I think were really getting to that point where we start hearing more official information on their next console. But, interestingly enough Nintendo, they seem to be giving some small hints as to what this console will be and it might not be exactly what we expect. Yeah Ill kind of explain why here in just a bit also a big Xbox series and PlayStation 5 game. Just got announced, and oh boy Im excited about this one, as I think you all will be as well as always, though, if youre new to the channel and if you like this type of content, do make sure to hit those buttons below like subscribe. And yes, whack that Bell as hard as you possibly can with. That said, though, lets just gon na jump right into things, starting off with a couple of Square Enix games, one being Harvest Stella and then the other Tactics Ogre reborn reviews are starting to roll out for both of these games. I actually do not like that. They released these games so close to one another. Nor do I like that, its so close to God of War and Pokemon, but hey it is what it is. This is. This is squarings that were talking about. Nonetheless, I do have some good news, and then I got some bad news as well now. Well, first start off with the bad, because Harvest Stella is not getting off to all that great of a start.

It does have a 69 overall score on Metacritic, with the majority of the reviews being mixed now. The Silver Lining here is that currently it has zero negative reviews, so I mean there is that I guess, but at the same time, for a new IP like this, a 69 is probably not that number thats going to convince players to jump in thats thats. Really too bad too, because I always felt that this game had some potential. It looks like Final Fantasy meets harvest, moon or something like that. But unfortunately, looking through the reviews, I keep hearing things like its mediocre and a lot of the things that it tries at the end of the day, though, always kind of keep in mind that reviews are just that, their opinions and nothing more. So if this is a game that still interests you go out and give it a try and you might end up loving it – I mean there was some 9 out of 10 reviews here as well. I mean some people did really like it, so you might be one of those players now as for tactics over reborn. This is a remake or a remaster of an all time, classic tactics RPG, so I mean I mean its a little hard to kind of mess. This one up, we already know that its a good game, but that once again has been confirmed by critics as it sits at an 85 overall score on Metacritic sounds like its an improvement in almost every possible way.

Its made an already great game and even better game with things like voice acting and the number of adjustments that they made to its battle system. So I mean, if you like tactical RPGs. This really is a must play game, go out and play it as soon as possible. Really, the only problem here is pretty much what I said before. I hate that this game is releasing between two of the biggest games of the year. I really have no idea what Square Enix is thinking half the time. This game probably would have been better suited to release in a quieter time of the year, but still it is a great game and definitely check it out. When you get the chance, it is available on PC, PlayStation and, of course, the Nintendo switch in which you can pick it up right now, Music, next up speaking of God of War, Ragnarok sounds like its had. A massive launch. Gfk is reporting that in the UK, in just one single day, its physical cells have already sold more than God of War 2018s first full week now to put that in the perspective God of War 2018s. First three days are the third best in history for PlayStations. First party games with 3.1 million sold so its not like its surpassing some slouch. Here I mean youre talking about already one of the best selling games for PlayStation ever made. The other two games that are ahead of it are Spider Man, with 3.

3 million in its first three days and then the last of us part two which sold more than 4 million. So if God of War Ragnarok has similar success outside of the UK, which I I think that it might were looking at the very least, the top three fastest selling game. Four PlayStations first party games of all time – and I wouldnt doubt it at all. If it does surpass a Spider Man as well now well see about The Last of Us Part Two, but I mean I think it has a chance of surpassing that too, but you know either way. This is an extraordinary launch and, and really it appears, its well deserved – Im still playing through this game myself, but yeah its an amazing game, as you would expect its got a top notch story, The the voice acting is just superb and the gameplay is once again Phenomenal, as has always been the case for the God of War series, now, a new controller also just got announced for the PlayStation 5.. We are starting to see more of these Pro style controllers pop up, and this is another option, especially if you prefer an asymmetrical Design. This is the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro which supports that offset analog, stick layout, which a lot of people do prefer. The switch Pro controllers use this layout. Gamecube does thats an all time. Favorite Xbox does as well, and if you do like that type of design.

