Everybody welcome to the brand new season. Six today, we’re gon na be starting things off with the battle pass video we do it every season, we’re gon na, be reviewing it and see what we think about it, but first things: first we’re gon na buy all the tiers. If you guys are excited for the brand new season of fortnite make sure to chuck us a like rating down below on today’s video we’ll, of course, be posting another video going over some of the gameplay elements, because it looks like there’s a lot and i need To get v bucks all right, let’s get things started. Of course, if you guys are picking up the battle pass, make sure, of course, to be using a supportive creator code. If you want to support me, that’s going to be code, locky let’s get into it. So we’ve got a whole bunch of, like you know, kind of filler stuff with the jonesy going on the start here, spire man, i can’t, wait to get into the game emoticons kind of whatever green emote. This season clean sweep yeah, i could see, like you, know, wiping someone out all right first track. This is what it’s all about. Oh, this is probably from the event it’s like they always have like one super cinematic kind of track for each season. Ah it’s kind of dope i don’t know maybe work that into some videos. I i love going through and seeing all the music it’s such a good key art.

I love that uh. So this is part of lara croft’s gaming, legends he’s, the latest gaming legend. I thought lara croft tomb. Raider was a movie first, but i think it was actually a video game. First um jones field pack, so we’ve got that little. I still don’t know what the thing does: uh and then there’s these challenges and, of course, the next entry into the gaming legend series. We got lara croft she’s got a bunch of edit styles as well. Some that make her like super low graphic kind of like they were on playstation and there’s. Her axes, he’s also got a kind of like flare drop, one that’s cool. Oh, i see the emote kind of reminds me of the black widow ones a little bit, but damn my skin looking flexible uh. We got the shoot as well so that’s, your glider all right and then yeah banner icon, nothing to craze there, and this is the is this the edit style. This is one of the styles 25th anniversary, but it’s, not the super h low, poly one uh, and then we got some wraps yeah. Definitely gon na be some dinosaur stuff going on this season. 100 percent, a lot of philly stuff here, big chainsaw uh, getting some v bucks – love to see that oh and i missed the start too, but you do get agent jonesy as a skin, definitely uh one of the cooler ones and it will actually evolve.

I think uh with different styles alrighty, so this looks like a different style: uh jump 15, an extra star. I don’t, really see anything different on it, uh some more quests. This is terrano kind of reminds me of like the last skin. We got uh the one that turned into like a dolphin in the water and stuff. Oh yeah, some primal vibes there for sure fire patrol glider. I only want the gliders that you can stand on something about like that is just that’s. What makes it cool? Okay, a little magic trick, kind of emote, yeah, sure fair enough; uh loading screens, dino deck back, bling power back bling way, better uh and unfortunately, i’m now out of the item shop. So if you didn’t cop, the boy it’s gon na be a while before we get back in there uh style option. This is what we saw on the trailer um crystal axe looks like kind of the drift scythe a little bit uh. Then we got the acolytes. Curse: let’s go glyph master, oh here we go raise up and is this that kind of like emo um i’m, not waiting time for that yeah it’s, whatever uh glyph raider yeah that music track i’m, not, i i think, about music track as dubs. If i can use them in videos, no one’s, not too crazy. This was the skin that we turned into that’s a sick one. Okay, it added a boot to it.

I think i i don’t know what is different. It does change there’s, more quests, razz, looking sick with the back bling um, all right, yeah dream stance, emer legendary emerald have we ever had legendary emotes before i don’t think we have interesting, so he turns into like some corrupt, looking dude uh wing of the hill. Oh yeah because it’s like easter vibes in it as well patch pack, filler egg glider by another one you hold on to. I want the ones where you like surfing them. Oh so it’s like his backpack’s upgrading right there’s, like a sheriff thing there. I think it’s like from all the heroes last season, maybe this guy clock yeah i’m about to clock some people. Oh, this looks sick all right, that’s, actually that’s like the peelier this season, so i could definitely see like a lot of streamers doing a freestyle over this and for that i’m down. Not me, though, i can’t, i can’t, do that to save my life drummies that’s a harvesting tool, otherwise a backbling let’s go uh, plucking mad wait, but the thing with this one. This was sad that guy’s happy. I don’t know why you’re happy uh the style options. You can have a slime bird one or a slot boat. I should say uh and same with the glider. Oh new track, it’s from the event subterfuge. They all sound like just these cinematic ones, but i like subject future better. I think it’s a pretty interesting battle pass.

We got a dc series, a gaming legend series, so this is the the raven skin from apparently teen titans, but i watched teen titans. Oh actually, i know the one she’s down she’s, like kind of like shy one. I used to watch teen titans all the day: rebirth daughter of a demon and founding member of teen titans yeah, part of the teen titans set so they’re. Definitely gon na have like robin and everyone powered up. Of course. There uh and then axe trail, whoa, that’s, sick, okay, that’s, a sick, that’s, a sick, pickaxe uh banner icons that is a fat back bling no one’s gon na wear that uh. I can do it with my skin, too that’s actually kind of sick, oh it’s, a llama all right, all right, uh and then yeah there’s, a style for raven back bling yo that’s, a sick loading screen, uh legendary glider again i don’t know if we have many Of those i know we do, you have a few of them. At least you can wear it with everything. Oh hey, where, where is he? Is he like further on in the battle pass? I need that gladiator peely, okay, that just looks creepy uh, pickaxe yeah, and this is the legendary spire assassin guardian of the world beyond reality, yo and then what’s this tower god yo that’s from the trailer right, interesting, very spooky, indeed, that’s your tier 100 of the Season interesting, interesting, uh, interesting discovery there very interesting.

Well, that is the battle pass for this season uh. The only thing i want to show you guys is quickly lara croft’s, edit style, because i think it’s kind of jerks. Oh maybe you have to unlock it. First it’s not there by default, oh well, and it looks like all of the challenges: yeah there’s. No, it doesn’t look like there’s any challenges, specifically there’s. These special challenges here that maybe give you some unlocks, but it looks like we have to find out to see what the rest of them are. If you guys enjoyed the battle, pass, video make sure to check the like rating down below and don’t forget later today. We will have a gameplay video as well.