10 COSAS GENIALES que puedes comprar en AMAZON #6 💥 SET UP Edition

No me enrollo ms las palomitas y disfrutar del vdeo de todos, los productos empiezo el vdeo, con un accesorio que va a subir el nivel de vuestro setup loba y luminal de una forma muy muy original os hablo del kit, colo light pro de la marca eye Life, smart un, sistema modular de […]

Đánh giá ThinkPad X1 Nano: Một Chiếc Ultrabook Siêu Cấp!

I km vi cc mc gi, rt l, cao ln y l, 44 triu ng ti ca, hng VinPro, Tuy nhin th do y lm sn phm, cao cp, nn, l, n cng c. I km vi, nhng c quyn, nh l ton, ngay 4 triu ng cc bn. I mua ti khon single ny […]

Buying a Surface Laptop 4 Dont Make these Mistakes Intel v AMD v M1 MACSULTIMATE BUYERS GUIDE

I don’t want you to make these mistakes let’s go through which model you should buy, because this is so hard to make a decision. You have intel. You have amd, je hebt 13, je hebt 15., so many configurations so much to go through and so many mistakes you can make. When purchasing this […]

이번에는 레노버 P11과 갤탭S6 라이트를 비교해봤습니다.

Pro Galaxy Tab, S7, P11 Galaxy Tab, S6, Lite. Pro Pen and Keyboard Cover 600, P11, 400, 4g RAM, 270, 6g RAM, 300 P11 Galaxy Tab, S6, Lite, 349, 64, 200, S6, Lite, P11, Samsung Lenovo, P11, S6, Lite, iplay40, P11, Leeuwenbek, 662, S6, Lite Exynos 9611 Processor, Geekbench, 5 3D Mark Wildlife, Benchmark quot, […]


Vor die fuste on line 8 diese scheie oft gewinn geht gar nicht, wo kriege, ich ein stck du warst immer so ich sage, euch ehrlich, ich war nie ein geiler. Ich habe immer direkt hlfte abgegeben auch wenn, ich niese hunger, hatte sag, ich euch ehrlich abkommen lsst euch das msst ihr mir glauben […]


Do ano passado, a gente fez, aquisio de um tablet, Mundial quer um pozinho aqui era, horrvel vou, limpar aqui, para voc, est, aqui assim ento, vocs, podem porque elas namorado heris ento eu espero que dessa vez ele seja com at porque, esse aqui, custou Acho que quatro Vezes valor do rosto no espero […]

BEST Portable Type-C Monitor Reviewed! QLED, 760nits With 90% Adobe RGB

Dit is 15.6 inch, a 1080p screen that does have a fully laminated touch digitizer glass over the top of it, and this one, Natuurlijk, supporting touch, means it’s a little bit more versatile than the other ones that don’t it’s a very bright screen. So this is from a company called interhill. Ze […]

Elegiant: 4-Port USB 3.0 Splitter With On/Off Switches & 1 USB Charging Port | Best USB Hub [BEOORDELING]

0 and it’s also plugged and ready to go so it’s like plug and play all you got ta do is plug it in another. Good feature that i do want to mention about this usb hub is each of the individual usb ports. You do have a power on and power off button. Dus […]

Elzle YD-819W Solar Portable QI Charger Power Bank 30000mAh Dual 2.1A Outputs FULL REVIEW

The listing on amazon says portable charger with dual 2.1 amps output, qi, wireless charger, external battery pack with ultra bright, led flashlight, ipx 5, waterproof cell phone tablets, en ga zo maar door, listed currently for 36 dollars on amazon has pretty good reviews. So i thought i’ll give it a try and take it out […]

Cryptototab Pro, esta com demora nos pagamentos (ISTO É NORMAL).

At amanh noite, a quanto nesse valor cair na conta e posteriormente os demais, no decorrer dos dias ento esse atraso, no pagamento gente ele normal vocs, podem ver estou, minerando aqui normalmente, eu estou com; X10, x10i, X10, aqui ento, eu t com, Total mdio, aqui de 40.000. Restos nesse celular t gravando, O […]

Ventilador Usb Taurus de 4 pulgadas. Para Pc, Celular, Tablet PC

Lo compr en suburbia el da de hoy si es que se ve significa que trae 5.0 voltios. Lo que significa que podemos conectarlo a cualquier dispositivo que tenga entrada usb o a los cuadritos con los cuales nosotros cargamos los celulares que vendra siendo ste como estos cualquier dispositivo que tenga salida usb se […]

Lenovo Ideapad Duet Chromebook Review || The best budget laptop

I hope this video will button will be able to enlighten you to be able to know what to do if you’re trying to get a chromebook, or maybe you get this specific chromebook and you want to know more about it. I think you click the right video. So let’s get right into the […]