We got brown switches, red switches and the blue switches, so you’ll be able to have a very nice comparison with the board and the switches, but also we just hit 1000 Abonnees. Dus, in addition to this review i’m also going to be giving one of these away to it, like a viewer like yourself even more i’m, going to be giving a razor huntsman as well so let’s throw that intro yo guys what’s the deal. How are we doing today? My name is joshua and i am so thankful for you for subscribing to the channel. We’Ve now hit 1 000. i’m holding up 10, but that’s because 10 100s – dat wil zeggen 1 000 Abonnees. I am so thankful, so we’ll be doing a review on these keyboards and, like i said, stay to the end because i’m going to drop a link on a video to watch so that you can see how to enter it’s going to be like right here somewhere. But you got to watch this video to get that the and pro is a 60 mechanical keyboard in the ansi or ansi layout, with the standard key size. With a total of 61 Sleutels. You trade having a numpad navigation cluster and the f function row or the small compact footprint, but because of modifier keys, you do not lose the functionality out of this keyboard, even though it’s small getting into the unboxing when you open this up, you’re gon na see That the keyboard is wrapped in a foam covering you’ll also receive an easy to read, guide that has very nice pictures and it’s also printed in color.

If that matters, and you will receive a usb a to usb c cable. Echter, it is in red and it does have polarity, so you want to make sure you plug that in the right way and in addition, you are going to receive 11 colored keycaps. So if you’re feeling you want to add a little bit of color, you can go ahead and do that right here. The anfro comes in two colors black or white, and you get a wide variety of switches. They come in gateron or kelson, red, blue or brown. But one thing i noticed is that if you order from the corn distributor, you also have mx cherries, which of course you get the reds, you get the blues and the browns, but they also offer these silvers. Nwo, as far as the construction of each of these keyboards, they have a nice weight to them. I actually like how heavy they are and they don’t really bend unless you actually twist them. The case itself is made of one piece, and it actually has a slight angle to it already now because of the angle pre made there’s no additional feed on it. That will give you options to raise or lower. So keep that in mind on both the white and the black the bottom base plate is white, which will help the rgb shine better and underneath you will get four feet, one right here, another right there and of course, right here and surprisingly enough work really well.

There was no movement at all, i had on top of a mouse pad and i also had it on the wood and there was no movement from it. Daarnaast is er, you are going to have the bluetooth switch right here. You can just turn on and off, and i like that they have the pass sticker right next to it, because it shows that they’re actually doing testing on their keyboards now as far as the bluetooth, if you do decide to use this feature, you can connect it Up to four devices now i do want to say that my pc is not bluetooth compatible, so i wasn’t able to do any type of gaming on it. Now i have heard rumors about this keyboard, turning off just randomly, so if you’re doing any type of ranked gameplay keep that in mind. The last thing you want, whenever you’re trying to rank up in one of your favorite games, is for the keyboard to just turn off and then you lose, but for the battery life. I did use this one hour each day for seven days. I tried to go to the eighth day. Echter, the battery was dead. It says it goes up to eight hours. I was only able to do seven hours so getting seven out of eight hours. Out of the battery i’m, pretty content with that, the keycaps are double shot which results in legends which will never fade or chip away.

They are ppt as well, Die, unlike abs, won’t, pick up oils as easily and will retain their texture even after heavy use and as previously stated, you can get these in reds, browns and blue from all three mx cherry, garron and kale. But if you want some silvers, you can go ahead and get those from cherry. So enough talking about switches, let’s go ahead and listen to how they sound on this board. You you so as far as rgb there’s 14 presets already installed it’s going to be like the rainbow you get static, colors as well. Some that just fade in and out, but one thing that i did notice, is that there’s, an additional two on the actual software that you can put in making it 16 presets a little bit more digging and i was able to find it actually, nine more. So as far as the presets there’s quite a bit, but if you want to do any type of customization, you can go ahead and use the app itself and you can do per key. So if you want a wasd to be one color and then you want your escape space bar and your backspace to be in another color, you can go ahead and do that all utilizing this application, you really get the freedom to style it. Echter, you want by using this application, you just create the lighting profile, you save it and you load it on into the keyboard.

Staying on the subject of the software, you can change any key to be whatever it is. So if you have practical uses of having one key be something you can have it like that or if you want to mess with a friend and change the numbers or the letters you can do that as well. In addition, you can make profiles for macros to any binding that you choose to, and if you want, you can have the audio relate to the keyboard. Rgb now a feature that isn’t super noticeable is that the shift along with both the functions and the control turn into your arrows, so you’re gon na have both your left, your right, you’re up and you’re down. So if you’re used to having the arrow keys, you still get them right here up down left right, very handy. Naar mijn mening, this keyboard was actually very, Heel goed. The construction was great, had a nice weight to it, didn’t move anywhere. When i was a little bit violent with it, each of the switches felt really really good, but the brown probably was my least favorite. It felt a little bit mushy, echter, the switches and the sounds from the keyboard wasn’t overbearing and there was no rattle at all. No moving parts or anything like that. I think my favorite thing is the stabilizers. They actually have like a very nice feel to them. It felt hard but soft at the same time, if that makes sense kind of like jumping on a pillow but that’s not the same feel on any of the numbers or the letters, but as far as the red usb cable, it doesn’t make sense to me, especially If they have different color keycaps, it just doesn’t match to me that doesn’t leave any room to actual customization, because you’re set with that red cable.

But overall the packaging was very nice. I really like that. It had foam whenever you are receiving the keyboard and the construction was great, but now you’re, probably tired of hearing me talk and want to know how you can win. One of these keyboards well go ahead and take a look at this video right here. In that description, there’s going to be a link where you can enter to win, you have to make sure you’re subscribed to the channel.