Do it? Okay, so first we’re gon na unbox the genki covert dock. This is a portable charger and dock for the nintendo switch. This is designed to actually be able to uh. You know they had those errors before where people’s uh nintendo switches were getting bricked because of the incompatibility or whatever like that. So this has been engineered uh to avoid that right so – and this is again genki and it’s part of the uh genki by human things. Where will you play covert dock right? So we’ll open up real quick? So you see the plug adapters, so that’s allowing you to do international right, the actual unit itself right. So there you see the hdmi, the usb and the usbc, the plug tucked in really nice tuck. That back in have that in there anything else. In the box there no and what do we have in the little accessory box and we have a usb cable with a usbc cable with usbc on both sides and a right, angled one that’s, pretty cool and another sticker. To add to my laptop right, nice that’s, a cool one and instruction manual now let’s get into the shadow cast now we’re going to unbox the shadow cast by genki. This is a console laptop link, play game consoles on your laptop it’s, compatible with the nintendo switch playstation xbox and more right, there’s been a lot of people that have been getting these and probably uh, hooking them up to obscure things, but uh, older systems, etc.

Um getting the ability to play some of these, these systems onto uh ipads, even right using other other contraptions right. So let’s, look at the back real quick. The genki shadow cast connects your favorite game console to the laptop. It allows your laptop to become a tv by converting hdmi output into a video stream that your computer can read without drivers once your game. Footage is on the laptop. The possibilities are endless, so it’s showing you consoling so gaming on your computer, video capture, recording and streaming content, camera, hacks, etc and it’s supposed to be as easy as just launching the genki arcade app connecting the usbc cable to the shadowcast and the shadowcast to the Hdmi on whatever console let’s open this thing, nice little packaging here, genki, i believe you can pre order on indiegogo we’ll leave a link below here’s the unit. It says don’t forget the cable, nice, yellow one there’s, another right angle, usb c, cable and this time two genki stickers, really cool. Oh, that one looks like a dark samus one right and the user manual now again going back to the actual unit itself. Right, you see how how little it is and it’s it basically ends up being a nice little dongle and there’s the usbc cable there’s, the hdmi we’re, going to play around with this and actually use it in part of our streams. So stay tuned and we’ll do a nice review and some use cases around it, but again we’ll have the links below you can get this on indiegogo all right! Thanks peace now let’s put this thing to the test.

So we have this connected to my macbook m1. Uh macbook air m1 and it seems to be moving pretty good. There’S no input lag at all we’re playing super smash, brothers right and um going through the settings, and everything like that we’re going to test this out. I wanted to test it out on a fighting game. Just because you know lag is of the utmost important there’s been a bunch of people complaining on forums that they get some input lag now again. You know your mileage may vary. Right depends on your system that you’re connecting it to um i’m hooking it up directly usb c i’m, not using any adapters. So the experience here is going to be tried and true and minimal input lag at all, so let’s see i’m, not an expert i’m. Just i love final fantasy 7, so i’m playing a little bit with a sephiroth on my uh kids, uh, nintendo switch and so far so good. All the button pressings and everything that i’m doing uh the movement with the joy, con, joystick, etc and it’s really cool it’s kind of weird that i have to sit here and um detach the joy cons from the switch itself on the dock. But this is a pretty cool and it’s working uh, really it’s working really well. So again, you can get these at genki things right. We’Ll have the link below the covert doc right now is 69.99 right, and the shadowcast, which is the star of this, show it’s.

Only 49.99 right and again, you can use the shadow cast with your original dock right or if you have a spare one, you got a refurb one from gamestop or nintendo. You can use that right or you can get the genki dock for 69.99 they’re. All kind of on pre order and indiegogo etc. This was from a you know, crowd sourcing, crowdfunding campaign where we got it and we were early adopters. But again, this is great for the price 49.