Super graphics lets find out just how hot these new parts get and see what can be done to improve performance.. The new Aero 17 laptop is available in different configurations. My model has an 8 core Intel: i7 10875H CPU Nvidia RTX 2070 Super Max Q, graphics and 16gb of memory running in dual channel so expect different results with different specs., Its available with different CPU and GPU options. Voorbeelden en bijgewerkte prijzen die in de beschrijving zijn gekoppeld, vindt u voorbeelden.. The cooling design hasnt changed from the original Aero 17 vorig jaar. Theres a large mesh area on the bottom for air intake, as well as some intake vents above the keyboard. Lucht, is exhausted. Out of four vents, two on the back and the other two are on either side towards the back. Gigabyte are using Thermal grizzly hydronaut thermal paste here, which is likely a step above most others out there that probably just buy junk in bulk. In terms of heatpipes Weve got two shared between the CPU and GPU. Ill. Also note that the Aero 17 doesnt make use of Nvidias new dynamic boost technology. The Gigabyte control center software allows us to set the CPU between 5 different levels of power and the GPU between two levels, as defined here. Throughout this testing. Ive tested the stock settings with the CPU at level 2 and GPU at level 0 with different fan profiles or with both maxed out. Heres. What the default fan curves look like: Theres, quiet mode, normal mode and gaming mode.

Echter, we can of course change them or set our own custom curve for optimum efficiency.. You can also quickly set the fan speed to maximum by pressing the function and escape keys.. I also need to note that undervolting was disabled. In mijn eenheid, the option was greyed out in the latest version of XTU and Throttlestop didnt work.. It wasnt clear to me if Gigabyte have disabled it, perhaps to mitigate the plundervolt vulnerability or if software updates are needed for 10th gen. Thermische testen werden voltooid in een omgevingsruimte. Temperatuur van 21 graden Celsius dus verwacht verschillende resultaten in verschillende omgevingen. Bij stationair draaien. It was a little warm, echter, in quiet mode the fans were completely silent, so this is expected. Worst case. Stresstests werden gedaan met de Aida64 CPU stress test, met CPU alleen gecontroleerd en de Heaven benchmark op max instellingen. Tegelijkertijd en gaming werd getest met Watch Dogs 2, zoals ik vind het om een goede combinatie van processor en graphics te gebruiken. Ill start off by noting that the CPU was thermal throttling at 90 graden Celsius, which we can see happening in many of these Tests. Persoonlijk, I think this is a good thing. Gigabyte are capping the thermal limit to prevent it getting too hot and as well see in the next graph performance is still great.. I never had any GPU throttling in these tests.. Dit zijn de gemiddelde kloksnelheden tijdens het uitvoeren van dezelfde tests.. Keep in mind.

This is an 8 Core CPU. So the fact that we can hit 4.2GHz on all 8 Cores, both while gaming and under this combined CPU and GPU stress test, is quite impressive. When you consider I cant undervolt. Intel XTU reported the 10875H as having a 4.3GHz all core turbo boost speed. Echter, mine didnt appear to go above 4.2GHz.. Interessant, the GPU performance was higher with the quiet fan profile in use. I guess because the CPU is limited. The GPU can stretch its legs well, see how well the different modes perform in games shortly. With the quiet fan curve enabled the CPU TDP never passed 15 Watt, regardless of the CPU level set through the Gigabyte software.. These are the average power levels from the same tests. We can see. The GPU has no issues running at its 90 watt limit when GPU mode 1 is enabled.. The gaming mode fan curve actually turns this on by default, wat leuk is. Anders, with the cooling pad. The CPU was able to run at 75 watts with GPU load at the same time and it wasnt thermal throttling, with the cooling pad so thats. Pretty decent. Laten we daadwerkelijk zien hoe games presteren met deze verschillende instellingen. Ive getest Shadow of the Tomb Raider met de hoogste instelling preset met behulp van de games benchmark tool. With quiet mode down the bottom. The results are still decent, but this is a primarily GPU heavy test. Zoals we eerder zagen, the CPU gets capped harder, so CPU heavier games would perform worse.

