Recently i got officially sponsored by the gaming phone company red magic red magic produced. The world’s best android gaming phones in the world, i’m gon na be doing an unboxing for you guys. Today they have sent to me the latest red magic 6 that has just been released, and i just have to show you what this phone is capable of. I’M, going to go over all of the specifics today. Trust me: you don’t, want to miss it after this video you’re going to want to go and buy one of these phones yourself, let’s get into it. Okay, guys! So welcome back to again a slightly different video. This is the red magic pro unboxed right now. I have actually taken out the box once to try it out, but this is basically what it comes in. This is the red magic six, as you can see, it’s just a standard sort of black box. I, like the sort of logo on it, it’s like four little knives down there, but we’re gon na do a bit of asmr for you guys right now, so we are unboxing it right now. Here we go so this is the red magic phone. Just here again the red magic 6, the latest phone out on the market uh. So the box again comes very, very pristine and very clear. You can see the phone right now, we’ll pull this out and just uh. Oh, you can see me in the reflection, yeah what’s up uh, so yeah here is the phone right here, so it’s a red magic phone.

It is off at the moment. I’Ll give you sort of a 360 tour of it um, as you can see there red magic, six uh just here, you’ve obviously got the uh the cameras and the flash, and then you’ve also got the led strips just here, and i think this is an led Light here that just sort of shows up as well so i’ll show you guys sort of the side of it. You’Ve got the standard buttons here. I think these right here are the um, the fans that actually blow out so they uh they’re, actually calling fans that cool down your phone, whilst you’re gaming. There is one on each side as you can see, and i believe that’s the power button right there, but we’ll carry on looking through the box and uh and see what else is in here, because i haven’t actually checked yet so we’ve got that open. We’Ve got the sleeve just there, we’ve got three sort of nice and uh sort of you know separate little boxes in here. Let’S uh let’s open this one. I believe this is the phone case, so yeah it comes with a sort of standard uh phone case to protect it, so that’s pretty cool uh, so it doesn’t mean you actually have to go out and you know buy a case yourself. So i think it just fits sort of in there perfectly uh and, as you can see there, it’s um, it fits around everything.

It fits around all the buttons really nicely as well um, but anyway, let’s carry on so in this box. I believe let’s have a quick look. What is in this box? Oh we’ve got the uh, i think there’s, just the uh, the charger cable just in there as well and then uh. The next box is the yeah, the actual charger um sort of plug as well. So that is the um, basically, the the sort of unboxing of it, so let’s, just uh let’s, just sort of move these aside and let’s actually check out the actual phone. What you guys came for yeah. Let me just uh make the camera sort of clear. So here we go here: is the red magic 6 phone i’m going to turn it on, for you guys and i’m going to keep this totally raw? Just so you can see sort of what shows up. So it comes out of a lovely, lovely, little sort of red magic logo powered by android um again, one of the latest um androids at the moment. So just some specs on this phone guys. The total price of this phone is 599 dollars, which is very, very cheap for what it can do. It comes with 12 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage, which is absolutely insane for an android gaming phone. This isn’t the pro model. The pro model is even better: it comes with 16 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage, but it is slightly pricier at 699, so it’s a hundred dollars more for the version, and then you get an extra four gigabytes of ram.

So here we go guys. So this is uh. The phone turned on right now, uh. If we uh swipe up here, it is i’ve put my own sort of background on it. A nice little gamer background, so i’m gon na zoom in just so you can guys can get some focus on that um. The best thing, and the first thing i noticed straight away when opening the phone is. It comes with 165 hertz display, as you can see, right there, so this phone currently is the fastest display, uh refresh rate that you will find on a gaming phone or any other android phone currently in the market, usually phones, the the best phones at the moment Are capped at 144 display, refresh and display refresh guys, basically means how fast you can actually swipe and move along, so it might not look as fast on on the webcam that you’re looking at right now, but basically guys. It is super super super fast now. As you guys know, this phone is a gaming phone, as i’ve already said. So, if you have a look just to this little red button, just here, i like to call this gamer mode. Okay, so i’m gon na switch this on and i’m gon na show you exactly why this is the best gaming phone on the market right now, so let’s just turn that on and boom it turns into a gaming phone. It literally is like i’ve got a console in my hands.

