They just released the surface laptop four. Now i picked up the 13.5 inch version running the amd ryzen surface edition processor it’s, the ryzen 5 46 adu, hey everybody, it’s andrew – and this is my unboxing and first look at the all new surface laptop 4 coming up Music. Now, as we take a look at the specs in the interest of transparency and full disclosure – i’m not being paid by microsoft, i’m, not being sponsored by microsoft, all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own. Microsoft is not getting copy approval they’re, seeing this video for the first time, just like you now, this unit was purchased with my own money. I did not receive a review unit from microsoft. You can get the laptop four in two sizes, the 15 inch and the 13.5 inch i have. The 13.5 inch is what we’re looking at here today, it’s available in four different colors. The new color this year is ice blue, which looks really nice. Now i got it in the platinum which i really do like it gives off a really sleek and modern. Look. Pricing starts at 9.99 that’s the unit i have here, but if you’re a student in the military or a teacher, you can get a discount it’ll be 8.99 starting price and that to me is really good for a very premium looking laptop and with specs and pricing Out of the way let’s find out what you get inside the box, let’s open it up.

Unboxing knife not needed here folks, just lift the tab to open it up. Lifting the lid you’re, greeted by the unit itself, we’ll get to that in just a moment. But you get some documentation along with a 65 watt power adapter. Now this power adapter uses a surface connect port we’ll talk about that in just a little bit, but it also has a spare usb a port to charge your peripherals and let’s not forget the extension cord holding the unit for the first time, and once again we Get a very premium feel in the hand. Now my unit has metal and alcantara, but you can get it in all metal as well, which weighs a little bit more now. My unit comes in at 2.79 pounds or 1.265 kilograms thin and light easy to take with you on the go. Okay, let’s check out the port selection, we’ll start off. On the left side, we get one usb, a port which is good to see that it’s still there one usb c port, which does data charge and display out and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Moving over to the right side. Is the surface connect port? Now you can charge with that port or you can charge with the usb c port that’s up to you, notably missing there’s, no thunderbolt, 4 there’s, no micro, sd card slot and there’s no hdmi port, something to keep in mind now as far as what’s user upgradeable.

The only thing that you can replace on this yourself is the ssd and ifixit did an excellent job of tearing down the surface laptop three, and it will be the same here for the surface laptop for i’ll, put a link in the description below they do. Such an outstanding job of opening up the laptop three and accessing the internal same will be for the surface laptop for for those interested now, as far as the ram that’s soldered into the motherboard, as well as the wi fi and bluetooth combo card that’s, also soldered In you, won’t be able to upgrade that and for those wondering yes, you can open the lid with one finger now, if you saw my review of the surface laptop 3 last year, you know i absolutely love the keyboard and it’s no exception here. I love it as well on the laptop for good tactile feedback, good key travel, super comfortable to type on for extended periods of time and it’s, also a quiet keyboard. That means you’re not going to disturb anybody when you’re taking notes in a meeting. It also has a multi stage backlight, which allows you to get work done in a dark room or a dimly lit environment. The keyboard on this thing is excellent, and it has a pretty spacious touch pad. That is super responsive, two finger scrolling is buttery smooth and all the windows, 10 gestures are working as you’d expect. Okay, let’s talk about the display.

What we’re looking at here is a 13.5 inch pixel sense display with a resolution of 2256 by 1504 and for those keeping score that’s 201 pixels per inch and also means it has a three to two aspect: ratio and, as i’ve mentioned in other videos, that i’ve Done a three to two aspect: ratio has the benefit of having less scrolling when it comes to web browsing it’s, also great for productivity work, microsoft, office, email, web browsing you’ll see more on the display because of the taller aspect ratio of that display, but it also Means that you’ll notice black bars on the top and the bottom, when you’re, watching netflix, amazon and youtube, which are pretty much optimized for a 16 to 9 experience. Now one thing: you’ll notice. This is a very glossy display. That was the same scenario we had last year with the laptop three. What this means is you’ll notice some glaring reflections in direct sunlight. I definitely prefer a matte display, but having said that, you get some really deep black, some very vibrant colors, really color accurate, as well with a pretty low delta e score, and it covers the color gamut really well, as you can see here from the numbers and It’S, a very bright display coming in at 380 nits, which is very good and one thing i’m, not so crazy about are the bezels. I was hoping this time around. They would slim them out. They didn’t.

