This is what i got. I didn’t really do anything. I just connect the usb, a cable to the usb port in my computer. Here there are two apps or like software. The name is here. If you just um go to Music, let me show you so. Allereerst, you need to go to my computer and then find that so which isn’t called uh it’s like a cd drive when you open it, you find this file in here. You should install this if it was not installed automatically, so then that app when you’re installing it at the end, it offers you to install another app another software, which is this one, which is called paint tool and see yes, and then you need to just copy And paste this one, this file and this filei think this tree this one this one and this in the software location and then it’s done and then, when you open the this app, you you’re dealing you’re seeing this um settings here. So here we have the pin, so you can set it up. Let me show you that too. I think it’s useful to see that. Dus, if i go to here look at this, this is the graphic table. Um. Let me see yeah here you can set it. Dus, bijvoorbeeld, i mean here i have that plus and minus here you can set it up that. What to do for you here, voor mij, is a control z, which is like undo things sometimes, instead of cleaning it like raising it.

So i think it’s useful, but you can do whatever you want. You can change the softness and hardness here. With this setting i mean you did all the things. So then you open here this app and then you can start writing it. So if you take a look in here, if i move the pencil um, this is moving see if i move it here on the surface like that it’s, this thing is moving so right now i can start writing. So i can change the font. I can change the not font size, the size the color see here. If i go to change the color, i should come here, bijvoorbeeld, let’s pick yellow this is yellow yellowish and everything that you really need. You can change in here and right so it’s pretty handy and i think it’s working really good. It comes with this um cute little thing and you can put the pencil in here and honestly. There is no need to install anything. Just those two software can easily be installed, so we have some button here. I don’t think they need to touch any of those you don’t need. I mean you can even change them like we can uh increase the volume in here volume up or volume down and change. If you listen to musicand this is here for Music calculator um, which is sometimes comes handy, see here and yeah that’s.