Well now you do have the PlayStation 5 Pro Controller that you can pick up. The Wolverine V2, of course, offers a lot more than just that, though. Its got tactile action buttons, its got customizable triggers to where you can either use a short pull or a long pool, depending on what games youre playing its got. Six remappable buttons, including four on the back and it even has interchangeable analog, sticks on top of all that, because why not its also got RGB lights? I mean obviously RGB lights, that there thats the signs of a true Pro, but for real. If you are interested, you can go to raise your store where it costs a grand total of just 250 dollars, yeah its quite expensive, and it is missing some features from Sonys, first party PlayStation, 5 controllers, such as internal speakers, adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Unfortunately, this controller does not have any of that. So 250 dollars might not necessarily be a stellar price point, but at the same time, if you really really want a pro PlayStation 5 controller with offset analog sticks, you do now have that option. With a Razer Wolverine V2 Pro lets go and talk about Nintendo, though in the maybe soonish switch successor there, there has been a lot of speculation about Nintendos next console. As of recent, we are heading into the switchs sixth year and and even though its still selling extraordinarily well, I mean extraordinarily well. Nintendo will eventually still put a new console out on the market.

The question really is when and also what will it be now as for when I think we could start hearing a lot more about this console, maybe next year, whether that be officially or unofficially, but really, it is hard to pinpoint the exact year as to when It will release because, while the switch might be showing its age at the end of the day, its still selling again, like I said before, extraordinarily well, that could put Nintendo in a in a no rush mode, but at the same time they they dont wan na. They dont want a situation where its like the Wii to the Wii. U, where all their momentum had died by the time the Wii? U had released now to be fair. I I think that console had bigger issues than just momentum alone, because a lot of its problems actually came down to its messaging and also the Casual Market. I mean they just moved on over to mobile phones. I either which way, though I do think that theres a good chance that were going to get the switch successor in either late 2023 or sometime in 2024.. I think theres reasons to believe it could happen in either one of these years by this point, but as to what this console will actually be well. Nintendo, seemingly, is already giving some small hints yeah, so whats happening here is that in their investors q a Nintendo was asked if they plan on offering backwards compatibility for future Hardware in which they responded.

In the past, we provided a service known as the Virtual Console that allowed users to play older video games on new consoles with newer Hardware. As long as the hardware remained unchanged, those games could continue to be played. However, the publishing rights to video games are complicated and we have said that we would only add titles after securing the necessary rights. Of course, video games developed for dedicated consoles were created in different development environments for each console. As a result, when the hardware changed, the development environment could not necessarily be reused, and so the video games that had been released on older consoles could not be played on newer consoles without additional modification. Recently, however, the development environments has increasingly become more standardized and we now have an environment that allows players to enjoy older video games when newer consoles more easily than before. However, Nintendo strength is in creating new video game experiences. So when we release new Hardware in the future, we would like to Showcase unique video games that could not be created with pre existing Hardware yeah, so that was actually a pretty long quote, but but theres actually a lot happening with this response. In the first part, they seem to be referring to Nintendo switch online by comparing it to Virtual Console. He points out that licensing can be difficult for some of these older games, which might be why we still havent seen certain games on Nintendo switch online.

So, okay, fair enough, he then goes on to say that backwards. Compatibility is easier now than ever before, which I mean that theres, a great sign for the switch successor. But then the part that I feel like people are just kind of looking over is that they say with their new hardware. They want to showcase unique video games that could not be created in pre existing Hardware, so it is starting to sound like maybe the switch accessor is not just going to be a simple jump in terms of power. They want to continue that philosophy of doing something. Different – and this really has kind of been their thing since the Wii that used motion controls, then you have the Wii? U that had the tablet, where you use two screens. The same can be said with the Nintendo DS, which used dual screens and then the 3DS that of course used 3D, then obviously with a switch of course, that has a hybrid design. So in all these consoles, they did do something completely unique and it sounds like they want to continue on with that for their next console as well. In fact, in another question they were asked about: Nintendo accounts for their next console. They give a very similar response by saying the most important thing with our dedicated video game platform form is to deliver a unique gaming experience in our development of both hardware and software going forward. We must consider ways to more easily connect our core video game business with the consumer experiences outside of our dedicated video game platform through Nintendo account so once again, theyre using that line a unique gaming experience for their next console.

