I have here today my daughter we’re, going to do something very special for her today. It’S her tablet, it finally came. I bought a tablet for her so that she can do her online schooling all right. So i bought this tablet off amazon, so it came today. Tot slot, so i want to do an unboxing review right, is it inbox movie or unboxing? Unboxing review so that you guys can see what the specs are on this tablet or, if you guys will buy it all right, yeah all right. So the tablet comes with a keyboard, and this is the tablet. It is a two in one tablet, which means that it is also uh it’s, also uh, what killer it’s also a teleph. It also has a phone, a phone it’s, also a phone and it’s also a tablet right so it’s, een 10.1 inches two in one tablet, which means that it’s also a tablet and it’s also a phone which is nice, because i can call her whenever i’m out Right it has dual sim, so you can use two sim card on it right. It has four gigs of ram. What is this kiddo? Oh my gosh. Ja, it has four gigs of ram and it has 64 gigs of storage wow. I bought this tablet for 125 off amazon, but i pay some money to get it here to me in jamaica, OK, Laten we doorgaan.. Kayla come okay, zoals ik al zei, this is the tablet, and this is the keyboard right.

It’S bluetooth come here all right, so let’s pull like this all right: Oke, Oke, so this is the mouse for it. Ja, there’s no battery for it, and this this means that it can be used on my computer, and you see it on the tablet. Ja, because it’s a bluetooth, so it doesn’t need this. It doesn’t need this, but if i want to use this on, my computer i’ll just push this inside the slot and i get mouse usage, but because this doesn’t have any area for this to go in what we use on this right. I can oh, oh yes, dat is. Why this this is handy, show me kayla. How would you do it? Oke, so you put the insert this in here. Ja, Ja, oh wacht. I just did it okay. Did i do it? How is it supposed to go? Let me try it supposed to work all right, then you put it inside here. Let me show you, dit is, as you remember it does. It goes in here. So this would be like a wireless mouse. Now are no longer a bluetooth yeah your option. If you want to use this without bluetooth, you can go like this. Op deze manier, if not just turn on your bluetooth, i get bluetooth mouse right, caleb, Ja, Wow. Tot nu toe, Zo fijn, rechts, Oke, kayla, so let’s turn on the tablet. How do i turn down kayla? So um, Muziek, 7, 30 right right all right.

Six right out right right, make up all right, OK, it’s black it’s, OK, OK, regular right, all right Music! You have reached the end of my video, thank you for watching, but don’t forget to subscribe.