We’Ll go over what’s in the box, specs and, Natuurlijk, try it out with some different devices to see how it works. Here we have the box little magnetic hinge, opening up. We have the monitor itself and we’ll go over that in just a moment, underneath we have warranty card manual, usb c to c cable, full hdmi to full hdmi cable, a couple little straps to organize cables wall. Adapter and a usb type, a2 type c cable going over the specs real quick. We hebben een 10.8 inch-scherm. It is not a touch screen and it only goes up to 760 ap resolution, het is, not full hd. On the side. Here we have a full hdmi in usb type c for power and video, and if you want to, u, can actually take advantage of the power delivery pass through port. Hier, you can actually charge your laptop through this port by plugging in your charger here. Aan de andere kant, we have buttons power, plus minus cancel and menu on the back. We have two spots right here for the built in speakers and we have a built in kickstand now. This has some really nice bevels here to make it uh kind of an aggressive look. This is kind of touted as a gaming monitor and uh. These kind of bevels here kind of gives it an aggressive look. I think it looks good as far as a portable monitor goes now here’s. What i love about this monitor the power delivery pass through.

So i’ve got my latte panda alpha here. It takes usb c power. Delivery i’ve got my adapter plugged in on the bottom everything’s going over just this one cable. There are not many portable monitors that have power delivery pass through, and this is an amazing feature. Anders, your setup might look like this. You can always plug it into your laptop and use it as a dedicated monitor or you can use it as a second display. You can even play the nintendo switch, but you do need to have the power adapter plugged in in order for it to work. Uh. Ja, foreign overall, i really love these little monitors. I love the fact that they include power delivery pass through even on their lower end models. Um if you have a single board computer, like the latte panda alpha. This is a great deal that power delivery. Pasture will make your life much easier. Getting this set up. If you head to the link below you can go to the amazon page, i believe it’s about ninety dollars right now with a ten dollar coupon, which is a pretty decent deal for the monitor that you do get.