Allereerst, with some good news, i’ve been using a chromebook since 2011 and i was really into it from the very beginning, because i knew i wanted something different to what microsoft offered now that wasn’t the same for everyone. Even a lot of the tech review companies at the time were not really on board with a chrome, but they just couldn’t really get to grips. The idea of using a computer without an internet connectionand i sort of understand that to a certain extent, because people are still in this idea that you had to install programs locally. Gelukkig, Uiteraard, google had the forward thinking, vision and what they with their vision, is correct. You know most people are now moving to the cloud. Even if you use microsoft, computers, people tend to be using more cloud software than they ever have done before. Now the good news is this looks like it’s been also seen in sales as well, because in quarter four of 2020 sales grew by 287 in the last quarter of 2020. 287 dat is, a massive growth now that’s 11.2 million chromebooks in total, which is really big. The big lion share who took that was to hp with 3.5 million units, and that was a jump for them compared to the quarter. Four in 2019 van 235, so just hp alone, have seen a jump in sales in the last quarter, vergeleken met 19 Aan 20 van 235 Procent, dat is echt goed, and this comes on to the next company.

Who’S been doing really well. As from this, which is lenavo now lenovo are quite new to the chromebook. They’Ve only been doing chromebooks for the last few years, and all i can say to that is, thank god. They have because they’ve been giving us some really good products. Weet je, they’ve really gave us some great chromebooks to work with so i’m really glad they’ve come on board and it shows in their sales growth as well. They actually come in second place in quarter four of 2020 bij 2.8 million units, nu 2.8 million units compared to 3.5 million units, but when you consider that for them, that’s an actual jump of 1766 dat is, a crazy jump in their sales from quarter 4 2019 to Quarter 20, two thousand and twenty quarter; four sorry, two thousand and twenty so that’s a massive jump in sales lenovo, dat is geweldig nieuws, and hopefully that means they continue to provide us with some great lenovo products going forward. Chromebooks chrome os tablets, which they i think they will be doing after their last chrome. Os tablet was a real success, so i’m sure we will see that from them. Obviously the growth. You can also see that it’s going to be slightly linked to the fact that we’ve had the coronavirus. So a lot of people more people are working at home now and a lot of people are studying at home now and luckily the education section sector in the usa and now also massively in the uk, are now using chromebooks.

So that is going to have. You know that’s going to be part of that huge increase. Dat gezegd zijnde, Hoewel, it’s still a huge increase of 287 percent bearing in mind apple, also saw an increase of the ipad in 2020 quarter four, but that was only an increase of 30, so you can see the difference in the increase in chromebooks compared to products By other manufacturers, so that that’s really good news for the for the chromebook going forward. Some other good news about the education sector is that acer is also releasing two well. They have released two new chromebooks to the education sector. This shows that that growth in the education sector is getting manufacturers interested in creating more products, dat is echt goed, because the good thing about the education sector is that, Omdat, as young as young adults or even children, you you do take on the technology that you Use at the time and if you’re, if you’re now using chromebooks at school, you’re, going to see how good they are it’s, most likely you’re going to continue to use them throughout your life. Dus het is., really good news for the chromebook and it’s. Ook, really good news for the education sector as well that they’ve got extra chromebooks. They can now choose from the two chromebooks is the acer chromebook 5 11 and the acer chromebook 311, so two different models, depending on what they’re looking for in the education sector. So that’s some really good news and it’s good to see that ace is still right behind the education sector when it comes to chromebooks.

Nwo. The next news story is about chrome, os tablets. I’Ve always been really passionate about chrome, os tablets, because i love the chromebook and i do like chrome hybrids. Echter, Ik ben, not a massive fan of chromebook hybrids, now i’m, not saying that anyone who’s got a chromebig chromebook hybrid it’s it’s, not a good device. They are i’ve, got i’ve had a few and i’ve got i’ve still got one. Echter, i’ve always had an issue with the idea of using it when you split it over as a tablet with the keyboard on the back. It just seems a bit strange for me: i’ve never been able to get around that and the dimensions it’s it’s still quite strange, so i’ve never really used them as a tablet. But don’t get me wrong. The fact that you get hybrid and you’ve got that functionality is great. Echter, i think chrome os tablets offer a lot more versatility, so i was really upset when google stopped doing the pixel slate. I’Ve got a pixel slate. Fantastic excellent amazing display, but that’s sort of after that, when they said they would stop making that model and there was no longer bringing out any further pixel slate. I was really upset about that. The great news was lenavo brought out the ideapad duet and what a great decision that was from them, because that sold really well, both in the usa and in the uk. It’S sold really well nowhere near the same specs as the pixel slate.

