Welcome to our install guide in this guide. We’Ve made it simpler than it has been in the past there’s a couple steps, but they’re not hard, so stay with me and you’ll, be using your tablet, like a pro very shortly, we’re going to go to the microsoft store and we’re going to type tablet pro And we’re going to install both of these apps just click on these and choose the install option when they’re installed. You can go over here to the start, menu and find it under t for tablet pro or you can click on here where it says, tablet pro and we’re going to open this up click on purchase here you can see the different options for purchasing tablet. Pro we’ve made the full package a very easy one to choose so go ahead and purchase whichever one of these suits your needs best and thank you for purchasing. It helps us with development and helps provide for takashi’s family and for my family. So i really appreciate that. Dank u. The next step here is we’re going to go to the website. You can see here the tabletpro.com install. If you are on this page at the very top tabletpro.com. You can click here on our tablet, pro icon and it will bring you down to the install section down here, you’re going to click on download, and this is a little tiny bullet point guide right here, for you install the store, app, Desktop, app and pen tool.

So we’re going to download the desktop program and run it we’ve moved all of our automation into the pen tool, so it’s in one place, not two. Nwo, with that said, click standard next i agree next and then, when we’re done here, it’s going to ask us about our license that we purchased in the tablet pro store app all right. So congratulations you’ve installed tablet pro. Would you like to check we’re going to say yes it’s, going to look over here and it’s going to see that we have already purchased it’s going to say? Thank you again, thank you and we’re going to close that you’ll see right here. It says all features activated: this will reflect whatever we purchased in the store app. We have one last step and for those of you who haven’t run tablet pro before you right click here to choose the mode. This is the tablet pro mouse icon right here. You right click that, and you choose your mode. You load your layouts, your presets by choosing layout load preset and you, Bewerken, by choosing edit watch our follow up guide on working in the layout editor to learn more on how to customize your own presets. We are going to run the pen tool i’m going to go here to the start, menu and we’re going to go down to pen tool. I have mine here on the side we’re going to choose pen tool now the first time that this runs it’s going to start with right here the welcome guide right here, you’re going to choose whatever stylus you have the one button default stylus from microsoft, the one That i recommend, after doing years of reviews, is the r520.

I saw this one on my store and they now have one that has a bluetooth button on the end as well or something like the wacom bamboo ink plus, that has two buttons and the bluetooth like the new renaissance stylus. All of these, you can click on these links down here to purchase these. If you don’t have one yet we’re going to select the bamboo ink. Nwo, if you tap on the screen with the pen, it’ll tell you what type of inputand you need to read thisthis will tell you how the buttons workokay next, so this is the most important setting right now so make sure that you pay attention To this one part, if you want tablet pro to automatically switch when you’re opening different programs like a specific one for affinity, designer clip, studio or psi or blender or zbrush any of those different ones. If you wanted to automatically switch, you need to check this box load. Custom tablet pro settings if you’re using the same settings as me. If you want to look prettier, then click on this setting, als je, currently using tablet pro this, will replace your settings. So you may want to save that. Eerste, you just click here: settings you’re going to go to the general tab right here back up universal settings to file right here and then you can restore it right there or load it. If you’re using a low resolution screen 1080p or lower check this box and it’ll make the font and a couple other things fit a little better for you, Oke, so we’re going going to go ahead and click next.

This is where this will be in the hidden task tray. That means right down here, and i drag mine down here so that it’s easier to see. So here you can see it’s switching we’re gon na go to clip studio. It’S got the clip studio, preset and let’s switch over to affinity designer. You can see it’s automatically, switching these for us, which is what i like. I like that a lot all right. You guys that’s it for the install guide. I have more information for you at tabletpro.com academy, so check that out and please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to our youtube channel for more information and tutorials on using tablet pro to make your tablet use better and faster and more enjoyable.