If you find this video helpful, I really appreciate it. If you can tap the like button, also consider to subscribe so lets get into the video. This is the first overview of the tablet and the case and uh Im just gon na lock it right now – and this is how the screen looks like uh yeah, its pretty responsive, because I tested this one before and the interesting part is uh. The fact that they took a regular disk company took a regular tablet and they removed a lot of functions uh from the Android and they installed something specific for kids like, for example, there is an option called the family group, and if you press on this one, You can add members and uh, you can make certain settings and it has the paint box which is a kind of cool feature. For example, if you took a blank page over here, you have different pencils. So if you take this on, you can draw, you can take the Eraser you can remove. We can take the spray and Ill like take this color and another pan, and I will do like this or you can take this uh kind of paint and just change. The background and which is quite interesting because this one you can save based on the keys preference in my case Im, going to delete it uh pretty responsive, no and uh. If you have the coloring page over here, so you have different models.

So lets say: Im gon na choose this cute rabbit over here, and I want to take this blank and Im gon na post, something there and something here and something here and honestly. It looks very interesting for kids mind that here these are not the only colors. You can swipe and you can get uh different, uh, more options. In fact, and if you press back here, it has a camera and with this one will activate the front camera you can see over here and if you take a picture uh, it will download into this uh app. Basically – and you have here the gallery of the pictures that you uh the kid or who is using this tablet took and if you press here theres a theres. Nothing, because this tablet is a freshly installed and in the paintbox here, more or less thats. It. And here is kid kidos, very interesting, selection of games and apps. For example, you have your videos, you can access the more videos and they can watch and if you press back every certain games specifically for kids and if you press, for example, for this one which takes a bit of time and then press play and for example, I want to choose this one and for this game I have to not rotate sorry and I have to press over here and its very interesting, because Im gon na Im Gon na Change, put a bit more sound Music, yeah, more or less.

You got the idea. There are plenty of options over here and uh here, more and here again well, Im not really sure what this one represents and uh. Okay, you need to sign up for this option and if I press back and back, you have websites – and these are some kind of uh websites for kids. Very, very interesting. In my opinion, have your camera same option and it will activate the camera. They will activate the back camera and, if they press this button over here, well activate the front camera. And if we go press over here – and here is the gallery of my pictures and no photos yet the wallpaper and from this one. Obviously they can select other favorite wallpapers. They dont have to go on the internet and look for uh heres. The paint box weve been through this one because the app is on the main page and we have videos Im gon na press, allow user agreement degree and here apparently theres no videos. It shows the recordings to uh from using this tablet. And if I press here on cool stuff, okay, he took a bit of time to load and yeah. There is a bar over here that you can scroll and, for example, if I press on this one lets see what is going to happen and yeah. It is on YouTube, its a YouTube channel basically and theres uh cartoons for kids. Now some things about the case.

It is a very well built uh uh. It has uh this hole over here for the camera it is made from this soft materials looks like a foam, so just in case theyre gon na drop it here at the top theres only the Jack Port uh, and there is plenty of space to put a Jack but mind if you have the L type of uh jackpot, I dont think its going to fit only the regular type like, for example, this one its gon na show you if you have this type of uh Port, its gon na work. But if you have the L, I dont think its gon na be able to uh go inside here on this side is the charging port? This one is the power button and also lock button and uh plus and minus to adjust the volume here at the bottom. There are two speakers and uh Im gon na make a test for you guys to hear what is the sound quality, considering that it comes with this case, which is quite thick now Id like to show you some things about the case. This is how thick it is compared to my hand. Obviously, this is another will hand the medium size, I would say, and its quite thick, I would say, like two three centimeters something like this: this is how it looks at the back. It has this hole over here for the camera and uh. Here he has this uh holder, basically and yeah.

The purpose of this one is to be used as a stand, because it can. The tablet can stay like this, or this is the angle, and also it can stay like this and as well. This part over here at the back uh can be rotated. So, for example, you can go like this, it goes step less. Probably you can hear the click okay, because, for example, if they want to use a tablet like a portrait mode lets, say youre gon na flip this one in the right position, and they can use it like this and in this situation. Considering that this one stays flat like at a 90 degrees angle, now it is significantly more stable than before, and this is uh the angle and they can play. They can draw something, and it is quite interesting in terms of how this tablet is doing really well. In my opinion, Im just gon na move the microphone a bit closer for you guys to here just Place some reality: music and Im just gon na pump the one until the next and its very, very loud and Im just going to decrease it till the minimum And this is the minute which is quite quite low after I use this tablet for some time. I cant recognize that, specifically for kids, its a really interesting uh product uh, also for the fact that it comes with the soft case which has a ring at the back, and it allows the tablet to stay in a certain position for them to be able to Draw uh easier, so uh guys, if you have any questions related to the product, okay, leave them in the comment section below analyzer theres, also, a link where you can check out more information.