But it has sold really well now, since then, we’ve not really heard much news about any other pixels, not pixel, slates, Chrome, os slate, sorry or tablets. But the good news is that there is now going to be a new slate launched, Chrome, os tablet by asus and that’s. The asus chromebook flip cm 3000.. Now i found this news on chrome unboxed and obviously there will be a link below um to that article. So you can find out more but it’s great news to see that we’re going to start seeing more chrome os tablets, because if, if you love hybrid chromebooks, fantastic but it’s, echt goed, there is that you’ve got that choice. Now i think i think there’s there’s benefits to both, if i’m being honest with you. Sometimes it can be a bit fiddly with some of the keyboards on some of the tablets, but i um, i just don’t know it depends. Maar, personally speaking, i think it’s great news and the more chrome os tablets that are launched the better they’ll get in how you know you. You connect the keyboard into display, and now it all interacts in that way, because that that needs to be really good for it to be a true two in one chromebook, so that’s excellent news specs for the new asus chromebook flip cm3000. It comes with a mediatek, mt81 processor, four gigabyte of ram, not a huge amount of ram, but i think that’s, all you really do need.

I know a lot of people say: №. You definitely need a gigabyte of ram in 2021. I don’t think that’s still the case it’s only the case. I personally believe if you’re going to be using linux apps as far as chrome, os the operating system, that’s fine, android apps, most android apps should be perfectly fine. With four gigabytes of ram. I’Ve got four gigabyte of chromebook and i’ve never had a problem with any performance using android, apps or anything i’ve even used linux as well so it’s, absoluut prima, Nog steeds, four gigabyte of ram, so it comes with four gigabyte of ramcomes with a 128 gigabyte of Storage that’s, quite good that’s that’s good for storage. When you consider 64 gigabyte is still you know the standard really so yeah 128 gigabytes of storage is really good to see. It comes with a really bright display of 320 nits it’s got a 1080p front facing camera. 2 megapixels and an 8 megapixel rear facing camera. As i said, you can find out more on chrome and box and there is a link to the article below anyone. Looking for a chromebook that performs there’s a new enterprise chromebook being launched by lenovo about they’ve. Had a look at the actual product and i’ll put a link in there below, so you can have a look at the article it’s, the lenarvo thinkpad c13 yoga chromebook. Nwo. The first thing i thought was i didn’t like the look uh for me, it was the old school laptop, so it used to get back in the 90s and for me personally speaking, dat is, not the look of the type of laptop.

Ik, like it’s, even got one of the red little track pads in the middle of the keyboard, so you can move the mouse around and i just think they’re quite crazy. Echter, i do see why they’re doing it. I think they’re trying to like appeal to people who, like that style of chromebook, so if you, if you don’t mind how that looks, then this might be a chromebook that might be ideal for you. Bearing in mind, Hoewel, it is mainly more for the enterpr enterprise sector it’s, a two in one chromebook, which i was quite shocked at firstwhich means you can turn it around and turn it into a tablet, because it doesn’t look like it, because it looks like Such a typical chromebook it’s got a 2.1 gigahertz amd ryzen 5 pro processor, and it comes with eight gigabyte of ram, which is a huge amount of ram which is really good to see, and it also comes with 128 gigabyte of storage, and it looks like it’s Proper storage, rather than emmc storage, it’s it’s, Juiste, decent storage, which is which is, i guess you would need in the enterprise sector, but saying that be good to have better storage in all chromebooks. But then you’ve got to consider. If you use true ssd storage um, then that would ramp up the price of the chromebook. It comes with a 13.3 inch ips panel with a full hd resolution of 1920 by 1080p, and if you want to find out more, have a look at the article from about chromebooks in the link below.

If you live in the usa i’m sure you would have heard of the samsung galaxy chromebook that was released a couple of years ago. Nwo, at the time it looked like a great chromebook and it is a great chromebook. But there was a few issues around the battery life, and that was mainly because of the display. The display was so good that it used up a lot of battery life. So after that, would you would you expect samsung to bring out a new chromebook like that, or would they go back to the chromebooks? There was releasing before that? Goed, this is samsung, so it was unlikely that was going to be the case and it appears looking at chrome, unboxed they’re. Now releasing the samsung galaxy chromebook 2.. It looks like they’ve learned from their mistakes with the chromebook that they brought out last, Die, although it was great because of that display, was just too much. The battery life was a problem so now the galaxy 2 chromebook that will be coming out it’s, going back to a full hd 1080p display, so that’s obviously going to be dealing with any battery concerns. I’M sure this is a samsung product, you’re still going to be getting a fantastic display in a sense it looks like samsung has done what google has done with the pixel books, because the pixelbooks was always chromebooks. That was pushing things forward and with the pixelbook go you could argue that google actually set back a little, but that didn’t mean they didn’t bring out a great chromebook.

The pixelbook go is an excellent chromebook and this is sort of what samsung has done with the samsung galaxy 2 they’ve gone back to basics, a bit so they’ve still provided review everything that was great but they’ve cut back down on the things that was creating problems With the battery, if you want to find out more, you can do i’ll, put a link in the video below to chrome unbox. So you can find out more about the samsung galaxy chromebook, 2.. Oke, so that’s it for the first edition of chromebook news.