It was sent to me by a company called banggood. I want to say thank you very much for sending me this unit for review, but without further ado. Let’S see how we can make this table work for you clean up the box you’re pretty much greeted with this unit itself. Pre assembled there’s, two little stoppers that you can add that are usually included in a small bag. There is a lip here that will hold most laptops, but this is something that, if you need to use it it’s there, it has an x ventilation system. So you definitely have the ability of getting your laptop, ventilated, there’s. No overheating issues also, the actual main piece here is made out of aluminum and the rest of it is made out of abs plastic, so it’s really good and reinforced on the side on the right side, you’re able to mount a mouse pad. It has a little bit of a rubberized area here so that you can go through the main beam here on the right side, and then you can just adjust it so that you can get it set up. It works with the optical mouse. So definitely not an issue there and it really looks nice. If you don’t need it, you can take it out and it still works the way you don’t want it. The main benefit of this unit itself is how flexible it is from the sense of adjusting so let’s say for some example.

I want to use this as a book or a book stand it’s a simple adjustment on the leg. Here i can go up one, then you do the exact same configuration on the right side and you now converted it into a book stand. You can use it to be able to mount the laptop. I personally use it with a 15.6 size laptop. So you cannotice here once you put this on it, pretty much takes the entire space of it. Now, of course, you wouldn’t be using your laptop in this much of an angle because obviously it’s facing down, but if you open it up and you’re using it, you have the ability of having a raised monitor. The camera is more at eye level. The keyboard as long as this adjustment is really nice and you get the speaker coming out at you as opposed to having it straight down and, of course, because of the ventilation in the back. It works much better and it stays cooler. I also use it with a heavier laptop like this, which is my msi laptop i’ll, show you guys a picture in a second and that one also works really well with it. Of course, you can use smaller laptops. I can i tried this one as well. My wife’s laptop – i can also use it here. You just need to basically put it in and adjust it again. The angle is really based on what you want to set it up and it works quite well.

The last thing i wanted to show you guys real quick is the adjustments are done using these little hinges right here, so these hinges right now. Are they have a little arrow that points to the percentage or the value that you want to set it to making it easier to match, right and left and then change the setting all around, as you guys saw with the hands on the unit itself, is really Sturdy, it has some good setup as far as the build is built out of abs plastic. So these these hinges and everything else is built out of abs and the actual backing is made out of aluminum and it stays cool most of the time and with the vent in the back, you have the ability of basically keeping your laptop cooled. That was the x vent that i was referring to right there again, i usually use it with my 15.6 inch, either the chromebook or directly the msi laptop that i used. I usually use that for editing. I’Ll show you guys a picture of it there and, as you can see, it actually is pretty good. It has some good support on it. It held the msi laptop, which is a seven pounder as far as the laptop it’s, pretty heavy it’s, a desktop replacement on it for a week and a half, and it did not have any problem. There was no warping there’s, no issues there. The build is definitely very good, it’s selling for about 32 and some change on banggood’s website i’ll give you guys a link in the description below if you’d like to check it out.

Personally, i like this because for me, as you guys may have seen in the past, i used to have a second monitor, which i didn’t use as much and now i’ll be able to basically put my laptop to the side and when i’m doing most of my Heavy video editing, i can connect it to my migrator and then definitely work on both a two display setup and it works much better for me and the fact that it’s aesthetically pleasing from the look is you know really nice design. It works very well. So let me know what you guys think in the comments below this is definitely a great gift um for yourself or even for somebody that you had that you know that uses laptops a lot, because it adjusts itself, you can adjust the legs. You’Ll be able to go sit down on the couch, raise it a little bit, then you can have that nice flat surface to work with it um, and i think it also works with a lot of the new bigger laptops. Uh. Sorry, the bigger tablets that we’re getting that are borderlining the laptop size when you add a keyboard to them, if you think about it, so it definitely will work for you uh the maximum size. I would recommend on this on this unit, specifically, is 15.6 inches.