Chuwi Lapbook Air Review – Het beste als het alleen goedkoper was!

Ik heb naar gekeken., Dus deze bijzondere is ook de eerste van de Apollo Lake laptops met acht gigabyte RAM-geheugen. Only the mini pcs have been using eight gigabytes, which is really good to see and has a backlit keyboard. The screen is an IPS 14 Punt, one inches 1080p deep, blacks, […]

Boven 3 Begroting Windows 10 Laptops Of 2017

So all these models have the same chipset in them, it's the Intel Celeron in 3450, the Apolo 81 – and these two models here have six gigabytes of RAM. So we have the chewy lap book 12.3 here with its surface pro screen, so you can see why it looks a little bit square […]

Trui EZBook 3 Pro V4One Of The Best Budget Laptopd Just Got Better

So all the revisions they've made minor little tweaks and changes this time around. We have a new touch pad it's, a precision one there's, now a little tiny hatch on the bottom to easily install and upgrade and add your own SSD. It has to be twenty two by forty to spec, so it […]