M1X vs M2 Macs — Differences Explained!

, Ik ben., Rene Ritchie., Welcome to the channel. And today we’re talking about M1X versus M2., The next extension versus the next generation of Apple Silicon for the Mac and why there seems To be just so much confusion and misinformation, swirling around it., So yeah grab a beverage, maybe a snack, because we’re gon […]

The BEST laptop display I have ever seen!!! – Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

95 Hdr 500, David OLED, Jono, 500 Jono Crab Rave, Jono, Crab Rave sea OLED, Oled, 1920, x, 1080P, 16 x 1016 x, 9 XPS IPSOLED 500 IPS OLED DellIPS OLED, Oled 2005 IPS XPS, 90, 1. https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=5GBcMVwp0nY

Review e Analise da Impressora Epson L4160 Ecotank.

440 e como ela tambm imprimir sem bordas Isso significa Que ao imprimir fotos em papel glossy a imagem vai ter qualidade, o profissional importante falar agora, sobre, a tecnologia ecotank da Epson L, 4150 pois com, apenas uma carga, ela chega, a imprimir at 7.500 pginas de texto em preto ou seis, mil pginas […]

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 Unboxing!

. Nu is de 360 is a two in one, so it flips around 360 Graden. These laptops come with the latest 11th gen intel processors, along with an amoled display. There are two sizes, 13.3 inches or 15.6 samsung sent over the 15 inch one it’s very clear. The galaxy book pro series is going […]

New IFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

Today we got a cool little video, something that is near and dear to my heart and what is that it’s, the ifixit tool kit i’ve used this thing on countless phone repairs, uh laptop repairs, tablet repairs. This thing is my go to i fix it. They make a great product um, all their […]

review on fire 7 Tablet PC

What we got today is a fire tablet, i’m about to post another video on this thing, which is the unboxing it’s about how everything is here hold on. Let me show you another part about this fire tablet. It comes with a pretty good box right here. Zoals je zien, it comes with […]

Midax Food Order Ahead App

Once you have downloaded the app from the app store or play store, you can immediately log in start using the online features you can review daily specials. Your club status points place an order directly or with third party delivery, such as ubereats and doordash. The home page can be fixed or have images […]

Summit E13 Flip Evo & MSI Pen guide and tutorial | MSI

The special thing about the summit e13 flip evo, is that it can be flipped and adapted to different environments. You could use it as a regular laptop or as a tablet. The msi summit, e13 flip evo, is intel evo certified and also has both thunderbolt 4 usb type c and usb type a […]

Review del mod de Traincraft| lego 661 gamer

No s si ah es mvil pero la han puesto medio; no parece ser que no existe vamos a ponerla medio y ahora ponerla aqu la mdium con la mdium as este es esta march en la larga y laver y la h que se est todo quedan hacen Un, a un ngulo recto todas […]

HP Pavilion 2020 edition review.

You got a convertible. You have pen support. Obviously you have the port as well intel 10th generation, core i3, i5, i7 cpus we’re, going to look at it now, but first a shout out to our sponsor ifixit when they asked me to do a couple of placements for them. I said well sure, […]

Acer C710 ChromebookScreen Replacment

So before we get started first thing, we’re going to do is get this battery out. I would assume it’s going to be something along these lines to disconnect it. There we goand i would imagine there’ll be some memory and stuff under here if we needed to upgrade that. But today, being […]

#samsunggalaxybook #probookpro360 #laptoptabletcomputer REVIEW FOR Samsung Galaxy Book Pro & Pro 360

They’Ve got a galaxy book pro, which is a 13 en 15 inch and they’ve got a galaxy book pro 360, which is the convertible version and also 13 15 inch. So very simple: two simple skews and that’s it now when it comes to specs they’re very similar for both devices, you’ve got the […]