My profession is to be a teacher computer training cycle. Many you have children, and you ask me: hey Jos, Manuel an economic tablet, a tablet for my child to take her to school with which can connect. Do all the tasks supported, google, apps teams, etc. do you know one that is economical? Well, now is a recurring question at the beginning of the cole I have been investigating and I bring you this here is the blackview tab 13, one very cheap tablet and a tablet in the which, in this video we put to the test whether or not it Works for homework, So nothing if you want to know what they are. The main features of this tablet: functionality, etcetera, no os, miss the video Music Music. Well, now that you have seen the Unboxing, the next step is to comment. The main specifications tablet techniques screen controls, size, weight, etc. So you can make yourselves a more reliable idea of what the product before starting tell you that the tablet does not include a case. That is the. What do you see there? A book type cover and, In addition, it also includes as standard a tempered glass that is placed relatively easy, as you can see in the video, and that will help us protect the screen from light shocks, and it will also help us protect the screen against small Scratches that they can give our son at school, the book cover is made of a material.

Quite soft also has a color blue, very cool, very elegant. The tablet is extracted very easily from it is say simply we have to remove it, as you can see there and look at the appearance so good that this blackview 13 has the rear is fully built of metal, and there are also the tablet cameras, a 13 Camera plus 2 megapixels that will allow us take video and photos with the tablet without any problem in one of the sides, as you can see there, we have a keyboard connector that does not. It is included in what is the kit of the tablet? That is, we can buy it apart and then it is a super tablet thin. I was quite surprised that, as you can see, it barely reaches 8 millimeters 7 and a half millimeters ideal to take up very little space backpack of books. Then we are also speaking of a very light, an ideal tablet for transport – it, as I say in the backpack that confuses included, look 624 grams, a weight that is not excessive at all, comparing it with other tables that we have a lot on the market. You ask hey, and it is sure that they take it to Cole. Well, look the case comes with the corner very well protected with some plastic protrusions that the case that hit the ground will protect her and she will come out unscathed. Any Lance that the children have in the school, also with the little fund, is that it is magnetized if we fold it.

As you see in the video, we can place the tablet in horizontal position, so you can see a video use, the classroom, etc. On one side. We also have the button on off, as you can see there and the volume up and down button typical in the tables that are of this type. Also, in that part, we have a ideal microphone to perform videoconferences and that they can communicate with the lady etcetera and then at the bottom. We have a tray that allows us to place a SIM card, since it is a tablet. With 4G connectivity, we have usb type c port for charging the battery, whose capacity is 7280 milliamps more than enough for endure a day of cabbage without problem, and then also on that side, we have a speaker that will allow the children listen to the teacher or Their colleagues when they are in video call at the opposite extreme. We also have another speaker that will allow a sound in stereo, and that is heard very, very well in the tests. I have done before continue to comment that I am a lot of those who my videos and you are not subscribed to Channel Y – is that a subscription of yours? It helps me a lot to keep bringing content like this, for you do not It costs. Nothing is totally free. You just have to find the subscribe button right here on the bottom of the video and click about him, and now we continue with the video and then what is the screen is a 10.

1 inch screen with a 1200 by 1920 Full HD resolution at an ips Panel to tell you what it looks like quite quite well, also a mediatek helio, g85 processor and 6 GB of ideal ram and 128 GB storage to move programs, games, utilities, etcetera and store photos documents from school personal documents. That is what our son needs for his day by day. Also, if we fall short, memory also allows us to insert a storage card right on the same compartment in which the SIM card, and then tell you that comes with an operating system based on Android 12 named douk os in its version 3.0, including official support from Google, with which we can install apps from the Play Store without no kind of problem thing, that was one of my fears that they could not install the applications that use in his day to day at school. Well done, I am going to comment on this. How to put it on runs super easy. Basically, we have to have an account from Google and nothing else and then, like commented lets see if they support the typical applications that use our kids at school, Like, for example, Google classroom, classdojo teams, Google etcetera. Regarding the initial Setup, it is very easy to do for anyone of the parents who watch this video. We just leave a few seconds pressed the start. Button right away asks us to choose the region in this Spain case and also the language after we press the start button, we connect to the WiFi network at home or in the center corresponding school.

We log in with a Google account if, for example, We have a school Google account. We can use that same one, Although I, my recommendation, is that you use one of Generic Gmail that doesnt have a domain private, which can then be added, as second Google account. Since, if not, You are going to have problems when install the apps once done that we make the privacy settings that we want, we create a pin for protect the data of our Peque Que. Obviously then, he must know we could even unlock the tablet with facial recognition, since it has an integrated front camera that also allows us to use for video call and a once done that we choose the method of navigation. We want, in my case with classic little buttons and we already have it available. Look. We already have the desktop ready to use a tablet. Who is the ideal companion for school, as I am seeing there? I have installed the Google classroom application, which is the they use in the middle of my girl and look there. She has no problem full access to said application, and you can check the task at any time. What do they send you to do at home, upload tasks, exercise, etc. all very fluid, since it is a tablet that, as I say, It works very well in what performance refers then? In addition, it is also a tablet that can devote himself entirely to leisure.

That is to say, our children can play games favorites without any problem and In addition, they can also enjoy streaming content such as Disney Plus content, Netflix hbo, with a very sharp image and an image that looks very good. As I told you, It has a front camera that allows us to make our video calls and for you to see the quality that is shows in that camera Im going to leave you this little test. This is a test recording about How the video looks and also for you to listen to the audio directly from the ideal tablet. As you are seeing a quality for 1080p videoconference, a quality that will allow us to use any of the applications, use our children in class streaming well, for example: well, Google, Google, hangout or teams, or any of these platforms videoconferencing supported by the great most Spanish schools. Then We can also take pictures with the rear camera, as I mentioned above, And that you see there is the quality that does not offer a quality pretty good for a range average, as it is good. What did you think this blackview tablet 13 inch a interesting product, a product that at At first I had my doubts, cheap? It was, and especially if it was viable or not, to take my daughter to the Cole but tell you that I was surprised. Quite the quality that a tablet has that a tablet works very, very fast light that they can carry it totally in the backpack without it being a additional load and a tablet.

That is me allowing the girl not only to do the homework here at home, but also on weekends, because as a reward, let a little play games since the graphics performance is quite good, and I cannot only use it for purposes academic, but also for purposes. Playful, Of course, always controlled by we always guarded because in internet We have many dangers, and this is one thing we have to keep in mind: Im going to leave you much more information of this Tablet and links of purchase together with a coupon discount, Because these Days it will be discounted with the theme of Black Friday from 11 And such, But still, if you have doubts, comments, suggestions or any other little thing that I have left to me in the inkwell. You can give it to me comment in the comments of the video that I will gladly attend to your requests and nothing else. If you liked it give the video a good like and subscribe to the channel by marking the bell, so that when there is a new video, you get a notification at mobile phone and see you in a future video.