How to Mirror Phone on PC to Boost Your Productivity | Your Phone App

All of that is changed with the your phone app in windows 10.. I know this has been around for a while, but not many people know of it and it recently got a boost. What it does is it lets? You use your phone without actually touching it. You wirelessly access and mirror your […]

Boven 4 Soft Sleeves for Tablets in India Market

1 inch in the color black made with soft tpu silicone and hard pc material. This tough armor case protects the back and sides of your precious device. The kickstand function of this protective tablet cover offers an excellent angle for comfortable viewing or swiping screen. This tab cover is compatible with samsung galaxy tab, […]

Pixio PX160 ReviewAffordable 15.6” Portable Gaming Monitor

This is a portable gaming monitor it’s 15.6 inch. It has a 1920×1080 IPS beeldscherm. It does support hdr and freesync, plus we have dual stereo speakers built in now. When it comes to these portable monitors i’m, a big fan, i use them all the time for my phone gaming consoles mini pcs and […]

Best Antivirus Software for Windows in 2021💥

Te lang hebt met few people know, but by which make it really the best in the top and to mars categorie iets about zone lach en wil, je lengte de fizzle website, er onder de video en nou alle show you a greeting moet ik, luiza, Muziek ja. Muziek hallo cda van een share […]

The Sleekest 2-in-1? HP Spectre 13 x360 Review

Now granted i’ve had mixed results with the spectre line in the past, and so i was hesitantly excited to try out this new design. But after a couple of months of trying it out, i think i know who this device is for and so let’s talk about. It this is in oiso, en […]

GamePi43 V2 Easy DIY Raspberry Pi 4 RetroPie Handheld

now it’s been a while, but on my channel we did take a look at the original version of the Gamepi 43, which at the time only supported the raspberry pi, 2, 3 and 3b plus, but the newest models on the market actually support the raspberry pi 4. Now it comes with a couple […]

가격이 두배! 가성비와 갤럭시, 둘 중에 뭐살까?! Alldocube iPlay 40 [VS] Galaxy tab S6 lite

Genshin Medium iplay40, S6 Lite iplay40, iplay40, S6 RAM, iplay404GB, 8GB, S6 iplay40, 6000mAhiplay40, 7040mAh, S6, Lite Genshin, 30iplay40, 900mAh, S6, Lite, 1400mAh, iplay40 Youtube, iplay40445, S6, Lite635, iplay40, 3, 2000×1200, 224, ppi, 10.

Learn to Fly the ROCK R2A LiDAR Drone – Tutorial

We have the dji m210 version, one drone. We have the rc controller. Two batteries and the ipad tablet here in the middle i have the rock r2a lidar system has a 24 megapixel camera as well as the live ox avia sensor, and then for our base station we’re using the reach rs2 from […]


A cidade nessas regies metropolitanas, grandes centros como, So Paulo Recife, a voc, vai ter mais oportunidade de estar se conectando tipo, voc, vai viajar, para uma, outra, cidade, outro, centro e, no quer, ficar, desconectada, Ento, Usa, essa aplicao uma, piazuma, pena, o wi fi que tenha na Regio que voc vai estar e […]

The Panasonic Toughbook 33 – Hands On & New Feature Walk thought

This is the panasonic toughbook 33 2021 editie, and this laptop is trying to give us a look at what a professionally truly professionally designed laptop is intended to be. This is tk, and this is xdatv let’s check out the toughbook 33, so this is the toughbook 33. Dit is de 2021 edition of […]

Lenovo P10 Tablet Unboxing, Best Android Tablet under 25000 RS

You cannot trust, then you chose to break it. Ask for truth, but you only fake it. I is cause this time you cross the line Music. Funny how the tables turned a slowly fading memory, so i can breathe again. Can i trust then you chose to break it. Ask for truth, but you […]

Unboxing my HP 15 LAPTOP PC

We went to walmart, but they were out of stock on laptops and chromebooks. It was during that time that everybody was doing virtual learning. Dus, Natuurlijk, they need to get laptops for that purpose. So christmas time i said, i need to get one, so i can use it for my youtube channel. […]