Not only it’s got everything that’s great about soundpeat’s h1, namely the qcc 3040 chip, a sound signature, but also it has improved battery life and charging case best of all, hoewel het, Gewoon 50 bucks or in some lucky regions. Talking to you, asia, you can get this for only around 35 bucks and best of all you can actually buy it like i know, but before checking out there are three important things that you must know and i’m gon na tell you right now: it’s the volume, The led light and the physical button we’ll talk about all that, so let’s get started right now, Muziek, Goedemorgen, everyone kenneth here and today we’re talking about everything from sound quality, build latency, my quality and more about the sound beat sonic, Hopelijk, by the end of The video you’ll understand why this is my best 2 wise airbus pick at around 50 bucks it’s, niet perfect, but you will at least understand my reasoning behind it as a disclaimer. This earbuds is bought by myself, but regardless i will always give you my own honest opinion and if you appreciate what i do, please consider supporting the channel by buying stuff through the links in the description, because i may get a small commission at no extra cost To you, Dank u. So much and let’s get started with the most important aspect. The sound quality now let’s get this out of the way for 50 bokken. The true engine 3 Se, is still the winner for absolute best.

Sound quality it’s got a wider, sound stage and better instrument separation overall, but in everything else other than sound. The sonic is better, Dus dat is.. Waarom? In this video i’ll compare the sonic to the halo gt5 my current topic for 20 bokken, as well as the soundfeeds h1 and vlt1 pro. In plaats daarvan, these two are my current best below 100 bokken. So you have an idea of how much you’re getting if you’re in the market of mid range through wireless airbots, now let’s talk about my review. Playlist i’ll leave links in description. If you want to listen for yourself and we’re, going to start with, enter sandman by metallica, this song pictures a pretty good summary of how the sonic compares to the other earbuds first compared to the halo gt5, the sonic isn’t. All that wider, when it comes to soundstage, but it has a tighter bass and better clarity overall, so you get what you paid for here: it’s a noticeable difference then compared to the sound piece. H1 you’ll know how it goes. If you’ve seen my unboxing video, the sound signature is very similar, strong bass with good treble but it’s just a night and day difference in terms of sound stage and separation. The h1 reveals the nuances around each instrument. It feels like there’s much more space around everything and then the feel t1 pro has all that good stuff, but brings the guitars and vocals forward. Then you can set this to bass, eq and it’ll sound just as powerful as the sound beats, without losing any of the clarity.

This thing is just amazing, vervolgens, comparing most other songs will yield similar stories say in black or white by michael jackson. The halo gt5 soundstage isn’t all that different from sonic now, but this still wins with tighter bass and much more defined instrument overall. But the h1 and field t1 pro of course, still win with a much larger, sound stage. Only that here i prefer the more natural sound signature of the feel because in both sound beats sonic and the h1, the vocal is a bit recessed and it got kinda lost in the music, but also the feel may sound more harsh, dus het is. Eigenlijk, a preference thing, and overall i am okay with any of these choices now for hip, hop and rap. I try to compare growing up by macklemore and the best way i could describe the sonic is with the word. Compressed bass is strong, vocals isn’t bad. I could totally enjoy it, but when i try to compare it with the others, it feels like i’m listening only to the tip of the iceberg, there’s so much more to the bass and the vocals that’s revealed in both the h1 and the feel, especially the feel T1 pro, i love how natural everything sounds on bass, eq, but again i do prefer vocal clarity over boosted bass with warmer vocals, so your miles may vary. Moving on to j rock, we have flower and badger game by yoroshika. I know the sound beat sound signature.

Isn’T going to shine here, despite producing clear enough vocals, the compressed feeling in the sonic makes the bass a bit too much to handle and same thing goes for the h1, though it’s a bit more digestible because of the improved sound stage, but the feel t1 pro Is without question the winner here and obviously with normal eq amazing, okay for the last genre. In this section, i think edm is where the sonic finally excels in stay by z. The concentrated, boomy bass here gives an impactful beat drop with vocals detailed enough, but not too harsh when you max the volume out, though it’s really a shame that the sonic doesn’t go very loud only similar to the cheaper halos and qcis, which might very well be The first deal breaker speaking honestly, though it’s enough for me, i listen at around 60 indoors, which translates to around 40 Aan 50 percent on these louder earbuds. But if you like to blast your songs, all the way up or just sometimes max it out when you’re working out or you’re in a mood, you have to keep this in mind. The sonic might left you wanting one or two more extra clicks. Algemene, i can say the sonic has what i call a balance to bass, sound signature. It works especially well with pop and edm, but not so much with rock, also it’s, not a full on base monster. So keep that in mind. That will be the tronia m10, which review is coming later.

