My name is inside a gamer, welcome back to microsoft flights in may 2020, and today, we’re going to be taking a first look at the new spitfire from flying iron simulations. Now this spitfire has been released this morning. It is on 35 australian dollars about 24 euros and uh for that price. I think it’s definitely worth it guys. It is a great little aircraft, any of you kind of wore enthusiasts or anything into that kind of stuff. This is a brilliant little ga plane to be uh flying around well it’s, not a ga plane, obviously it’s a warcraft, but you know if you want to fly like ga fly over low in through london and stuff. I think it’s gon na be brilliant, but we’ll be live streaming this aircraft this evening. So many of you watching this now uh come back this evening. I will be live stream. We’Re gon na do a couple of flights of it. Um, hopefully be able to take off and land. So what i’m going to do in this little video we’re going to have a look at some of the modelling detection we’re going to look at the cockpit we’re going to look at the start procedure for this aircraft. It’S fairly simple and then we’re going to do a bit of a takeoff we’re, going to see some of the flight mechanics and then we’re going to try and land this thing now. This thing is not easy to land.

Well, maybe for some for me, there’s a knack to it and i’m still learning so that’s a great part of this aircraft. It is fun to fly it’s fast. It can. It can move, but you know there’s a challenge element to this as well. This is the spitfire lf mk, one xc uh. It does come in two variants. It comes in this one and the split wing uh, but we will be flying there. This one, this uh modeling on the outside and stuff, is looking fantastic guys. The texturing is looking really good. The whole thing is looking good um there’s, no complaints from me on this side. Now i have seen a few of these in real life um we are in goodwood. This is where i would have seen them uh when i was little i used to live near goodwood airport and obviously there would be quite a lot of these flying around here, uh, so yeah, but modelling on the outside. I think they’ve done a fantastic job. It is looking, it is looking stunning there’s, no doubt about it, look at it. It is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, okay, so we’re gon na do we’re gon na go into the cockpit and we’re gon na have a look at some of the texturing and modeling in here. As you can see fairly standard as aircraft go, but yeah look it’s. Stunning. Imagine if back being back in world war ii flying this round, shooting uh opposition aircraft and stuff that’d be absolutely the buzz would be mental, the adrenaline so cool okay.

So we go from left to right down here. We’Ve got the rudder trim. You got the trim for neutral take off, so we will control this aircraft with pitch and trim. One thing you will be doing obviously: there’s no autopilot features in here: there’s, no autopilot, so yeah pitch and trim down here. You’Ve got the door if we just flick that the door will close there, we go, you can see it’s all moving and i think that’s brilliant that it all moves adds to the immersion and if we go to the back here, we’re going to flip the canopy Closed and as you can see, the canopy is now closed, so that is locked into the air. Okay, so down here then we’ve got the carb filter, not too important at the moment. Um your rpm! Here you got your mixture and your throttles. You are looking for the battery switch here. It is okay, so the battery is already on. As you can see, there is lights already here in the aircraft, so we know that it is on. Flaps is up here so flaps up and down you’ll see that this will move. If we were to flick the flaps there we go now. You got your position lighting, so there’s your light, so here got some more lights for the panels and stuff. In here these flaps all work here. So this is your starter and your boost coil, nice and your magnetos are just here to the left.

The stick all moves. The way it should looks quite good – and here is your fuel cut off and here’s your kind of navigational compass and stuff pretty cool down here. You’Ve got the engine primer, which is locked currently at the moment. Uh you’ve got fuel tank pressures back here for how much fuel you got in here. We’Ve got half a tank there. This will work for the supercharger, not really needed at the moment got your wobble pump. This is your operation for get up gear down, uh, which is pretty cool uh. Here you got your deicer for the windshield as well that’s, pretty much it for all the moving parts here currently in the cockpit. Now there are some known issues already just to keep you kind of updated hell. Wheel does not work through free car streaming due to limitations in sdk. The fuel tanks are not connected to each other due to limitations in the sdk. It means it’s possible that the sim to add fuel to the top tank and it will not drain into the bottom as it would do in real life. Keep this in mind when checking your fuel gauge and always fill the bottom tank. First item does not currently work, as it does in real life currently has very little effect on startup. There is a glass flickering bug which we’re going to show you that in a minute, uh comms must be operated by the atc menu, but this will be improved in future updates.

Some copy sounds are missing from primary magnetos and switches yeah. So one of the bugs is this windscreen it’s a bit blurry you’re gon na see it once we get up it’s a little bit annoying but it’s, not the end of the world. Okay. So what we want to do now is just look at the startup procedure. It’S very simple: your batteries are on you’re, going to make sure your throttle. Controls are on full uh. You want your throttle to be about half an inch or so you know, 20 ish, that’s, fine and don’t touch your mixture control because, as soon as we start the aircraft, this will flick on. At this point, you can throw on your two magnetos and we need to go down here. You need to move your little joystick here and we need to turn the fuel on very important that you actually have your fuel on and other than that. Now is the case of literally. We just turn the button. Okay, guys so we’re going to get our push back here and then we’re going to go taxi and try and take off with this bad boy. Look, you got to be very careful. This aircraft, like i said there, is a challenge to flying this and that’s, mainly because of how the wheels and the rear wheels are in place. Okay, so we’re just going to turn all that off and put the plane into forward. I think it is easier to taxi on the outside.

