now it’s been a while, but on my channel we did take a look at the original version of the Gamepi 43, which at the time only supported the raspberry pi, 2, 3 and 3b plus, but the newest models on the market actually support the raspberry pi 4. Now it comes with a couple extra goodies to get that up and running now when it comes to the game: pi 43. This is a do it yourself, raspberry pi powered handheld that actually uses a full size, raspberry pi, 2, 3, 3b plus, and now we have the option to use a raspberry pi 4., and this is definitely not a small handheld console it’s actually coming in on the Larger side of things, it’s pretty beefy it’s, pretty bulky, it does have a little meat on its bones, but it is one of the easiest to assemble raspberry pi powered handhelds on the market and it’s actually got a decently sized screen in it. Coming in at 4.3 inches now, as you can see from the front here, we don’t have any analog sticks and i was really hoping that they would add at least one with this new version, but unfortunately they’ve kind of left. It the same so i picked up the do it yourself version. We do get our 2.5 versterkerlader, our sd card extension hdmi adapters for the pi 3 and the pi 4.. We also get the console our side panels, lots of mounting hardware.

We get some extra buttons and the back plate, but the one that i picked up, isn’t a complete kit. I still had to add two items, actually three items: Eerste, one being a raspberry pi 4, because that’s what i want to go with in this unit. So i opted for a 2 gigabyte raspberry pi 4.. I also needed an sd card, so i just chose a cheaper 64 gigabyte card from amazon. They do offer a ready to go image over on their website. You can just flash it to the card and everything will be set up on the unit itself, and the final thing you’ll need are some batteries. This is actually powered by two 18650 cells. Nwo, when purchasing these online just make sure you do a little bit of research, i will leave some links in the description to real 18650 cells. The ones i have here are 2300 milliamp hour, there’s a lot of counterfeits going around online and it can be a little dangerous. But if you shop at the right places you should be good to go all right. So let’s go ahead and start assembling. I mean this is super easy to put together first things: first i’m going to go ahead and grab my raspberry pi 4 and the sd card extension. So this is going to plug directly into the micro sd card slot on the raspberry pi, and we can actually bolt this right to the pi itself.

The kit comes with screws and nuts to get this all put together. So once that’s done, we have the sd card extension mounted to the pi now it’s time to put the pi inside of the unit itself. It plugs directly into the gpio pins there’s, a little female strip on here, we’re just going to plug the pi right in here and once this is assembled, we’ll still have access to the ethernet and usb on the raspberry pi and the reason we added that sd Card extension is so we can access that sd card externally. Now we need to add our video source to the built in screen, so we’re going to go ahead and grab the hdmi adapter. It does come with two, the one with this smaller micro hdmi on it is for the raspberry pi, 4 and it’s just going to plug directly into the full size hdmi on the console and the micro hdmi on the pi 4., and once we have this in Place the raspberry pi 4 is secure inside of the console now it’s time to add the batteries, because we need to add those before we assemble the unit there’s a little warning sticker here, just reminding you to put these batteries incorrectly. You want the correct polarity when you put these 18650 batteries in and it’s also marked on the board. So there really shouldn’t be an issue. Just make sure negative goes negative. Positive goes to positive, so right now i could actually put the sd card in the raspberry pi and boot the unit up and personally, i would actually recommend doing that.

Just to make sure you have everything connected correctly inside that way, you don’t have to disassemble it again now. Another thing that they’ve done with this new model is instead of using shiny, acrylic they’re using this matte finish here. So you don’t see the fingerprints on it on the original model that i reviewed, i actually had to wrap it with vinyl because it was so bad all right, so we’ve got the pi installed. We’Ve got the batteries now it’s time to finish the assembly. The easiest way to go about this is putting the top and the bottom plate on first here and then we’ll put the two sides on they kind of snap into each other and once that’s assembled, we can put the screws in to hold everything together. There’S two screws on each side, so we’ll go ahead and get those in once that’s done it’s time to add the back plate and we have six screws for this and now we’re done with the assembly now it’s time to boot. It up i’ve already flashed my sd card with the image they offer over on their wiki page, so i’m going to go ahead and put it in now and start it up. For the first time we got a power switch up top here and the first boot might take a little longer than usual. We also have four led indicators up here on the front. I know it’s kind of hard to see on camera, but this is our battery charge indicator, so yeah it’s definitely easy enough to assemble.

I really do wish that on this new version they would have added at least one analog. Stick – and another thing i would have loved to see is external hdmi, since the raspberry pi 4 has two micro hdmi ports, i think they could have added one to the top or the side pretty easily and then come up with some script inside of retropie that We could just go to and it would switch over to that other hdmi port. So we could plug this into a big screen tv. So we should be booting into retropie about now, and i have added some extra games here. So let’s get into a little bit of gameplay and see how this thing performs alright. Dus hier is het., this is retropie and since we’re running retropie here i mean there’s tons of different themes that we can install. This does support video snaps box, art and everything like that. We have ac wi, fi and bluetooth 5.0, because we’re using the raspberry pi 4 here and it will support moonlight and steam link. As long as you have enough buttons on this unit, you could actually stream pc games and play them right on this thing and real quick. There we go. We got some video snaps going on on the bottom. We have that backlight button and the volume button, and it is separate from the software in retropie. This is actually all on the wave share board itself, so you’ll see the brightness or the volume indicator on screen, while you’re adjusting it.

Now we don’t have a lot of buttons on this. Zoals ik al zei., i wish we had an analog stick, but we do have two triggers around that there’s still tons of games that we can play on this thing and since we’re, using a raspberry, pi 4. Hier, it’s gon na run a lot of this stuff really well even dreamcast, because we do have access to the redream emulator and it works great on the pi, 4. and we’ll. Take a look at that by the end of this video but we’re going to start off light here and we’ll just go with game boy, and i got ta say these game boy games actually look really good on the screen. I thought it would be a lot more stretched out given that it’s a 16×9 scherm, but it actually looks really good. So what i’m gon na do here is just run through a few different games from different consoles and i’ll. Have the name of the system on screen and box art, so you know what’s going on at any given time: Muziek. Ik ben.: a bounty hunter, not a babysitter bub you’re on your own Music. Dank u, Muziek, so so, Muziek, dus Muziek, dus Muziek, Music performance on this is really good. It’S very well documented because it uses a raspberry, pi it’s, definitely not for everybody. I know a lot of people out. There are going to want those dual analog sticks and four triggers, but if you know what you’re getting into and you’re looking for an easy, do it yourself raspberry pi handheld.

I personally think that this would be a good choice. There’S no soldering whatsoeverand you can have this up and running in under 10 minuten nu. There are a few things that i would love to see changed on their next revision like trying to slim this down a little bit, het is, definitely a thick boy, and if they went with something like the cm4, they could make this thing a lot thinner. The next thing i would love to see added, Uiteraard, is an analog stick. Maybe a couple extra triggers and external hdmi. It would be really awesome to just be able to plug this right into your tv and connect some bluetooth controllers to it and play on a big screen. And then, when you want to take this somewhere, you just unplug it and you’re good to go, but unfortunately they’ve left that stuff out on this new revision, Dus dat is het afronden voor dit.. One really appreciate you watching if you’re interested in learning more about this or just checking it out, Ik laat een paar links in de beschrijving.