Hi folks. It is Falcon I’m here to talk to you today about the quotNinja Gaiden Master. Collection.Quot, I was pretty excited for this one. If I’m completely honest., I love quotNinja Gaidenquot. These are games that are just fun as hell. Like the current iteration of quotNinja Gaidenquot, I guess came out back in 2004. It was awesome. Action was intense. The graphics were incredible. For the time – and it felt really good to play., Even after all this time it remains one of my favorite action games. Kinda only held back by a little bit of dated camera controls and some annoying sections that you kinda have to force yourself to get through.. So with the quotMaster Collectionquot Tecmo is bringing back the original classic along with its two sequels, but is it worth the 40 asking price Well after spending some time with it? The best I can say is that it’s complicated. Not a simple, yes or no, so let’s get into it. Here’s. The most important thing you need to know about this collection.. These might not be the exact games. You remember. We’re, not getting quotNinja Gaiden Blackquot the updated release of the original game that included a ton of quality of life, features and improvements on the already great original. We’re, getting quotNinja Gaiden Sigmaquot the significantly reworked PS3 port. That made a number of changes to the game that are contentious at best with fans of the series.. The quotNinja Gaiden IIquot that comes with the collection, is also the PS3 version called quotNinja Gaiden, Sigma IIquot, and that version was also controversial.

. The third and final game. Quotninja Gaiden IIIquot is the Razor’s Edge version of the game, which is kinda universally considered to be the best version of it. But it’s still quotNinja Gaiden IIIquot, so it’s, not the best.. So this all in mind right from the get go it’s kind of a compromised. Package. To a lot of fans, quotNinja Gaiden Blackquot is the definitive game in the series and quotNinja Gaiden IIquot. The original version on the 360 is better than quotSigma II.quot. The Sigma games do have their fans and I don’t personally hate them or anything, but I will be honest. I do prefer the originals and quotBlackquot and spending some time with the quotMaster Collectionquot. It makes me more certain of that opinion. Getting that out of the way we know. Team Ninja has come out and said the reason quotNinja, Gaiden, Blackquot and quotNinja Gaiden IIquot aren’t included in their original versions is because the original code for those games was apparently lost. So trying to remaster them would be a lot harder., So I mean it’s understandable, but it still kinda stings.. Before I start getting too negative, though I’ll stop and say that quotNinja, Gaidenquot and quotNinja Gaiden IIquot are both really good games and having slightly inferior versions of them. Doesn’T turn them into bad games., We’re still talking about remasters of some pretty amazing games here.. But if you’re new to the whole series that wouldn’t be too much of a surprise, the newest one is still over eight years.

Old. Here is a rundown though. In quotNinja Gaidenquot you play as Ryu Hayabusa a member of the Dragon Clan and protector of the Holy Dragon Sword.. There is a story, but it barely matters. They’re kinda just excuses to go around and fight cool bosses and that’s fine. I don’t care.. What these games are really about is exploring the environment, fighting tons of enemies, doing some light platforming and solving some simple puzzles and then fighting more enemies.. The first game has a little bit of a quotResident Evilquot structure where there’s an interconnected world. Once you get past the prologue. It’s a linear experience, but it does feel a little more open and it’s cool to see places you’ve been from a different angle. Along the way you can buy items and weapon upgrades from Muramasa using Yellow Essence, which is the currency. In these games. Out of all of them, I think the first game has the best loot.. It never feels like you’re doing one thing or fighting one kind of enemy for too long. Always feels fresh., But in comparison the more level based quotNinja Gaiden IIquot opens up. The arenas for bigger and more chaotic battles., That said it makes the environments a little more bland and empty. Looking in comparison to places you go in the first game.. The original quotNinja Gaidenquot is just so silky smooth to play. Combat’s, incredibly fast and deadly, and if you wan na get through a lot of the encounters, you got, ta go hard.

‘Cause death comes fast., The bosses are big, highlights. They’re, tough, technical brawls.. They really do put your skills to the test and there are a lot of them.. A big part of what makes quotNinja Gaidenquot. So good is how much variety there is though.. You get a good selection of weapons, varied environments, tons of different enemies, bosses and sub bosses to fight., Like you’re, pretty much always dealing with something new, so it doesn’t really get stale. Even if there are some frustrating andor, unfair moments., Now quotNinja Gaiden IIquot is a little more complicated.. The levels are a lot more linear and less dense, there’s fewer puzzles to break up the gameplay., and there are some really annoying enemies in this game.. Also, some of the bosses are kinda duds. In general, it doesn’t feel quite as polished as the first. It’s still a good game, but I don’t know that it lives up to the original, at least for me. And then there’s quotNinja Gaiden III.quot It’s, the black sheep Of the series for a reason. It’s, not that good. It’s, incredibly linear in a series where you did feel at least vaguely free in the first two titles. And a lot of the times. It just feels like you’re jumping from cutscene to arena to cutscene., Which wouldn’t be so bad if the story was not boring as hell., Like the awesome variety of monsters from the previous games, it’s, not there. You’re, fighting basic human enemies for a big chunk of the Game and the bosses are pretty basic and force you to wait around for an opening, instead of just allowing you to play aggressively.

