You know this is more of a community than a channel. Would love to hear your thoughts on this new report coming out of japan? You know these guys over a goody. Reader have been doing wonderful work this week, they’re putting the hours in that’s for sure and if you want to read their entire blog post or watch their video, please look below, because this is where i’m getting my information. I’Ve purchased a lot of products from good e reader and they are a distributor for a lot of these manufacturers from overseas and they’re at this show in japan, and they reported the sony uh staying in the game and bringing us their new devices. But now sony is actually bringing us a color e ink device, and this is a real one. So this is pretty interesting and i want to know your comments below, but they reported on this blog post and it’s linked down below that everything. You need to know about the sony digital paper by michael kozlowski, here, it’s amazing. This is called the dpt cp version. One employing e ink colleto 2.5, which is a brand new technology that hasn’t even been officially announced yet so this, and they confirm that the color filter is now closer on an e paper display and it it’s just richer and deeper colors. You can see this here as we look through the blog post and again this is linked down below. So you can see these pictures um right in the system.

Now this is at a show, so i don’t have any idea when this is going to be released. But one thing that is important, as you can see: it’s going to have a wacom layer, which means any stylist is going to be able to work on this, which is really really powerful. You can see the colors here. One of these is it’s, got a glow light, which is like a front light or not a front light, but a glow light, and it says in here um it’s got 20 a front lit display so that’s, not like the the backlit but it’s. The first digital paper with a front uh lit display with 27 white led leds, so you can read at night and in the dark, it’s a 10.3 inch device. So it’s going to be pretty interesting to see what this looks like and they’re saying the illumination on the sony has been phenomenal, so that’s, pretty interesting. It’S got the typical 1.8 gigahertz processor, uh internal storage, usbc, bluetooth, 5.0, it’s, an interesting product. This sony digital paper, dpt, rp1 and i’m, really anxious to see uh what it’s going to be like, and you can see in these pictures. It looks like a pretty cool device, small that’s, the size of the remarkable. The super note that 10.3 and if you’ve got color, is that a big deal for you, i mean, is color something that’s going to make a big change. I could see somebody that likes grading papers.

Um, you know there’s many applications right, especially some people that bullet journal. I don’t know i mean it could be a it could be a game. Changer again, it’s got the way wycombe layer on it, so it would feel pretty good that’s going to be the key because here’s the real thing is this: just an ink ipad. You know what i mean or is it? Can you do the same thing with an ipad already? Is there enough of a market to really bring this thing to play that’s kind of what i want to know, so i really appreciate the word goodie readers doing by being over there and and breaking all this news for us um. I can just imagine what they’re also going to be talking about i’m gon na have to do 20 videos, because these guys are over there working but it’s awesome to see that they’re sharing this with us. So we understand what is going going on over there and it’s really interesting, that we have this new sony color display. So i would love to know in an e ink tablet. What is you think i just don’t know if it would replace my ipad. I, like my remarkable too, i love my paper device. I love my super note. They fit like a kind of a a gap, but is color the real game changer that you think could hit the mainstream that’s. What i’d like to know on the bottom let’s talk about that and again i want to thank the guys goody reader for providing us these blogs and putting this out there.

If you get a good chance, i link to their uh video down below. You can see all the specs give them a couple views i think it’s great and also possibly go check out their blog we’re all in this together as content creators and when somebody’s out there doing this, especially in this small ink space, you got to appreciate the Work that they’re doing to bring us this information, so pretty cool sony wow color ink. What is this is this a fad. Is this something that’s going to take on? Let me know below. Okay, we’ll get back to the show tomorrow, we’re going to do some fun stuff, i’ve got some vlogs and other things coming so we’re going to keep rocking and rolling. But i wanted to report this today because i thought it was really interesting. Okay, so until the next one go have a fantastic day, and as always thanks for supporting the channel, if you like this content, it helps us and of course the subscribe is always great.