish: okay, close that out and then go to your Wi Fi and look at that there they are, but your keyboard isnt going to work.

So just go over to your settings, Music. Once youre in settings go to devices, youll see typing click typing and then gosh the scrollings not working. Yet this is the most important right show touch keyboard when not in tablet mode switch that baby on and then begin the process all right guys. So the Wi Fi is connected were good to go. What we need to do is Microsoft Edge as crappy as this browser is. We have to use it theres, no other option and just for the time being, resize C link is in the bio okay and then here you should be here download the partition magic, portable download, let that do its dying extract. The program go to 64. click on setup, DM Dot, resizer yep. Look at that. This is the last step. Okay, what were gon na do is simply allow Windows to run on the entire micro SD card, so were gon na go. Do is go to this right here. The 14.26 gigabytes resize slash, move partition and then drag this bad boy up all the way, just like that click, ok and apply and check this out. Let it do its thing! Look at this. If you go over to this PC on this PC, look at that now we have the full terabyte or whatever size, micro SD card. You have so from here on out youre good to go. You need to download the rest of the steam drivers, so just steam deck drivers make sure you get that Apu driver weve already done the Wi Fi driver no need Bluetooth, driver, SD card driver and then audio drivers.

One and two and youll see here theyre stacking up so now were going to extract all drivers go through all your driver files and keep clicking in so you get that set up just like that, set up all the drivers reset the device and guys you have Successfully loaded Windows onto your micro SD card, you guys got it working properly like comment subscribe, do the whole thing because gosh, what a cool way to do some windows action on now. You can play Modern Warfare with your friends. So just let it do its thing.