This is the second weekly Roundup show that I like to do in this channel, which again gives me the perfect opportunity to do exactly that. Keep you guys updated with things that bang on the world of Transformers Ill. Let you know whats happening with this YouTube channel and, of course, my Instagram, which is toys, underscore Rus. This once again is going to be part one of two bulletins, the next one will be in about 10 or 12 hours, which gives the chance for anything more to happen for me overnight or for some people later in the day, I can keep you updated with. Even more things that I found now were going to start off with some things that weve pretty much seen already before. I suppose the slightly frustrating thing is that none of these are actually confirmed yet, but Ive just got some new images of a lot of things that we just keep seeing at the moment, and the first again were going to start off with what I think is Going to be one of the best uh Studio series Movie figures ever exclusive: how dark it is, but thats, just the image that Ive screenshotted to show you and, of course, apologies for the reflection again. This figure looks absolutely spectacular and for me the reason why I like it so much is it looks like theyve gone back to proper. You know leader class size figures and it doesnt look overly um.

I dont know what the word Im trying to trying to say is: do I say baby see Im not too sure Im sure people know exactly what I mean. It looks good. It doesnt look like theres loads of things there that dont need to be. If you know what I mean, the weapons look fantastic, you can see there. Hes got a deluxe figure in his arms and he just looks brilliant and reminds me of the first. As I say, big leader class Megatron, okay, he wasnt the greatest figure. But the fact that the sheer size of it meant that it had you know a really good presence Im liking this as well. Of course, this is much much more detailed, and this is exactly what I mean you can see. There weve got a Voyager Class Galvatron from Age of Extinction and Voyager Class uh. Remember black memory blank its one of the geocons they dont come to me in a minute, but there we go Voyage class and you can see that hes absolutely towering above them, which is really good battle trap. There we go came to me um, so Im really liking the look of this a little bit, obviously reminiscent of Megatron there from Dark of the Moon, but great color scheme really looking forward to this, I cant wait to get it fully, revealed and see the proper Dimensions and everything of this figure right that is, as I say, enough of the newer pictures of this particular figure.

Then weve got the mpg, so this is zero five of the six a raise – and this is of course Cezanne. This was teased, or so I would say, officially released on that picture, but weve got way more now. If you go to Takara Tomy um, either websites direct or indeed Takara told me YouTube theres, a video, its fantastic. It looks really good. Weve got a full image. There of Raiden from pretty much a torso, a combined weve got loads of information there on mpg05 theres. So many more photos of this again: apologies for the glare check out the Takara Tomy website, or indeed tea formers and TFW 2005.. These images are all over them. Thats, exactly where Ive screenshotted them from and what theyre going for is showing you. The cartoon accuracy of the figures now Im lucky enough to have the first two and it is slightly frustrating having the kibble over the trains on the arms on the back of the legs. Now whether theyre doing that to go exactly like. You know a homage to G1 or not um Im, not too sure I cant wait to see it fully, combined in all honesty, thats, why Im really really waiting for um and yeah? For those of you aware again, this is number five. This is Cezanne. Weve got a huge sword which is going to, of course be used by Raiden himself. All the backpack kibble is going to be able to be taken off and attached as one of the side parts to the one of the legs of the combined raid and figure.

I think Ive got a shot of that in a second um lets. Have a look, as I said, Ive just took a low into pictures theres, those quick screenshot, the video is also on TFW 2005.. Here we go theres the original and there is the new one and then here we go thats it. You can see there that the bottom part of it is going to make a part of the foot as well, and you can see it in a bit more detail. There uh so well right, moving on in a second to something thats a little bit strange but were not were used to strange things at the moment with, of course, Transformers and the fact that theres, just so many collaborations around. So this is Pop taters Transformers Optimus. Prime, its um its Mr Potato Head, but its not a standard, Mr Potato and its a poptators version there. He is inside the packaging its like a tall one, its like a long, Mr Potato Head, and there he is. I dont know if hes an upgrades to optimash Prime um. I dont know if hes any better, but he does look good and he is a bit of fun and, as you can see on here, it just says there that Amazon are obviously starting to stock. It already pop taters Optimus Prime okay. Moving on this is living resources, so were only speaking about them. The other day they look, theyve teased, the Metroplex and theyve already done a ginormous Optimus Prime.

