This is the civil top air, also known as the Tbook air. Now it's, not a bad little 12.5 and inch Apollo Lake laptop it's got a decent keyboard on it. It'S super light and portable. This thing weighs about 1.8 of 1.08. Sorry kilos so really light very thin, zoals u zien, but it's got one major con for me, even though I love the performance of this it's the fastest. I have actually tested yet out of the Apollo Lakes, because it's got really fast RAM on it. The big con is this: all you have is just a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on there and then a type C port, so not really that great now I've been using this docking it to my monitor here, my TV, sorry that I've got here in the studio And then my monitor at home and it's been good using it like that. But when I'm out and aboutand I wanted to access of course say a micro SD card to have a look at some drone footage go to plug it in and realize I left the adapter at home for the type C pod. So that's a bit of an annoyance, but this is where the under showing the 21 comes in it's. Eigenlijk, this exact model, Ik geloof, it's the same ODM that has manufactured for on those of course, we're leasing it and putting their brand on it. But we've got two times USB 3 ports on there micro SD card and a micro HDMI out.

It still has Type C on there, but only for charging and data. So you can't get any video out of it. Apparently so let's see if this one is going to be the improved version of the T book air and hopefully the performance is going to be just as good as this one. So this one I picked up from geek buying comm seems to be reasonably wrapped. Hopefully there is no damage and it's going to be in that champagne, gold color again, which I'm not particularly fond of they seem to love it in China for some reason so put the notebook aside for a second I've got a user manual here. That is all in Chinese in the left. Compartment here is our type C charger. Nu is dit beoordeeld op 12 Volt 3 amps so should charge it nice and quick. So before I get started, we'll just weigh it again to see how much it weighs. So it is 1.09 gram, so it's about 10 grams or so heavier than the t book air. Alright. So it looks just like the other model. Of course I have expected this because it really is the same pressing down on the lid there. There is hardly any flex a little bit but it's quite rigid, quite solid or made out of metal and on the bottom, see on the markings on there showing between t1 and 4 rubber feet. Now you see here as an access slot here, dat is echt goed.

So undo this one screw don't have to remove the whole rear back, like you have to on the t book air that I've got. This will give you access to the SSD slot on the right side under the de sensible thing and they decided to put the type C port micro, HDMI and a full sized USB 3 port here on the right side, which is great because on the T book You can see on the right here: you've only got the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and on the right side. Ja, you noticed where's the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack it's missing. Why do they always have to do that and always have something missing from his laptop's, dus full size, USB 3 port and then a micro SD card slot, wat geweldig is om te zien? I will have to find out if I can use a type C: 2. 3.5. Millimeter adapter, if that will work, and let us listen to audio okay, so it cannot be opened up a one handed and the screen is a anti glare coated one. Dus dat is goed om te zien. I mean it's the same actually on the t book ear. If you remove the glossy screen protector that comes with pre applied out of the factory, then you'll have an anti glare screen, matte coated. Natuurlijk. Now the touchpad is identical in size. Echter, the fingerprint reader, hopefully it's, going to be working, is now located on the right side and the keyboard layout is the same, but you can see they've got different shortcuts, so they've decided to have a function then f12 for print screen and there's no controls there.

For the screen brightness this time at least I'mnot on this model, but on the T book err you'll see it is two microphones up the top status LEDs and a dedicated power on button and the Delete key is here so that's. Actually a good move. You can see the difference. I do like that. They'Ve put the power button up, Er, here's the civil top, and you can see there. We get dedicated brightness controls without having to use function, keys or anything like that and a dedicated print screen button. Echter, the power button difference that you can see so there we have the power button which you could easily hit and now that's now the delete, so hopefully that's going to be good. Now this keyboard is very firm, there's, literally no flex. On that really good keyboard. I do like it I've been typing it on a bit: it's, helemaal niet slecht, one of the better ones you'll find on a Chinese laptop. Now the bezel around the outside is quite slim on the left and right. It'S made out of metal and the front facing webcam is 2 Megapixels, but it only records in VGA if it's, exactly like the civil top is now. One thing to notice is that their microphone location, Ik geloof, is in a better place on the earlier model on the civil top. As you see here, those microphones are located either side, so you don't get that noise of the keyboard as much okay.

