Welcome all welcome back to take this away. I am jolita to my previous video. I just talked about the chargeable cleansing basement center and now i’m, going to unbox a fondant story which is actually related to my previous video but it’s. Not exactly that. So remember this video. Like my last previous video, i did um unboxing on phone holder this. This is kind of safe, but not exactly same so yeah now i’m going to be unboxing this and showing you all. If you haven’t checked that video. Yet please do check. After watching this, video now let’s get unboxing. This is like a lot different than we got like the previous one holder. It is like the color, and when i first like saw this, it was like it’s kind of like soft. I think it came with some bubble. Wrapping paper Music, so it is a bubble wrapping paper. I know that i’m starting because i feel it once it’s kind of like soft. This is like too small. Eigenlijk, how did we open this wait a minute? This is all tucked with tape Music. OK! Let me try it i’m being so careful because, underneath it we have the phone holder, i don’t want to break or damage it it’s, just like so, Oke, i’m trying all right. Oke, i think i can peel this off. Oke, this is hot. I thought that this is going to come in a box or something, but it came in this Music.

Are you serious Music? Tot slot, Ten slotte, this is really cool wow all right. Dus hier gaan we. We got two separate pieces. One is this which is uh like we would probably say this, has a neck holder, uh like neck phone holder, uh like um. This is pretty cool. I love the build quality because, like yeah, you can probably stretch it and you can also start this 360 Graden. So yeah wait. Let me just adjust this and i thought that this is going to come in the picture that they showed it Music all right. So the arbor is not that good quality. I would say it’s, like all markings it’s like i used something, but if i would say with this it’s, just fine and the foam is okay, type and i’m going to remove this and try to guess it and then i’m going to put my phone in and Yeah so it’s same as the previous holder was just you do do that. Why is it so hard all right, i was. I was thinking that i broke it all right, Wacht even. Let me do this okay, dus, Ten slotte, Oke, Dus ik ben., going to also adjust this as a round thing. It leaves my fingerprints okay, OK, so i think i can also adjust. This is like this, and also like that, wat geweldig is, Geloof ik, and now i’m going to try this on and see how i feel with this so yeah i have my hair, so it’s kind of difficult all right, Oke, this is okay all right.

This was a little weird but yeah that’s, Oke, because you can put your phone watch youtube or watch something, and i would i can probably. I think i can write something with this in france, dus ja. Maybe i could use this in my online classes and you can probably stretch uh the only one i think you’re gon na also fit your tablet, because this stretch is really gone and yeah. They gave two sides foam to protect, to not get any scratch in your tablet.phone, which is great and so yeah. I love this so the reason why i ordered it because i, like you know this is actually like if you’re like watching like when my cousins come over, they tell me to catch the phone and they’re like. Can you catch this and i’m like they’re, like you catch it and i’m, Als, oh god, because it it paints a lot? We can catch it for like three minutes or four minutes, but it really hurts our hand and after doing a lot of workand this is also useful for those like who are oh, like a lazy person yeah. This is not only for lazy person. This is also for, zoals jij, have worked a lot in this space like you, have learned a lot and your hands are painting and you don’t want to catch a phone. In your hand, this is a good product, Ik zou zeggen, and overall this is okay like yeah, i don’t like this build quality, but i do love this build quality because it is a good phone if i could sayand they have did like four sides long.

Let me just remove this really quick Music. Oh okay need to be really careful, dus ja, Oke, i don’t know why i keep doing messages, so i they gave this little. Four walls wait. What did i say, foams uh, which protects your phone to not get any scratches, and i wish this was in the middle, so i could like see it too. So yeah you can also put like this and eat, or write that’s, great and yeah, wat goed is. Fijn – and i really love this product only because of this, and also the idea that they need like a neck holding the phone holder. I love that idea, but i don’t love the quality of this, which you guys can probably see it got like so many uh scratches or lines it’s, not that good phone, so i would say not at all and yeah, and i hope you enjoyed this video.