We have what might be some of the biggest official discounts that surface duo has ever seen. We’Re talking about discounts of like 400 dollars on brand new devices. We’Re not talking about ebay, where you’ve been able to find them for even cheaper than this. Actually we’re talking about brand new devices unlocked ready to go so the first place you can look is amazon. I will have a link in the description down below if you’ve been on the fence to buy whether you’re gon na buy a surface duo, maybe now’s the time to snap one up as the device continues to improve over time. Here we go 10.99 for the surface duo down from 14.99 99 Cent, uh regular price, keep in mind. Dit is de 256 gigabytemodel. Vreemd, at time of recording the 128 model is actually more expensive than the 256. 128 is 1349. De 256 is that 10.99 prijs, and there is no other listing. That brings it into a more logical place in terms of that pricing, maar, like i said there will be a link in the description down below. That is an affiliate link. So if you do buy one from that, that is a great way to kick some support in my direction when it comes to other websites. Echter, that also have deals going on well. Laten we. Look over at best, buy they’ve, got it right now for 949.99, with activation. Now it’s important there that the details on with activation be noted, so we’re talking about how you know we’re talking about you, get activated on verizon our att.

If you’re not activating it today it is nine, het is 9.99 nu. Ook, if you go over to the 256 model 1049.99, if you do uh no activation, het is 10.99. So it is the same price as it is on amazon. So maybe that’s a better way for you to go if it’s, something that who knows they may actually have it in stock at your local best buy for you to just cruise down there and grab. One what’s really strange is that if you go to microsoft’s actual website for the surface duo and you go to shop, you will actually see that you’re looking at 13.99.99, it is the same regular price as always, for whatever reason this price cut has not made it To the microsoft website, this is only on best buy and amazon. Dus, like i’ve mentioned, you’ve been able to find surface duo used on amazon, for you know really good prices as well 684. Here on the first page now, the biggest difference here is that you’re talking about a brand new device, the warranty and everything will still be there. You could go to microsoft and buy their complete protection as well. Just as easily now, like i mentioned, i did say that this is very close to when duo should be launching in the uk, the rumors have it been in the next 10 days or so february. The 18th. There have been some listings popping up on some uk retailers off and on some have popped up gone away, come back again, so it does look like we are inching closer and closer to that.

Uk release it’d be really interesting to see what the price is at that launch. I imagine you’re going to see that regular price of 13.99 on microsoft’s website. Echter, will you see discounts like we’re, seeing here in the states from best buy amazon, enz? That would be something uh interesting to see. If any of these uk retailers will match that price, so guys i’m dropping this video a little bit early. Just because i need i wanted to raise the awarenessi guess let you guys know about this price cut.