OK, so let’s talk about build quality and features. Sound beats has done a good job with this one. The lid finally holds its place. The branding, the color accent, are very nice to my eye and it covers the basics. Goed, usb c port, with the charging indicator beside it. One color coded case battery indicator inside 400 milliamp hour battery that provides two full charges to both 70 milliampere cells in the earbuds. Now this is not as big as the galaxy but plus 85 milliampere cell, but thanks to the efficiency of the qcc 3040 chip. This thing really lasted for 15 hours at 60 volume seriously overkill, no matter how you see it, you can check the detail out in my twitter, attested by ken, but you can rest assured that this will never and i mean never die on you. So yeah let’s talk about the earbuds. Now this thing is ipx5 water resistant, hetzelfde ontwerp, language as the case and the size isn’t too wide or too thick. So it should fit most people’s ears, prima. So this is not what i call a snug fit. It can kind of move around like like this, not that it matters, because the seal provided with the included ear tips are great on to the feature side. It’S got aptx, adapt to support first for an earbud. This cheap, true wireless, mirroring so one pair device, and you can use any side you like and it’s, got gaming mode so just like the sound beats h1.

But what i didn’t mention in its review is the stuttering issue that happens every now, and then this is a thing but to me, it’s not very annoying, since the stutters are usually tiny and it’s worth it, because the latency performance is one of the best. But if you are sensitive to these stutters, you might have to reconsider now. The worst problem is the soundbeats logo that doubles as an led indicator. Ja, it looks cool when it’s charging in a case, but the problem is they turn solid wide when no media is playing classic sound beats, but now many times larger and many times brighter and that equals too many times more annoying let’s say in the middle of The night i’m changing episodes or i want to take a bathroom break. I pause whatever is playing on my phone and these leds light the entire room up, and i could literally use this as my flashlight to light the way you know, but i i don’t want it so this could be the second deal breaker to you and here’s. Mijn vraag: are you going to use it around bedtime, or do you even care if your room lights up or not? Voor mij, i use earbuds to not annoy my partner at night, but if it ended up flashing on them instead, that’s no good, please sound, beats. Keep the leds off unless it is in pairing mode or charging, and let me know what do you think of this issue down in the comments below now still in the topic of deal breakers here comes the third one, that is the controls and i’m specifically talking About this whole front panel that doubles as a physical button.

This presses the whole thing into your ear canal, which is very uncomfortable and it doesn’t stop there. You really have to press hard and the tactile feedback is quite mushy. It sounds like all the wrong recipe. This is the closest i’ve gotten into hating a physical button, en, despite the argument of being more reliable, no accidental touches at all the controls are full featured. I ended up not using anything much maybe i’ma bit too critical here, maybe i’m a bit too harsh on sound pits, but try and take a lesson from tron. Smart onyx free that panasonic button they use is just perfect, het is, very tactile. Very little actuation force. Still controls everything and they are ipx7 water resistant isn’t that amazing anyway, you could wrap and pinch the earbuds like this and it works fine, but i’ve got my standards and i will take sound pete’s touch control any day when compared to this. Maar nogmaals, let me know what you think down in the comments below all that’s left to check out is the latency and microphone test and just like any other in ear sound pits. They do cost just fine, but let’s check it out all right. So welcome to the call test, everyone right nowyou’re listening through the sound pete sonic, and what do you think about the sound quality in the past? Sound piece hasn’t had the best mic so i’m, not really hoping too much for this anyway.

We are in an indoor setting where nothing is going on not even, and the ac is turned on right now and let’s see how this performs, with the crowd noise turn on all right. So now the crown noise is on playing off my macbook pro 16. At 100 Volume, and what do you think about the sound boy? Let me know down in the comments below, can you still hear me or not and we’ll get back to the video right now? Dus, to sum things up, the soundbeat sonic has a lot of great things. Thanks to the qcc 3040 upgrade it’s, one of the cheapest earbuds, with aptx adaptive. True wireless mirroring 15 hours of battery life i’m, saying it like it’s normal to have this kind of battery, then gaming mode and better case design is more than enough to warrant a 50 bucks asking price. But you have to accept that the volume isn’t that loud the gaming mode stutters and the worst thing for meis the annoying led light and the subpar physical button compared to the true engine 3sc. I think it’s worth trading a bit of sound quality to all these modern features personally for me, but if you don’t care, you want the most sound quality you could get for 50 bucks and you don’t mind waiting a few seconds to switch between left and right. Earbud, the 3fc gives you exactly that. So what a sign of a good gear this earlyand we already have a very solid recommendation: lineup there’s, halo, gt5 or alien sacred it’s, the best for 20, the sound beat sonic for 35 Aan 50 and field t1 pro or sound pete’s h1.

If you can get it it’s the best for 60 Aan 70, no matter which one you get, i think you’ll be very happy with your purchase and i’ve got full reviews for all of them, so check him out. I’Ll link it in the description book. Ook, don’t. Forget to subscribe because we might have another contender to soundbeat sonic, and that is the feel t1 light i’m waiting for it to be sent after chinese new year holiday, so smash the thumbs up. If you’re excited and don’t forget to use the links in description to help me support the channel, i hope this video helped you make your purchase decision and thank you so much for watching i’m kenneth.