The stylus feels amazing, just brilliant. I personally think it’s a better buy over the surface pro. Helaas, the pro design is a little dated now they’re heavy, to hold in one hand when taking notes and the choice of processor does disservice to the form factor where fanless and light is called for. This tablet is also fast or at least feels much more responsive than the similarly equipped samsung tab pro s, which i had to return due to doa trackpad and frustratingly difficult to update samsung, junks and custom driver for the stylus Music. The touchpad is large and feels really smooth and great to use battery is about six hours, but do i care six hours is a long time to be productive away from the desk and socket. I went for m3 and four gigabytes ram. The m5 might have shorter battery, so your mileage may vary. The only criticism i have is they should put magnet on the back cover, instead of only at the bottom hinge around the connector. This would have made the tablet so much sturdier for use in lap. I suppose i can tape some velcros to the back of the tablet and on the flap that should take care of this best. Two in one drawing laptop budget, you get solid specs for low power, tdp enough for daily usage, watching light work, screen resolution so perfect. Ips 2k battery, so good around 6 Aan 7 hours on light use i bought pen separately and enjoyed drawing on this tablet pressure sensitivity, 2049 level great for i needed a windows operating system in a compact portable package for a particular piece of software.

I use without spending too much money. This huawei 12 inch tablet appeared to fit the bill. The unit with the m5 processor was evidently the first version offered by the manufacturer, as some reviewers have noted. This first offering evidently had some quality control issues Music. Inderdaad, the first unit i ordered came with a totally inoperable touch screen, so i sent it back and reordered second unit came with the fingerprint reader inoperable Music, Oke, het is, just a gimmick. I can type in a pin number just like any other device. So i kept it the good stuff for a 12 inch, it’s light and thin compared to anything similar, sleek and modern looking, but that sleekness extends to its finish. Most tablets have a textured or grippy back. This one is as slippery as a fish. So if you intend to hand hold it naked, you risk dropping it. I use mine on a desk stand. The sleekness also comes with another downside, no ports other than the usbc, which is used for the charge cord and a headphone jack. If you want to add any other peripherals, you need adapter cords or the dock that they sell for it, which sort of defeats the sleekness factor. Gelukkig, the bluetooth works great. I use a compact, folding, Bluetooth, keyboard and bluetooth mouse Music. As for the accessory keyboard case and pen, i didn’t buy them slash, don’t use them so can’t comment: the screen is really bright and contrasty and high def and fits my needs.

The battery charges up in about two hours, but only lasts about five hours, even with the undemanding single programi am using it for overall. This huawei 12 inch gives me what i wanted: light portable minimal and inexpensive 350 dollars when i purchased compared to the competition Music, but if you need more in the way of functionality, use externals, better battery life, enz, you should probably save up for a new surface. This is not a surface if you want a surface, get a surface and pay twice as much as you probably should it is sturdy, but not at all metal body. Dus, if you’re looking for that, the hp spectre is both reasonably priced and metal.