After the release of all the john deere screens and the popularity of those it was inevitable. I would get the questions: when are you doing a case one? When are you doing a new holland, one so um here we are we’ve got ourselves a case. Afs connect screen now um slightly different to the john deere screens, again we’ve kind of looked at the real screens the real life screens and tried to model it around those. As much as we can. We obviously want to make sure that they’re fully optimal and working for farm sim, so we’ve had to make some changes but um. I guess the easiest thing to do is jump in and have a look at it. Okay, so we’re going to need a case. Tractor we’ve got this lovely case. Afs connect magnum here, uh 450 horsepower version. So what we’ll do um with the screen next to us here, it’s a slightly different way of showing it now i’m, not pointing my webcam at the actual tablet anymore. What we’ve got is a a readout we’re taking a stream of the screen, and when i touch the screen, you can see that dot there so you’ll see where my finger is touching the screen as and when i’m going through the controls, but um. First and foremost, i think what we’ll do is we’ll run this slightly into the field, because the key settings we’ve got here are basically some information that we’re running from the tractor, primarily the gps setup, but along the bottom just the way these screens are set up.

We were able to fit in a little bit more information there. So we’ve got some of the more basic tools available to us as well, so we can walk through those um but to start with um let’s start on the left hand side. If you go down just under the case logo, there we’ve got the vehicle that you’re in so the case ih. Magnum 400 is telling us there at the moment. We’Ve got another tractor to demo how that changes underneath that we’ve got our heading um. So again, let me just disconnect from the planter and we drive around here. You can see the heading changing there. West southwest and you’ve got the degrees underneath as well. You can see a speed moving there as well, and you can see your rpms going up and down. You’Ve also got your vehicle health, so it’s, saying it’s got 68.9 uh left before it needs repairing and zero hours at the moment, because it’s, a brand new tractor i’ve only just bought it underneath that as well uh you’ve got select tool which i will if i Again, hook back up to the planter, you will see i can switch between the tractor and the tool in the very top uh left hand corner there, okay, so nice and simple, underneath that shows off fuel rate uh and again at the bottom. There, cruise control, where you can adjust down or adjust up your speed and then start stop pulls you away and another tap stops you so nice set of tools there very handy to use let’s zoom out a bit.

In fact, we do have a few other tools. Just on the left hand, side here, um mini map can be pulled up. Camera switch just underneath that as well uh. You can select your seed again on screen and you can see that scrolling through the different seeds in the bottom corner. Next to the speedometer let’s. Put it back to corn and underneath that uh, if you were spraying, for example, using gps and spraying, you can turn precision, farming’s uh, optimal spray rate on there handy set of tools as well to have their core split again in the top bar as well. So you can pull up your course play. Menu. You’Ve got the time uh, just at the top there as well, and your main menu next to the afs connect logo. So that’ll launch the full screen menu for you there as well along the bottom. We’Ve got a set of different tools depending on what kind of uh what implement you’re pulling behind you so cover on and off and pipe out, obviously, work well with an orga wagon or a trailer fold unfold next to pipe out uh. We will start using now with the drill. Let me just switch off the tractor onto the drill. If i tap fold and fold now, you can see that on on unfolding itself next to that we’ve got operating side. So if you’ve got a feeding wagon on and it’s got, you can tip it left or right side, um, that’ll! Let you choose that side.

You can unload uh force unload as well um if you don’t get the icon popping up raising lower. So again, if i tap that you can see it lowering down now and raising up and powering up the tool as well, you can hear the revs going up. You can see the rev meter going up in the on the left hand side there, but for now um what we’re going to do as we’ve done before, and i think you you’re used to this now, having seen the other screens we’re going to jump into the Gps tools so uh top tool on the right hand, side there is to turn your gps on and again you know, that’s turned on because the gps icon above your speedometer, has turned on now just to reinforce as well. You need to download wopster’s guidance steering mod for this set of tools to work, it’s kind of the reason i’ve built the screen. So you know it is a gps screen. So a bare minimum and download the that mod from wobster it’s phenomenal and if you haven’t, used already totally change your game underneath that you’ve got set a b line. So you tap that you can see that lay has appeared behind the tractor now. So what we need to do now is pull forward 15 feet minimum. You can go as far as you want um and once you’ve done, that you can press the button again to set your b line now.

You’Ve got your lines in the field there. What you can do, then, underneath that set track which will match it to the width of your machine. So there we go. You can see it’s fitted the width of the machine there, you can shift left and right as you could, with the other um versions of the screen, and to reset that you just press the button above and then left or right to center. It again underneath that you’ve just got the option to open and close the menu, so that is all the buttons on the screen simple as that, so all we need to do now is uh i’ll drive it back to the start of the uh, the field. Just so, we can get a good run at it um and you can see obviously the gps doing its thing there as well um. So we’ll run this back to the start of a row, so we’re not missing too much out we’ll spin. That round turn on our guidance, steering and power up our tool, and we will hit start stop on the cruise control and when we’re in the right place, we will lower the implement down and there we go everything running as intended. Now again, you can pull up your small map in the corner there and see where you are in the field and uh it’s as simple as that. No issues at all i’ve just quickly. Um i’ve got another tractor here and i just wanted to show you some of the other settings there um smaller tractor here and you can see the name of the tractor’s changed in the vehicle details at the top there um.

What i wanted to just show you here was the operating side. So at the moment, if i open up the mini menu, you can see, tipside is set to left now i want that to be right, so what i want to do is click on operating side down in the bottom corner here and that has switched to the Right hand, side, which is the side we want to unload on and, as you can see, the icon has popped up there to start unloading so, instead of pressing i now i can press the button next to it unload and there he goes he’s starting to unload Into that feed bucket now, what i also wanted to show you as well is: if you haven’t, got anywhere to unload um, you can pull over to this side and again i’ll switch back to the other operating side, just to prove a point that it does work And force unload this time rather than unload, and you can see you can just dump stuff on the ground as well so handy tool to have uh alongside everything else. So there you go guys uh, not much more. I can tell you about it. It’S another sim dashboard screen this time with case colors. I hope you find it useful. I hope you enjoy it. It is in the sim dashboard getting approved as we speak, so it should be live in the next 24 hours or so uh. The links are down in the description of this video, so please feel free to go and grab it, and let me know how you get on with it, but for me for now farm some guy.

Thank you very very much for watching and i will see you all again very soon: Music, Music, me, Music. You make sure Applause, Music, Applause, Music, my faith was lost. My hope was gone. My dreams were shattered.