So these are small hints, whatever theyre doing it. Doesnt sound like its just going to be a simple jump in power. It sounds like theyre doing something different, which really makes me wonder what that will entail. I mean for me personally as long as they stick to the hybrid design. I mean Im all in for that, and I think a lot of other people feel this way as well. That hybrid design is just so amazing that fits into those games perfectly. Now about that, I I personally do believe that they will stick with that design much in the way they did with the DS to the 3DS, while still making them unique. I think it will also have backwards compatibility as well considering their response earlier, but what can they they actually do with that design and still make it different thats now my question here: could they do a dual screen here? Could it be a foldable screen? Could they do 3D? Once again I mean I doubt that or are they going to do something different with the controllers? Once again I mean I have no earthly idea, but with them continuously bringing up this quote unquote, unique way of playing games. It does sound like theyre up to something I mean I Id love to hear your thoughts about this, though, am I just looking too far into what youre saying here, or do you think that theyre really doing something unique once again and if so, what do you Think that that could be, let me know in the comments below.

I really would love to hear your ideas about this, because I I have no earthly idea what they can do now. We also got a big game to talk about thats coming over to the Xbox series, PlayStation 5 and the PC, and this one Im very, very happy to talk about being control 2.. Now they first mentioned last year that they were planning to do a bigger budget control, but now theyve also announced that they are partnering up with 505 games to make it happen. They are co, publishing and co, developing it together and considering the constant speculation. We also now know for a fact that its going to be multi platform, I cannot tell you how many times Ive heard that this game will be exclusive to PlayStation or that it will be exclusive to Xbox, because they do have tight relationships with both. But there you go, it will be multi platform, which is great news for everybody that wasnt. Quite all. They said, though, as reminis game director said this with control 2. Well, take another leap into the unknown: itll be an Unexpected Journey. Itll take a while, but to put it mildly, this is the most exciting project. Ive ever ever worked on its still early days, but it will be worth the wait. Then 505 games also said control is the biggest investment 505 games has ever made. So it has a special place in our hearts. We are grateful to the whole player community that has made control such a long, lasting and love game and are even more excited to bring out control too.

So this actually sounds like a massive game, probably remedys biggest game ever, which I mean for me personally. I think that that is certainly very, very exciting. Remedy is such a good and talented developer, especially especially when it comes to single player story driven content. I mean Alan Wake. That was a great game. You have Quantum break. I personally feel that game was underrated. I thought it was good personally and then also control. That was one of last generations. Best single player games just period, so I mean Im thrilled to see them get an even bigger budget and itll be really interesting to see what they can pull off with that. The only thing about all this, though, is that they did mention its still early in development, so were probably years away. At the very least, though, if you are a fan of Remedy, but we do also have allowake 2, which is supposedly supposedly I mean it. Hopefully, it wont be any type of delay, but supposedly that will release next year in 2023., fun times for you remedy fans ahead myself very much included here lets go take a look at the poll of the day, though, where I asked you Walt. Do you think Nintendo will raise the price of the switch and, as you can see here, the majority of you all being 64 of you said no, while 31 of you said yes, so there you go most of you all absolutely are not expecting this as Im.

Not either looking through the comments, dirty tomato kind of Echoes my feelings here, as well as they say why raise the price at the end of the generation and thats, exactly how I feel about this situation. Yes, I understand the concern about inflation right now. The Mana Quest 2 that raised in price so did the PlayStation 5, but both of these are relatively newer products, whereas the Nintendo switch. This is a nearly six year old console thats been profitable. For years I mean yes, their their profit margin has probably shrank a bit, but I Id still be surprised if they raised the price. I mean we were just talking about a switch successor earlier thats, where a more expensive price might come in. I I could also see them raising the price of their games to seventy dollars as as much as the game industry already has, but yeah Im with the majority here, I dont think theyre gon na raise the price anyways though thats it for this episode. If you like, the video dont forget to Bell notification And subscribe button for more content. Just like this. Also, if youd like to support the channel through patreon.