So it has an account already created and the screen brightness. Geloof ik – and hopefully this is a hundred cent now it's 50. It looks quite good, en dat is 100 ear, which is bright enough to me and zero, very dim, so that's going to be great for nighttime use. Of course the keyboard is not backlit not in this price range. Let'S have a look at the device manager, hopefully there's, no issues with the fingerprint reader on this model, so that took a little while to load in, but not too bad, so network adapters. This should be the typical Intel dual band wireless AC, three one, six five, die het is. We see that on all the other models, quite a good chipset performs quite well and I'll just drive as an emmc. So this is a Toshiba, 0, 60, 4G. 30. Natuurlijk, later on in the video, I will show you the the a SD slot, so I opened that up and you can install an e 50 if you want better performance and more storage, space and I'll think a print reader is an eland one. It'S, the wbf fingerprint sensor, and it has no problems. It seems to me like it's, going to be working just fine okay, so we time to test out the ports on the right hand, Kant. So the type C port with a adapter here. This is an adapter that goes type C to three point: five millimeters that works, and it gives us audio now wallet power, an external hard drive.

I know it actually thinks I plugged in an audio device, no power whatsoever to my hard drive. No light has come on, so that means that it's only handling charging and audio that's it that's all that that port does and have a look and see if the USB 3 poort aan de rechterkant, side will power an external hard drive blue light, en, Ja, It'S going to handle that, wat geweldig is – I can see here that the microSD cards protrude a little bit approximately one and a half millimeter. So those stick out so in a backpack or in a case you might be able to accidentally knock that and have it. Click out, but it should be: OK, it's, quite stiff and firm. The click in the field to that, so it should hold that in place. Let'S have a look now and see if that's, USB 3 port is going to access hard drives. Oh ok, white light means USB 2, so that's, actually a USB 2 port that's port right here and not USB 3. OK, so a quick little typing test on the keyboard and it's, really the same kind of experience as the civil top is keyboard, so it's quite firm, good travel on the keys. I do like the keyboard but I'm going to say that I like this one better, because it has the Delete key in the right place here and not the power to move the power up there, which is a very wise choice and a really good move from.

Under now, the memory is running at the fastest supported speed, die is 1600 megahertz and they've reserved a little bit there for the GPU. So you've only got around 3.8 or something gigabytes when you first boot it up we're not going to have that free, Natuurlijk, because windows eats into a little bit of that, so the free at the moment I've got is 2.5 Gigabytes, Alright. So onto our audio test here, the typical test: they do a track from carbon based life forms who normally don't give me any copyright issues. So these speakers are internal, just like the other model, the t book ear all right, so the volumes okay, but it's got no base really mostly treble and mids, and a little bit of distortion coming from the housing because it's transmitting the sound through the keyboard. We had a quick look inside the bios here. It'S fully unlocked to us, so we've got full control and I recommend not messing with any of the settings. So just here I had a look at the Northbridge under the memory information and it does report that they have used for one and gigabyte low power, double data rate, three chips, so it's going to be in dual channel, so we should see the same high performance. Just like the T book here, which is a really good thing here now under boot here, I am going to try and boot over now into Linux I'm, just going to change the boot order.

Eigenlijk, I think I can jump straight to it and we'll see how Manjaro performs so here we are. Dit: is Linux Manjaro build 17 running off my USB pen drive in the USB 3 poort. Touchpad Works wireless works. The battery is being detected there. Brightness controls also work on the display. You can see they're tweaking it down or up and last check is the audio which also works so everything's working there, but bear in mind it's running off the pendrive it's, not fully installed onto the emmc or the SSD. OK, so just like the civil top here, the camera is rubbish. It'S 480p only so square, not even sixteen by nine to match the display and thirty frames per second is what Windows can record there, but the viewfinder is really quite choppy seems only about fifteen frames per second to me, so you wouldn't be buying this a laptop Here for its webcam performance, you'd probably want to use an external Logitech one to get better quality. So here are the emmc speeds that Toshiba drive it's, niet de snelste, as you can see there with the sequential read of 150 and then writes over 104. I mean it's, niet al te slecht, but it's not as fast as those MMC 5 spec degenen. So you probably want to go and install an SSD like this one. Here I have, which is a transcend and I'll show you how to do that in just a second but there's, two other things.

I wanted to point out that I know people will be interested in and that is hwm foe here. So the battery it's reporting the capacity as our 47, what hours, which I don't believe it is that we'll find out later on. When I do my full test and just use this for a week or so to get my battery life figures I'll, let you know more about that and the full review of course now the weir level there's reporting 5.1 Procent. Now this could be an error, but I doubt it's going to be one two five point: one percent out of the box: if it is then that's bad, but really I don't think it is, and the monitor is a chi me it's the model CM n. Twelve. Thirty, Negen, which I believe isI could actually be wrong on this, but I could think it could be the same screen used in the me notebook here. Dus, in order to install your own SSD, you just need to buy a set of three twenty two by forty two one undo this screwed. You can see I'm doing on the bottom, so screw that out, and then you just have to somehow get this out. I think it'll flick up there, we go that comes out and you can see that's all we have room for there's, one more screw. That needs to be removed this one here so take that out and then slaughter and screw down.

