What i’d like to do today is quickly go through an um out of box experience with the precision 5750. I have one of the units right here in front of me, as you can see the 5750 ships in a brown cardboard box, just like almost every other system. We have quickly open it up system opens up. You can pull the gift box from the inside of the cardboard box. One thing you will see looking into the cardboard box is that it is a very clean look. We don’t have a lot of inserts a lot of packing materials styrofoam or anything like that. It is mostly just recycled cardboard holding the the gift box inside one thing we really wanted to work on was the out of box experience on our premium 5000 Serie, mobile workstations um, one of those, obviously being our 50. Our precision 5750 so you’ll see a true gift box that the system ships in um, it is uh very nicely put together, made again of recycled cardboard materials held together with a magnetic latch on the front when you open it up very nice dell branding across the Top of the lidand you see the top of the precision inside the box in its protective packing material, so go ahead and lift the system out of the gift box and remaining inside the gift box. Underneath the system you have power, cables, some dongles and some owners manuals. Dus, zoals u zien, the power cables and the power cables are not shipping in a plastic bag.

They are minimalist, um packing. So there is not a lot of plastic to be uh reused or to be recycled that ships with our system um a lot of the plastic about 25, is uh recycled ocean bound material with the remainer being recycled materials um with the cardboard same thing, almost the Majority of the cardboard is also recycled materials, along with the provided 130 wattvermogen. Adapter is a da20 dongle. The dongle is a type c to hdmi and usba dongle, which gives you legacy connectivity on our all type c mobile, Workstation, the precision 5750.. Let me go ahead and move into the 5750 i’ll go ahead and let’s take the system out of the protective bagging. The dell precision 5750 is the world’s thinnest. Smallest lightest 17 inch mobile workstation on the market. Vandaag, the precision 5750 is made from high quality aluminum materials, both on the a cover on the top and also on the bottom it’s made from one solid piece aluminum that curls all the way up to the sides. Looking at the sides, we have a diamond cut. Polish all the way around the system, which really gives it that high quality look that customers have come to love in our mobile workstations. Looking at the external ports, aan de linkerkant, we have two thunderbolt 3 Poorten. These are fully independent from their own thunderbolt. Chipset, aan de rechterkant, side we have two thunderbolt ports along with a sd card reader and a headphone jack and again these have their own thunderbolt 3 controller on them, which allows the 5750 to actually support up to 8k displays, Die, i think is wonderful.

It is the smallest uh notebook on the market that is capable of supporting 8k displays in full native resolution. When i open up the 5750, some things to call out on this system are that it has a carbon fiber palm rest which helps with the keeping the system light and also gives it rigidity. Dus, along with the aluminum on the top and the bottom of the system really gives it a nice solid, look and feel the 5750 also has a next generation keyboard, which has the power button integrated into it in the upper right hand, corner the power button also Has the fingerprint reader integrated to it, so you don’t see an actual power icon on there due to the fingerprint reader being located there with the fingerprint reader or with the ir camera built into the system. You have full microsoft windows, hello capability, on the precision 5750. De precisie 5750 is our only 5000 Serie – mobile workstationthat has proximity sensor built into it, which gives you full express sign in capabilities using your dell optimizer for precision software that is pre installed on the system. This allows you the capability to come and go as you please, and the mobile workstation will detect your activity as you’re coming and going and lock and unlock the display. Accordingly, as you come and go, you will also see that we have a huge touchpad on the mobile workstation. Het gaat over 105 larger than what we’ve had in previous generation 5000 Serie, which also gives you a full multi touch capability for scrolling clicking anywhere on the touchpad.

Ook, located on the palm rest are the top firing speakers located to the left and right of the keyboard. We have top firing speakers, along with bottom firing, subwoofers, which really gives you that high quality audio that customers are looking for in a mobile workstation. Our mobile workstation has a four sided infinity edge display, which gives it a 94 screen to body ratio. What i love about these different panels are that they’re all hardware enabled low blue light, which means you don’t get the normal eye fatigue that you would with a regular display. The hardware enabled low blue light, doesn’t cause any dimming or yellowing of your screen. Like you see with other electronic devices, usually when you put a monitor or a phone into low blue light mode, it turns kind of yellowish because you’re taking away the blues, what we’re doing is we’re shifting the frequency. What uh range that the blues are shown in moving them into the safer range which allows us to continue to have a 100 adobe color gamut? So you still have your color accuracy without the eye fatigue that you get. So what makes the precision 5750 a mobile workstation are all the wonderful components on the inside. We have 10th generation intel core. I all the way up to i9 and xeon processors up to the new eight core processors. From a graphics perspective, we have uma graphics with the intel processors and we also have nvidia discrete graphics, with all the way up to a quadro rtx 3000.

The quadro rtx 3000 gives us both ai and vr, ready, graphics, prestaties, so wonderful capability. This is probably the smallest vr capable mobile workstation on the market to be able to keep those graphics and those processors in check are the advanced thermal solution that we have within the 5750.. We have a patented doo fans which are dual output, fans which push air directly out the back of the system and through the system, circulating the air across the components, building a high pressure zone and pushing that the warmer air out. We also have uh different types of heat, spreaders and copper materials all throughout the system, along with gore material which helps dissipate or push away um heat from inside the system. On a memory perspective, de 5750 can go all the way up to 64 gigabytes of ecc. With xeon processors or non ecc memory, so quite a bit of performance capability in our memory uh, from a storage perspective, we have two internal pcie m.2 slots for a maximum internal storage of four terabytes which in you know in years past. That was what some people expected in desktops and now we’re able to move put that in our 17 inch mobile workstation and again from a panel perspective. We have a full hd plus and uhd uh plus panels, which gives you give you over 500 nits and 100 of the adobe color gamut included with the precision 5750 is dell optimizer for precision.

Dell optimizer for precision enhances your user experience. It gives you the ability to control your express sign in express charge for your battery express response and how the system is optimized to perform for your use case and also intelligent audio. I just wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to review this out of box experience for the dell precision 5750.