Listen to those sound, beautiful, absolute beautiful sounds okay, so we’re going to text you down here to the runway. If you don’t crash into too many cars on the way, i don’t think we need a long runway to take off here. This uh should speed up pretty quickly. Don’T, go all the way down. One thing you’ve got to bear in mind when you’re slowing down you’ve got to be very easy on those brakes, because the aircraft will tip forward um. So don’t forget that, obviously you don’t want that now. One way you can keep yourself firmer on the ground is make sure your joystick is pulled all the way back, while you’re breaking like this. As you can see there, we go it’s going to give you a lot more stability same with landing once you’re on the ground really want to keep the rear on the floor as long as you can. Okay, now we’re here at the end of the runway, guys a few things for taxi and take off before taking make sure that the flaps are up, so you do not fly with any flaps down. Flaps are up for takeoff uh set trim is correctly trim. I think it would be okay, i suppose we want it to be neutral for takeoff yep. That is fine and uh have the prop full level forwards, use careful, rudder control to stay straight before lifting off between 85 and 105 miles an hour.

As you can see, you know miles per hour stuff here, nice yeah it’s about 100 odd. Here we should be able to take it off. Okay, so look let’s release our parking, brake and let’s hope for the best here like i said, this is the most interesting part about these aircraft it’s. This is it now it might be easier to take off from the outside. So just keep easy on the speed there you go. You can see the tails trying to come up now, it’s very difficult to control. We go that was a terrible, take off guys, um yeah. It does very quickly take off, but it also it’s uh very difficult to control down that runway. This is one of the fun parts of this aircraft is that you know it is a bit of a challenge to it’s, not it’s, not simple, and i like that. As you can see here, i’m just gon na do some basic control. Things here, make sure we fly well or heading out straight and we should be able to do some barrel rolls even at low there. We go. Look at that they’ll do some real tight turns with this aircraft. You know she she’s very get to do a lot of different things with it. So this is very good for kind of low flying um yeah. As you see the blurriness there in the screens. That is the annoying bug, so this will be patched soon.

It is a little bit annoying, but you know it’s livable i’m, not gon na cry about it, but look we can pull up. We can do anything. We want have a look at it on the outside. Looking great okay, what we’ll do we’ll just show the animations of gear up so we’re going to gear up very quickly. As you can see, there is the gear up and again you’re going to control this aircraft with trim and pitch. As you can see now it is trying to do its best. So what you do is you’re gon na trim this up and down, as you can see, i’m now trim i’m, not holding the stick, trimming up and trimming down. Basically, you just need to find it where you’re happy with basically a bit of a knack to the trimming pitch, but once you do get there is uh fairly easy for the sounds inside the aircraft are beautiful, um. I think we’re going to have some real good fun with this aircraft, real good fun. Obviously, navigation is one thing uh, so my recommendation probably is make sure if you want to go fly certain places make sure you have your vfr map for the easiest, as we were still flying away from our airport of pg vs back that way now i said: It’S not really a long flight guys. This is more of just taking off landing, showing you some of the flight physics i’m, showing you that you know it’s working really really well i’m gon na change that here now so we’ve had a bit of a circle round.

We’Re now heading back to goodwood and i’ve got my gears down. Flaps have come down and we’re getting ready for landing now, there’s a few things we’re landing reckon we should touch down between 65 and 80 miles an hour and as we touch down, we want to hold back on the stick with the rear wheel. It is a bit of a glide um. It is a bit of a tough one. This is the real challenge of this aircraft. Great challenge as well. Okay, so just have a look at the map very quickly: uh we’re heading in the right direction, uh, which is really nice yeah, guys overall, the quality of the aircraft, i think, is uh, absolutely fantastic, especially for the price point of view um. I like that. Most of the features are working there’s, a few little things like the blurriness and the windscreen um. You know i can live with that, like i said, you’ll probably spend most your time outside this aircraft flying yeah, it’s, absolutely beautiful, but the aerodynamics of it. You know the acrobatics that we can do in it. This is a real fun, warbird that’s for sure guys, real fun warbird. I think most of you will really enjoy this. I highly recommend you guys. I will put a link in the description where you can pick this up from, so we are going back into eg hr on the outside. We should see it fairly fairly soon uh goodwood this kind of area.

The south of uk is a lovely area to fly. Like i said, this is actually where a lot of these are based as well down this way go down into tangly. There is an air museum down there as well, not too far from goodwood, where you can actually go see a lot of these aircraft. People do a lot of air shows and stuff, as well beautiful part of the uk. Actually stunning party now i’m not going to promise that this landing is going to go smoothly because the chances are it probably won’t and that’s. Why we’ve got flaps nothing down very early on just looking for the runway now? Okay, so we are coming in for landing airport is to our left. Leave that now there it is okay, so getting the landing speed. Now this is a difficult okay. So now that we’re down i’m just going to hold the nose up and we’re going to let ourselves just gradually touch those brakes, nothing too drastic there. We have it guys. That was a probably the best landing i’ve done yet, but as you come in make sure once the wheels are down, you hold the stick back and otherwise you’re gon na do that. So there we go parking brake on and that’s, where i’m going to leave this here again for shut down it’s, very simple you’re, just going to cut your mixer controls, etc and the engine will cut out yeah, so we’re just going to leave it there and, like I said we’re going to do a lot more of this this evening.

We’Re gon na fly in a lot more depth check out a few more features: do a few looped loops and stuff a couple of landings and takeoffs um, but yeah it’s, a fantastic product. Uh really good really excited for this, and i can’t wait to uh stream some flights with this. If you’re enjoying this content, please subscribe down below the channel hit the bell icon for notifications upload nearly every single day and that’s myself.