They retained the same type of bezels that we had with the laptop three from last year. Now this pixelsense display is a touch display and it also is compatible with the surface pen. Here i have it with my original surface pen, not the most ideal situation. When you compare to something like a two in one detachable, such as the surface pro 7 or 7 plus, but it definitely will be good. If you want to take notes on this laptop or sketch out some artwork in a pinch, you can use the surface pen with this, and i like that convenience. So this is the front facing camera. On the brand new surface laptop 4 from microsoft, it’s a 720p 30 frames per second camera they’re, saying they’ve made improvements to the camera. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below what do you think of the quality of the video? What do you think of the quality of the audio? I am curious. Let me know in that comment section below, so this is the front facing camera. On the surface, laptop 3. really impressed with this minimalist. Look, i really like the black on this, the matte black, which is an all metal design on this there’s no alcantara – and i kind of like that and as far as the camera is concerned, it’s good for doing skype, it’s good for doing video conferencing. Here i am outdoors, but it still looks pretty good again.

I want to know what you think. Let me know in the comment section below now. The laptop series has done well for the microsoft surface line and that’s. Why we’re seeing so many different skews on the laptop for, as you see on this chart now, as i mentioned, i have that entry level unit running the amd ryzen 5 surface edition that’s the 4680u. Now this is based on the 4000 series from the amd ryzen line. Now normally the ryzen 5 has six cores, but this surface edition version of that has seven cores that extra core will help out on the graphics end and so far 24 hours in i’m, seeing decent performance with my initial benchmarks that i’ve been able to run on The laptop for now, of course, these are initial benchmarks. After 24 hours of use, i will be bringing you the full review very soon. I’Ll give you even more numbers now when it comes to the audio i’ve, been super impressed with the omnisonic speakers with dolby atmos at this sports it’s, actually gotten pretty loud, filling up a room rather nicely good mids, good bass and the volume again was very good. Okay, 24 hours in i’m liking the surface laptop for a lot. Now, of course, i need to do my full testing, but so far i’m liking. That 13.5 inch display with that three to two aspect: ratio like the spacious, touchpad, really comfortable keyboard and the outstanding build quality.

Now i love the fact that this is surface pen enabled if you want to take notes, sketchup artwork, it is an option now the webcam is supposedly improved but i’m, not really sure that i see a big improvement, although it is pretty decent, especially when you compare It to some of the lousy webcams we’ve been seeing as of late now. As far as the no thunderbolt 4 meager port selection, slower ssd speeds than we normally see, and the ram is not user upgradable but that’s been par for the course for most laptops. In 2021, but overall there are no deal breakers here, ladies and gentlemen, and i look forward to putting it through its paces to bring you my full review and that’s going to be coming very soon. So what do you think about this bad boy? The surface laptop 4, not a revolutionary update, as i mentioned, but really what you’re seeing is an improvement under the hood with that ryzen 5 46 adu it’s, based on the amd, ryzen 4000 series and performance was actually pretty good. So far, of course, i need to do my full testing to bring you the full review. I’Ll bring you all the numbers, the thermals, the battery life, the display metrics and all that and more is coming up. So please hit the like button. Please subscribe! Please share this video don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below. Let me know how i’m doing.

Let me know if there’s a device or something out there, you think i should review i’ll do my best to try to make that happen. Don’T forget to check me out on facebook, twitter, instagram and, of course, my website So until next time this is andrew from amd tech.