Surface Pro 3 Vs Teclast X98 Air 3G, scherm, videos and size (Verzoek)

This is way more powerful. The surface it's running a haswell cpu dual core with threading, and this is a quad core low power, Adam they're very different, but what I can compare, Natuurlijk, is just maybe their features the size. Uiteraard, you can see that it's 9.7, so interested it's, smaller and the […]

Onda v116w oververhit VS X98 Air Air 3G temps

I could run temperature check on both of these systems to see just how hot the onda v1 minus 6w really gets. That'S on my left, Natuurlijk, of lifted video and on the right as the tech class, x98 ear, 3G. Just to see the difference between these chipsets, Die, above the same they're, […]

Teclast X98 Air 3G outside in the shade legibility test (Verzoek)

So if you can make out anything, I can just read everything on the screen, so it it is usable but it's a bit of a strain on your eyesight. Maybe you can just see it here in the shadow definitely better than direct sunlight. I wonder if you can see those menu items there […]

Teclast X98 Air 3G: Windows 10 Bouwen 9926 Beoordeling

What I did do is just install all the windows drivers I had dumped before now. You can find these on tick tablets, comm under the tick last x98 f3g. You find the drivers there. So just a little quick preview here of Windows 10. I don't really recommend that people install this and you'll […]

Teclast X98 Air 3G – 4 maanden later, is it still a good buy?

How does it stack up after three months? Goed, niet al te slecht, actually ifr been enjoying this too. The quad of logic, I'd, say that's, my most used tablet after, Natuurlijk, my Surface 3 Pro I have here, but I do find myself using this tablet quite a bit just because, mainly because of […]

How to Install only Windows on a Dual Boot X98 Air 3G & Air II

Goed, I have it right here: a GPT partitions drive, so that will boot, and I have my mouse connected. An important thing here is to make sure that you have your flash drive with Windows on it on the first hub port. I don't think it'll work on another port of I've noticed that […]

X98 Air 3G: Flash dual boot bios, Androïde, install Windows and drivers

Natuurlijk, you can get them from XDA or tech tablets comm and extract the files to your desktop and execute the chinese bat file, which will start to flash the BIOS before you do. This make sure you have at least 50 batterij. You could risk a brick so be really careful there. Dus […]