This one seems to be working fine except joycons, so apparently this device doesnt see either both or one of the joycons it. As you can see it um registers those. So it clicks. So if I slide this, it does click, but it doesnt work so Im not sure if its, both or just one the easy well one of the ways to find it is to Power It Off and then power it on holding the um volume, both volume buttons. So press on both press and hold and it will get into that maintenance mode where you can see here, it cant see the right one, but it doesnt see the left one. So whatever I do its not there or at least thats what I think I think the problem is it with is with this one left, one so um. No, I dont want to update so um what Ill do Ill, just disassemble that uh the device – and I think – or I hope its – the problem with the rail or with the real cable. So I bought one of these. This is the rail with the ribbon cable. So Ill go ahead and replace that rail with the ribbon, cable and Ill have a look inside and lets see. If that helps so to disassemble this theres a few screws, you need to take out theres this Nintendo tri wing screws and theres a few and just Philips, regular Phillips screws. So lets take those out.

Okay, theres one more underneath this. This is this ones, Phillips, so theres, one more, but this ones Phillips right here so um Phillips screws that we need to remove as well and right here right here and we need to remove the middle ones on the rails, so thats how you um can take Out this, this back cover so Ill go ahead and remove those excellent pop out the game card cover itll, be easier to remove and that the one underneath this kickstand and I think, thats all. Oh sorry, the these ones again make sure you organize those and there are different sizes, different lengths, so yeah keep them organized. I think thats all so we should be able to pop out this back cover. On this left hand, side, we will obviously need to remove all these screws, but lets take out the the back cover. First, so Ill use a Pride tool or whatever you have there pry it open just again be careful theres there are tabs in there yeah dont. Do that I think I didnt break anything. I hope its dusty, so um good opportunity to clean the thing off um the antenna. I think so this is now out um. Now I think this is the ribbon cable um, the rail one. So we need to remove this whole plate and again a few screws. We need to remove SD card, obviously SD card slot and Im guessing theres, a ribbon cable underneath sure how to remove this.

To be honest, let me have a look underneath: okay, so theres a connector there um, let me just yeah so that connector just disconnects very easily, so just pull to the side just just like that, and it came off so more screws. One thing that I hate about this, obviously, apart from the fact that everything is Tiny, um is the number of screws and the fact that they are different sizes, and this one, this one Music um, they think thats the last one Music, anything else, no theres one In the middle okay, that should be a lot easier now, yep yep came off. Um well, probably replace this paste as well, but lets focus on the on the rail first so which one is the Music um like that. So this one is the problem. I was worried for a second that I have the wrong rail, but its this one right here. This is telephone, so lets remove this all these all these screws here Ill. Do it off camera? Okay, so the screws are removed. Um the rail can now be removed, but before we do all that, let me just disconnect the battery its always good idea to disconnect the battery before you start doing, disconnecting any um and ribbon cables so just slide something underneath and will pop out very easily, and This um this connector here, so this is the the connector where the the ribbon cable goes. So just this is that that flap or whatever this is just push it up and then the cable should fairly easily come up, come off Ill move this to the side.

This part here so not sure if you can see this, but just push this out and its out now Im not sure this um, these ribbon cables. Cable looks perfectly fine, so Im not sure if this is the problem, if the rail is actual problem, but just looking at the ribbon cable, hmm yeah, it looks, looks okay but anyway lets install the new one so to install the new one just gon na put It in place roughly and then just route, the cable as it was so originally, so you need to push it in in here between the the board and this battery frame and Ill. Just do it like this make sure its in there something like that and then push this um disconnector back in the orb this this one cable back in the in the into the connector, and this will be tricky I think, but okay, its in so lets just Close then, the tab Ill just secure it with one screw, maybe or a couple of screws to make sure its in place and well test it and well connect the battery first. Obviously so this goes in yeah. I think one is enough. One should be enough sure if this should be sticking out like this, but anyway, Okay, so the battery is next and again just push it back in place, and that should be it so lets power it on lets see what happens now and it works perfect.

So um yeah Im Ill Power It Off. If I can now, I think I need to go through all this anyway, um and again Ill just Ill, probably remove the whole thing and replace the thermal paste on underneath and and here, while while Im doing this but um. As I said, I dont know what the problem is here and the ribbon ribbon: cable um, just looking at it, it doesnt. Look too bad. I mean I dont see any obvious reasons: it wouldnt work, but anyway um it was the rail weve, replaced it and now works so um yeah. As you can see this is this was a fairly easy fix. The the other side is very similar and I think the ribbon cable yeah. This is the driven cable, so its kind of bent in a funny way but like round but yeah. So all you can all you need to do if you want to replace this rail again, just um just remove this rail, remove the screws on this side and then just replace the disconnect this cable and and thats thats. It youre done so um thats all for today. Thank you very much. Please subscribe.