What theyre going to do, of course, theyve got an Optimus Prime theyre. Now going to do a Nemesis Prime, so theyre calling this lw01d dark version – Nemesis Prime – and this is 71 centimeters, so its huge its basically The Unofficial, oversized remake of mp10 um theyre, saying its going to cost about 350 US Dollars. Now again, this is Im. So sorry, because its going to be all black images, its going to be reflected everywhere, check out T formers for these images again its a fantastic looking figure, Ive seen the Lou in the normal Optimus Prime and as we already know, the Nemesis Prime looks are the Dark black with the translucent red just really really works just as well to be honest, Im liking the blue around the belt as well theres, the accessories that come with him. Youve got a brilliant jet pack, which you can see there at the back with the blast effects everybodys using blast effects. Now, okay, weve got him with the gun. Theres a Pepsi can next to it. To give you an idea of just how big this figure is. So thats there for scale representation. You can see hes absolutely huge and then weve got just some more zoomed in photos here of the blast effects. In fact, of course, you can open the chest cavity because hes, a prime and the Matrix is inside there, and just some more amazing posed images of this particular figure.

Okay, youve just seen this. This is somebody else I featured on here before hes got an amazing Instagram and an amazing YouTube. He goes by the name, bot bender, and he does exactly that. So hes made himself a legacy. Evolution combiner bulkheads, obviously in the main, with the most of the motorcycles, and he says in his own words that hes used a few of the fossilizers as the glue just to stick it all together. Its spectacular and the imagination on this fella is amazing, so good and theres actually a video, as I say, theres a video on T formers and theres also a video on his YouTube channel and I would imagine theres a link as well from his Instagram. His name is botbender if you want to have a quick look at that its well worth the nose right. This is just a couple of screenshots from a video that is on both weibo Pages for magic square and new age, and that is because what youve got is youve got new ages, take on Ratchet and Ironhide and, as you can see, they both fit in the Trailer of magic squares version of prime and theres, a video of them rolling out, and I just thought that Id share that with you again Ive not got a web account, but you can access most of the things just by typing in the name of the company. In the weibo and having a look at the pictures, um – and I again definitely going to be moving on to Legends very, very soon anyway, thats there.

I just wanted to show you that, and here are again some more images of some figures that weve seen, but not yet officially confirmed. This is Rise of the Beast. Cheeto weve got some different images for you to have a look at really liking. The look of this guy – you can see how well he scales there with some of the rest of the rise of the beasts figures. What Im liking about him? The most is, he looks a bit like, robotic sized or you know a bit of the same mechanical but not overly mechanical. Somebody commented in the last video, so obviously look a bit like transmetal, which I completely agree with. Just think the detail only looks fantastic. You can see theres a clear upgrade to the kingdom version of cheetah, its obviously going to share the same mold but theres going to be obviously a retool and a different, as I said. Obviously, decals and paint really excited, for this figure looks great um and yeah. You can see there again just what a huge Improvement on the original Kingdom version of him and again moving on to another figure that weve seen a few photos of, but these are some new ones. This is, of course, Legacy Evolution, Crosscut and, to be honest, I think this is my favorite use of the mold. So far, Ive got a special place for crankcase purely but thats due to Nostalgia but cross cut. Im thinking takes takes it.

He looks better than um diabetes. Its good skids is obviously amazing and nice to get a nice update of him, but cross cut for me is that winning, even though Ive got bright red wheels and tires Im really liking the look of it and again these images same cheap terms, cheetah from TF T former sorry T theres loads of images on there, and that concludes and rounds up part one of the news if any um theres gon na be part two in about 10 12 hours anyway. With regards to this YouTube channel, I pretty much got some most of my room ready, so I can at least do a normal review. Im gon na probably gon na do a review of The Matrix. Actually you have the light up. One Id in the background loads of people have asked a few questions about that and I should be back up to normal with everything from maybe Sunday. I dont know if Im going to get the comic out on Saturday. Apologies for that, but theyre, tucked away and then theyre still behind loads and loads of boxes, so Ill have to dig them out. I should have something: Ive got it all arranged Im, just Im, not going to say anything until it happens. The big big news I had is happening tomorrow morning afternoon for me morning for people in different time zones theres a little bit of a clue there, but um. I dont want to say anymore in case, for whatever reason it doesnt happen but Ill.

Let you know more into your course uh. Thank you, everybody for all the support. Um. Thank you for all the channel members. Thank you for all the nice messages on Instagram, Etc. Um Im still enjoying this ever so much Im going to be giving away. Some of I think some Royal Mail stamps as part of the um prize for this months. Members only uh giveaway, because theyre the videos of them seem to have gone down really well, and I can still order a few of the limited edition packs. So theyre going to be the price for this month.