Worst of all, the tight control of the first two games, isn’t here., It just doesn’t – feel as tight and responsive as the old games.. I’M glad they included it, the collection would feel incomplete without it, but even with the improvements they’ve made with Razor’s Edge, it is a mediocre game at best. And another major focus on quotNinja Gaiden IIIquot was for some reason, competitive multiplayer. That’s been removed for the quotMaster Collectionquot, like Mass Effect, 3’s multiplayer., But in this case I feel like you’re, not gon na care. It’s, not good. It wasn’t a good mode. Then there’s no reason for it to exist. So it’s a collection of games with one absolute classic, one, pretty good game and one not so great game with the good ones, arguably being worse versions of themselves.. The Sigma versions are contentious because they do add things to the games, but they also take stuff out of the games., Like certain bosses puzzles and entire sections of the games have been reworked or removed.. Quotsigma Iquot made quotNinja, Gaidenquot, more linear and removed. Some of the puzzles that broke up the gameplay., It added a new playable character, but didn’t really add much to the package with it. These character. Switching moments just feel like padding, because you end up retreating levels. You already played sometimes back to back. And it’s, really tedious.. Probably the most notable change to the quotSigmaquot versions was the violence in quotNinja Gaiden II.

quot. The Xbox 360 version was a really violent game and a big part of the gameplay involved chopping off limbs to weaken them or kill them instantly. For gore hounds it kinda sucks that the game was basically censored with quotSigma IIquot, but that’s, not the only problem. That Changed how the game was played. In general, there are fewer enemies that show up in quotSigma IIquot compared to the Xbox 360 version and because of that, the levels seem even a little more empty than they were in the original.. Certain people don’t mind this stuff and prefer the less frenetic gameplay of quotSigma IIquot, but you can see how it disappointed people that this is the version Team, Ninja included in the collection, regardless of why.. There actually was a version of quotSigma IIquot that gave you the option to turn on the gore.. It was on the PS Vita. It was called quotSigma II Plusquot, so the version that Team Ninja is using as a baseline for the collection isn’t even the most feature, complete version of the game.. There was likely some kind of a problem porting over features from the Vita version to the main game, or something so maybe it could have been difficult, but that doesn’t make it not suck. All right. Let’S talk about issues with the PC version, as well. I’ve held out talking about this enough. It’s, the one I’m playing for the review, and it is not great, in fact, I’d even say, it’s bad it’s, outwardly bad.

. Probably the least of this port’s problems is the fact that you’re forced to use a controller. It doesn’t have keyboard support at all. And, while that’s dumb, it does get way. Worse., First off you have to manually set the output, resolution. There’s three options: 720p, 1080p and 4K., And you have to set them as launch properties. Like there’s no resolution options in game at any time. Like you cannot change any settings on these things in game at All. There really aren’t any graphics settings either they directly ported the console version to the PC and that’s it.. So because of that, you actually have to expand the damn thing to full screen yourself like it starts in a window, and you have to click on the tab to expand it to full screen.. I can’t remember that happening on any large company’s release at all in at least a decade at very least a decade., Even more ridiculous. There is no obvious way to exit the game.. The first time I tried to exit, I couldn’t even get it to turn off, and I literally Control Alt Deleted to get out of it. They’ve, never been the best at PC ports at Team Ninja. But this is next level bad., Like they couldn’t have made any changes to the games at all for PC To give it a little praise actually playing the game. I don’t have a whole lot of issues outside of some minor stuttering and weird loading.

That seems like it, shouldn’t be necessary anymore., But that’s, not the biggest deal.. The quality of life is actually worse than running it on console, though ’cause you don’t really feel the advantages to playing it on PC.. So taking these issues into account it’s hard to recommend this collection even to fans of the original games.. If you’ve got an Xbox, you can buy quotNinja Gaiden Blackquot for 10 off the Microsoft Store. It’s Xbox One X, enhanced and it plays at 4K resolution. Just do that. It’s the best game out of the series and it’s the best version of the best game. It’s. Not 40., This collection is 40. It’s, just not worth that, especially especially on PC., Maybe at a 50 or more discount it might be a better value, but in its current state it is not.. Quotninja Gaidenquot, 1 and 2 are awesome games and, while bare bones, the games were stable for us. There aren’t any new, visual glitches or bugs or crashes, which is good.. It could be worse., At least it works properly., But it’s just a shame about everything else involved. With this collection. Console gamers, you might have an easier time than anyone on PC.. I fully acknowledge that., But is it worth the 40? I don’t think so., But what do you think Leave us a comment? Let us know., If you liked this video click Like., If you’re not subscribed, now’s a great time to do so.

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