I actually cover about four negative things about an upcoming device that some buyers may consider deal breakers and in this episode, i’m going to be covering the samsung galaxy note: 20. Ultra 5g, such a long name that’s, not one of the deal breakers though, but this one was such a hard one for me because i’m, such a big note fanatic, i love the samsung galaxy. Note brand i’ve been using it for so long that it was hard pressed for me to find some negative things to say about this phone because it’s such a good phone. But if there are negative things to find i’m the guy to find it. Dus, like an old man trying to return super to deli, i got four negative things and you’re gon na hear about it. Let’S get started so the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra was released on august 21st of 2020 and it was a successor to the samsung galaxy. Opmerking 10 – and it was definitely successor not only in by name because this thingsported a bunch of upgrades from the camera system, to a better screen to a better screen, refresh rate to a more improved latency on the s pen itself. It was just an overall improvement from the samsung galaxy note 10, which was a pretty good phone to begin with. Nwo, when it came to the design of this particular phone, samson kind of went crazy and safe at the same time, it’s the old business in the front party in the back kind of mentality.

Speaking of the back of the phone is where you’re coming to that. Possibly first negative of the phone itself and i say possibly first negative because i know a lot of these are probably going to be nitpicking about. But if you spend a ton of money on a device trust me, you have the right to nitpick. Nwo, when it comes to the back of the phone like i was saying, samson went with, shall we say a bold choice of camera displays because they upgraded the overall quality components and size of the camera lenses. You get a pretty big, significantly huge camera hub at the back of this phone that’s next level, big it’s ginormous. Nwo, when it comes to the camera bump on this thing, this is one of those instances where you’re either going to love it or you’re, going to hate it. Samson kind of went all in with this aesthetically weird design for the camera bump. In the back of this phone forget about this thing, sitting flat on the desk, if you’re not using it with a case, if you have it in the case, the case covers up pretty well. But if you don’t have a case it’s going to be rocking back and forth, but then again, if you’re using it without a case, you’re either crazy enough or rich enough, not to care. If this phone is going to rock on the table or not. But for most people, this aesthetically distracting camber bump on the back of this phone could be a possible deal breaker now there’s, a lot of new features that come with the samsung galaxy note, 20 ultra and one of the biggest most notable ones is that you now Have a higher refresh rate on the screen, it’s able to do 120 Hertz, which is kind of a big upgrade over the 60 Hertz, that the note 10 was able to doand i guess this is one of those situations where an upgrade kind of brings its Own issues, because in this situation you’re dealing with an either or kind of thing it’s either you get the best quality at the qhd 1440p, but you’re only doing 60, hertz or you’re getting the semi good quality at 1080p, with the 120hz high refresh rate.

So you can see a situation where someone wants a higher fidelity on the screen, but also wants to use a high refresh rate, but they have to kind of switch back and forth between the two and that could be a deal breaker for a lot of people. Looking for the best of both worldsand this is also another added situation where the 120 hertz brings another complicationshall we say that the battery life is not going to be that great because of the higher refresh rate on the screen, screen’s actually using more energy? So you actually sap the battery a little bit faster than if your screen was only operating at a 60 hertz display. Dus weer, if you go to 60 hertz with a higher display, you’re still sucking some battery because the screen is at the highest fidelity. But if you go to 1080p, met 120 hertz you’re still sucking some battery, because your screen is had a higher refresh rate now speaking of upgrades, which is a perfect segue into our next possible drawback weirdly enough, this particular feature is a downgrade from the samsung galaxy. Opmerking 10, and that is its ability to charge for some weird reason: the samsung galaxy note: 20 ultra supports a 25 watt, fast charging, wired solution and a 15 watt wireless charging solution. But the samsung galaxy note 10, a phone that came out before this one, as the name indicates had weirdly a faster charging with 45 watt ten opzichte van de 25 watts on the newer phone.

Dus, theoretically, if you go with the older phone, Je bent., actually charging your phone faster than the newer one and having something newer, that’s worse than the older one, is always a deal breaker for most people. So i have a question for you. What is the biggest feature of any device that can sync a device and prevent somebody from purchasing it? No matter how great the device is i’ll give you a couple seconds to think about it. Time’S up. If you said price price and price, then you would absolutely be correct and when it comes to the note 20 ultra’s price, this thing: ain’t cheap, het is, 12.99, dat is, 1300 that’s a lot of money to spend on anything and it’s. If you’re looking for an affordable. Goed, priced phone, this probably ain’t it it’s, definitely a great phone but it’s a great phone that’s going to break your pockets and if you don’t, have an acceptable trade and you’re paying basically full price for this device. So it makes it kind of priced out of a lot of people’s comfort zone and if you really look around and you don’t use the s pen, there are a ton of other optionsthat’s comparable to the internals that you’re getting with this phone, that you can Kind of sacrifice and trade off and not pay such a hefty hefty price and, like i always like to say, prijs, is definitely a feature of a device. A higher price can lead a lot of people not to purchase a device.

Just like a great feature can lead a lot of people to buy the device, so price always matters, and this high price tag can be a deal breaker. So let’s recap: you have a ginormous camera bump. You have a resolution where you can either choose to have high fidelity or a high refresh rate. You can’t have it both ways. You have a slower charging capability than its predecessor, and you also have a hefty hefty price tag for this particular device. Are any of these deal breakers for you? Do you have deal breakers for the samsung galaxy note? 20. Ultra that i didn’t include in this video. Now is your time to go ahead and comment in the comment section down below the video. Let me know what you think of this phone. Let me know what you think of these deal breakers and i’m kind of nitpicking here, but this was a great phone, but every phone has some negatives, and these were the four negatives for the samsung galaxy. Opmerking. 20. Ultra comment down below, if you have some more and also check out some of the other deal breaker videos we have. We have one up on the pixel 5 and also on the fitbit versus three i’m gon na go ahead and throw that up in the section over here. You can check those out now and as always guys, if you enjoyed the video, make sure to like share subscribe, it definitely helps out the channel and, zoals altijd, make sure to stay safe out there.