Hoe dan ook, with some GPU overclocking and boosting the CPU power limit, we were able to boost gaming performance by 5.. If you want to see more gaming benchmarks from this Aero 17 check the card in the top right, waar Ive getest 21 games op alle. Niveaus instellen. Laten we nu eens kijken naar een CPU alleen-workload met de GPU idle. It should be possible to perform better. Using the default presets in the Gigabyte control center. Software gets us to around 3.6GHz over all 8 Cores. Echter, we can improve this nicely by boosting the power limit with Intel XTU.. By doing this, Hoewel, the TDP of the processor is reported as running at 95 watts in this workload, which is a fair bit higher compared to the other default settings. But extra performance is definitely obtainable.. Meer vermogen staat gelijk aan meer warmte. Echter, in this case were still just 1 degree off thermal throttling in this workload granted I did have the fans maxed out. Hier. Here are some Cinebench results to give you an idea of CPU only performance when the GPU is idle., Like the results we just looked at, it was possible to get a nice performance improvement by manually, boosting the power limit with Intel XTU. Heres, how the Aero 17 stacks up against other 8 kernlaptops, Ive tested in the past., Its just a little higher than the G14, with 4900HS in multicore, but behind in single core.. The multicore speed is also not quite as good compared to the i9 9980HK in the last gen Aero.

17 maar dat is prima, it costs about 10 more.. Wat de externe temperaturen betreft, waar je eigenlijk je handen op idle, it was in the mid 30s, so a little warmer than many other laptops, Ive getest, maar geen probleem. With the stress tests running the middle gets a little warm while the WASD keys and Wrist rest area was still cool. With the fans at max speed its cooler, maar, as youll hear next also significantly louder to achieve this.. The fans were completely silent at idle. Echter, there was some coil whine present in my unit.. Quiet mode does what it says. Even under heavy load., The normal profile wasnt too loud when under stress test and the gaming profile was still quieter when compared to many other, less powerful gaming laptops, Ive getest. Max fan. Speed is quite loud, but personally I think this is an advantage. Rather than being locked to a lower fan, speed and being forced to run hotter. The user at least has the choice and, given you can customize the fan curve greatly, you have the option of finding a good mixture of noise and thermals., With everything in mind, Im impressed with the Aero 17. Sure it was thermal throttling on the CPU in these Worst case workloads, echter, I prefer this compared to the thermal cap being say: 100 Graden, like with the Dell G5.. Simply by boosting the fan speeds, it was possible to hit some nice performance numbers and adding a cooling pad helped too due to the large mesh area.

Aan de onderkant. Given, we can essentially boost the power limit up to whatever we want. The limitation is, Natuurlijk, going to be thermals, and I think its great that we have this level of flexibility. Considering we could gain so much extra performance by boosting the power limit with XTU. It would have been great if Gigabyte tapped into this more with their control center software, rather than maxing out at 62 Watt. In CPU heavy loads thats just leaving performance on the table, unless you know about options like XTU., Based on the results here, Im having a Hard time thinking that its worth spending more to get the Aero 17 with i9 10980HK, we were only able to max it out in these tests, with a cooling pad and max fan speeds. So if you want the i9 for overclocking well, based on what we saw here, Im not expecting to gain too much extra., Dat zei, the higher single core boost would probably at least get hit in some workloads, but its only 200MHz above the i7. Dus weer, probably not worth the extra money.. It was a shame that undervolting was locked, not sure if that will make a come back in this version of the Aero 17. But regardless, zoals we zagen, we were still able to get it running well.. Deze prestatieverschillen zijn geen harde en snelle regels. Er zijn verschillende factoren die de resultaten zullen variëren, voornamelijk de temperatuur van de kamer, youre draait in toepassing van koelpasta, en zelfs de specifieke hardware die neerkomt op de silicium loterij.

. You may not be able to overclock the same as me. Bijvoorbeeld, it depends on the chip so dont blindly copy. My settings do some testing to find out whats stable for your own hardware.. Het kan mogelijk zijn om de temperaturen verder te verbeteren door de koelpasta te verwisselen. Echter, als dit is een review unit die ik terug te sturen Im niet in staat om de pasta te veranderen, Anders, the next reviewer will unknowingly report different results due to what Ive done., We do at least know that theyre using somewhat decent paste here. Anyway.. Let me know what you thought about the thermals from the Gigabyte Aero 17 laptop down in the comments and if youre new to the channel youll definitely want to get subscribed for the upcoming full review to see everything.