Your sata3 is fifty. Then the last step is to go into the bias, Natuurlijk, and set that as the boot device clone or copy, or do a fresh, install of Windows, 10 and you're done. This will increase the performance and, Natuurlijk, your storage, but really great to see them. Putting these little slots on here, echter, I wish they had room to put in. I can see on this device. They wouldn't have had room to put the 22 by eighty in, but they somehow managed to squeeze it into the civil top here, but if they had, that will be a lot better and then we can install faster set of three drives. And why not? Here is a quick look at the internal, so very large battery cell. That looks to me, like it's, made up of two cells there and we do have an internal metal frame. Goed, this is plastic here that everything is screwed into that is glued in place with the the top metal, parm rest and the keyboard area, and this is the internal support metal backing that is behind the keyboard. Those are the two loudspeakers which actually are located up on the top there's a sound to be coming up through there, so not through the keyboard, as I thought at first and we've got a large metal heatsink here, which is great that's, good news. That should stop this from having any thermal throttling. Dat wil zeggen., the Intel Wireless 3165 dual band, AC chip, dual antennas, those internal cables go up into the screen area, so hopefully good range and reception on that.

I will check that out later, but so far seems good. Nwo, when it comes to the SD slot, you probably could get a dremel cut this plastic down and you would be able to fit. I would say by just looking at it at least the 22 door 60 daarbinnen, if you wanted to, of course mess things up a little bit by cutting that out, and then you probably just have to tape it in place. But overall the internals look really good to me and not bad here considering this is Anandi okay, so there we have it. The Shona 21 is shaping up to be a good laptop now, there's, a few compromises, Natuurlijk, that you're going to need to find one of these a 3.5 millimeter to type C adapter, which is a bit of a pain. I wish they'd put that port on there now. I can clearly see they've made some compromises. They didn't have space in there, so they made a choice to go. What what do we want? Do we want to lose the micro HDMI out or we put a 3.5 millimeter hoofdtelefoonaansluiting? I kind of think they've made the right choice, but even so really would like to have that 3.5 millimeter jack on there and why have they not included one of these? Two three US dollar parts and the Box really beats me. So the left, USB 3 port is in fact a USB 2 port or it's, not for working at Sawle speeds there and the micro.

Sorry, micro SD card slot, Ja, sticks out a little bit but it's very minor complaint there it's great to have that SSD slot on the bottom, so very easy access, just one screw, then another screw so two screws in total to put your SATA 3 is 50. In there it's the shame that it's not the full size, 22 door 80, that we have, Natuurlijk, on the civil top ear here. Keyboard is great to type on it's the same as this one. I prefer this keyboard because they've done, I feel a better design choice of moving the power button right up to the top. There means that if you go for the Delete key right in the corner, there you're not going to accidentally tap the power button, which sometimes happens. Although me personally, I find I don't do that on this one now this model, when I got it out of the box, the fingerprint reader does not work and I still cannot fix it. This works winner, ten activates, this here, Windows 10, is using a temporary license and you need to supply your own, so that's a bit of a con there, but I do like the full type C port it has on here, because I use this, which is a Type C dock and when I connect that up and I've got my monitor and everything else connected, it's very easy for me to use a mouse it's, just one port being in there.

But was this, Natuurlijk, to connect this up to a PC to use it. As it sorry the desktop to connect up to a monitor, then I need to plug it in my mouth, the HDMI, cable and then the type C pulled in there to charge. So I prefer, when you've just got this poor here, but overall nice machine. Natuurlijk, it's so thin it's super light. It weighs 1.09 kilos super light, really good screen on it too it's a great 1080p IPS, the brightness isn't super bright, but it's efficient enough really because it's got that anti glare coating on it. Now you see that here the screen is glossy, Natuurlijk, as mentioned that this one's got a screen protector on it, so pulled out, screen protector off and it's the same exact panel. Underneath now, gaming performance battery life and further benchmarks will be coming in my up and coming full review, but I can say straight away that the battery life will be better on this, because I can see it does have a physically larger battery inside when we looked At the internals symbols on this, I don't believe we're going to be a problem because there is a decent, Koper, heatsink Annette just like this model here. Dus, if you're going to choose between both of these clearly, I would go for this one because the fingerprint reader works. But I don't know if it's going to have the same performance as this model, the civil top air, which is the fastest upon lakes.

So far so hopefully I will see you back with the full review of this model.