You can literally switch along to whatever sort of game you want to play. It has the the turbo fan, which i don’t know if you guys can hear that, but it’s got the fans that are coming out just here and just here which basically called the phone down. So literally i’ve i’ve gained a lot on this phone guys. I’Ve played call of duty, mobile i’ve played wild rift. I played apex legends mobile and this this phone never dies it literally, never like get overheats it never lags, which makes it perfect so we’re going to turn the fan off for now, because that doesn’t need to be on uh it’s got a venom right here, an Rgb led strip if i uh turn that on which it already is. As you can see right here, you’ve got two little sort of strips: you’ve got two strips uh sort of up there and down there, and then you’ve got this button here. You can actually go into the settings and change the colors of these as well, which is really cool, but i really like that feature that it’s got some sort of led strips so yeah, so this is uh. This is the gamer mode like i said so. If we actually scroll just here so right here, we have it shows your cpu, your temperature, your gpu, your network speeds – and this is basically like the gamer tag right now, i’m, just going to make it clear, so you guys can see it, so it has 165hz Display which you can actually change yourself, you can change from 60 to 90 to 120 to 165 we’re going to cancel on that.

So you can change the display to whatever you want, maybe just to save some battery. Obviously it’s got the turbo fan as well. It does have two different features for the turbo fan, which i will find in the settings just here uh, so it has um sort of i can’t, even click that so it’s got intelligent regulation and then it’s got fast cooling. So you can turn this on. If you wan na, if you’re, if your phone’s, you know not as overheated or you can pull it onto fast cooling, if it’s, really overheating and i’m just listening to it now and it’s super loud, so we’re going to turn the uh the fan off for now. Um, so here is the gamer mode right now, what’s cool with this it’s even got an aim: assist uh but i’m. Just gon na go through some of the cool features. You can change your own cursor, like in call of duty mobile um it’s got macros. If we scroll along it’s got a 4d shock for when you’re playing, maybe some scary games on mobile as well it’s got a lock touch now. This is a really cool feature: charge separation, so when i’ve actually got a charger in there, you click this button on and you won’t lose any basically you’ll be charging think of it as a power cable, it will only charge the gamer mode. Okay. So, basically, if you’ve got this uh the charger cable in it’s only going to power the gamer mode.

So if you actually turn the gamer mode off, you won’t lose any battery at all. You won’t lose. I don’t know if you guys can see that the battery’s up in the top right, but you won’t, lose any battery at all, so think of this uh gate charging sort of mode again as a power cable for like a console, so that’s an awesome feature now. Another amazing feature as well: it actually comes with two touch pads, which sort of vibrate every time you touch them so it’s easy to to sort of know, you’re touching them uh. You can set the shoulder triggers uh in a game. I won’t show you now, but basically you can. You can turn those on and you can move a little too a right button down or a left button down, and you can basically you’ve got two triggers. Obviously us mobile pro gamers, we we tend to not use these triggers because you know we we go in the comp scene and uh. We don’t really want to, but um, but yeah that’s, basically it so i’ll i’ll hop into wild rift. Just now and i’ll show you just the sort of um how how sort of good it looks. I mean it’s all in all guys, just an incredible incredible incredible device. It’S got top quality hd settings, it can run games at 120 fps with ease without overheating as well. Um. The graphics are just stunning, as you can see right.

There um. I won’t actually hop into a game now, but um yeah, that’s, uh that’s. Basically, the gamer mode, so you can turn that off whenever you want to and turn your phone back into a normal mode, it does actually minimize it for you as well um. So you can just sort of move that around. If you want and you’ve got the game literally running at hd quality right there, but we’re going to turn that off for now, so as it’s uh, obviously a standard android phone guys it comes with all of the standard android stuff. Obviously it comes with bluetooth. It comes with everything you can expect from a normal phone. Um you’ve got all the usual settings that you would have on an android device. You can even like i said here the the light strip settings just turn that on you can even sort of uh. If you, if i want to change this logo, to breathe instead, so it’ll make that sort of breathe instead, so there’s, so many cool features, guys literally let’s uh let’s change these. You can actually change the color of these uh. These led lights. As i said earlier, they can sort of change the rainbow colors or or whatever you like, uh. The phone uh camera is a very, very good camera, as well very hd. I think it’s 40 megapixels, which is uh absolutely incredible for a phone front, camera isn’t. So good it’s, only 9 megapixels or 8 megapixels, but as it’s a gaming phone again, you don’t really need you know the best sort of camera on on this sort of phone it’s primarily used for gaming, okay, so that is basically the red magic phone.

In a nutshell, guys, if you want one yourself, i put all of the links in the description so go ahead and check it out yourself. You can check the web page and and see exactly all of the display and everything one last thing. This also comes with a snap dragon triple 8, which is the latest processor on the market at the moment for android phones, so absolutely incredible phone. I would highly recommend going to get one if you’re into mobile gaming, like me, i’m, going to be doing a collab again with imo in a few days and we’re going to show you exactly what this phone looks like in action playing. Maybe some call of duty, mobile and we’re going to talk a bit more about the in sort of depth, specifics of it but that’s it for this video guys. So if you’ve made it to the end, thank you so much for watching go ahead in the links below. If you want to uh check, check out the phone and grab one yourself, don’t forget to hit a like and subscribe and comment below what you actually think about it.