We might as well just start calling this palm sunday get it only the best sacrilege on steve, delicious tech. This week the palm 3 c february 249 would have gotten you this bad boy here with eight megs of memory on board and a crystal clear color display says it right there. I know you can see look at that its a holographic little eye puzzle there on the uh on the box there, as you can see it changing. What is that, i guess a hologram right, a little hologram holographic image on there as you can see the boat. So you can see your pictures that you take or that you put on your palm 3c, that you can see in full color and then go back to the color menu. So this would have included palm os 3.5, which would support color natively. There was also a way to update this, i believe to palm os 4.1 im curious to see. I saw some of these at the time. This is another one that ive always wanted that i never got. I want at the time i remember seeing the screens and not being overly impressed by it, not the sharpest, not the best color a little washed out. It is a tft display, but i just remember being a little underwhelmed now. Its february 2000 got to be fair and i want to compare it to the sony client devices which came out a little bit later, but then again, two years later, which, while the its hard to tell on camera, but the brightness is actually quite dim.

The definition is quite good on it, but the brightness just doesnt keep up with todays display isnt sure this is like 320 by 240, or something like that. So were not talking hd by any means, but i am curious to see how this one holds up and if it was not as great as i remember but lets go ahead and read this off minute today. Keep your rechargeable battery at full power. Just a minutes. A day in the charger, always in sync backup, update exchange information, application, rich environment nature, they certainly got that right, theres, no lack of palm os, and certainly now with abandonware theres. No lack of software for this bad boy lets see. If we go down the uh see if we can do this without breaking too much size and weight, backlit color tft display infrared two. Ten thousand addresses now, with that eight megabytes: five years of appointments 3 000 to do items 3, 000, memos, 400 email messages with just the first line of text or the subject or something like that: desktop import text files, which is quite good and csv for your For your excel files, drag and drop links, microsoft word in excel thats, good palm software. As we said, 3.5 needed an ibm compatible pc of 486.. You needed screaming power for this guy, not even a pentium thats good windows: 95. 98 nt uh. Oh one available serial port for the connector for the cradle cd rom to run the software cd rom, and then you need that palm connect usb kit, which was disappointing back there.

You spent extra money. If you wanted to use this on your mac connected organizer, hot sync, cradle metal stylus, which was good, actually, i like using that on the palm devices when they give you the metal styles lithium ion rechargeable battery, so were gon na see how this one held up. Because believe it or not after charging it and getting it through a couple cycles, the palm five from roughly the same time period, the lithium ion was just fine, its working great, its working almost like brand new. So i wonder if sitting in the box not being used is so much better. I mean certainly better than being used in going through cycles, but the sitting disc, fully discharged didnt seem to hinder it or hurt it that much everything is included, connect to go organizer. All the rest of it, then you got the brightness power and brightness hot sink cradle memo pad all the stuff that youd imagine. This is basically a palm 3 body that they kind of retrofit for a color display. Well, compare it to her. I think weve got our palm three yeah. We got our palm three nearby so well. Compare it in size and structure. Lets go ahead, open this bad boy up another one 20 years completely undercover! Now we get to see it for the first time that 20 year old air – and someone did comment last time when i mentioned this, there is a certain smell to not late 90s early, 2000s electronics and unboxings, as you dont quite get today, so that that seal In there, certainly uh certainly has its own aroma lets go ahead and pull this out now.

Im hoping weve had good luck with this from ebay. We havent really been. We havent really been scammed, uh, which is quite good, but it is possible to really reseal these, but were going to find that out in a moment all right lets open. It up see what we got, that oh thats really cool, that they put that on the front that little holographic picture there all right here we go. What do we got? Yeah thats, it thats the stuff, thats thats, how you know you got an official one. Thats been sealed in the box for 20 years. I wonder if that means 2001, its probably a little bit later, but were going to go with 20 years. Still over 20 years, get started guide when you used to get stuff again such great stuff. We did have that member video, if youre, not yet a member of the channel, go ahead and consider that you get to see all the cool extended palm stuff. We went through the entire catalog of accessories last time on the member video handbook for the palm 3c organizer. This is the c. I know the cd isnt in this one accessories for the palm well go ahead and go through that im. Sure again, this week, really cool stuff to see all the old old accessories heres, your cradle, okay, which would have been this – would have used the three connector as well. So nothing really different there.

Then, of course you got the serial port here. Does it include the power yeah, the parallel adapter, just in case you dont, have the serial port or the free serial port? You can go ahead and use the parallel port. We got the big rechargeable adapter here. This is what were going to plug in to recharge. This battery and then we got the main event, which is the palm itself no case this time, no little leather pouch so by 2000. Maybe they hadnt done away with that. Ah, okay, so the flip cover that you used to get with the palm three so were gon na get out. Our palm three here do a little comparison, so heres the palm three xe a little bit taller as you can see here, but i think that was to allow for more at the bottom of the screen. There was just more stuff going on with this one backs relatively similar, of course, no battery door, because this is the lithium ion is inside not connected not protected there. The port metal, stylus yeah there. It is nice, hearty thats great. You get that on the seven. The palm seven as well and thats been a joy to use, whereas this one was all yeah. This one was all plastic on the three xe, but that i love that big metal stylus, robust meaty stylus – that you got like this with this for your 449 dollars. That you also got on the palm 7.

, so lets go ahead and flip this guy open. I like the protector by the way. I really like that. I wish more of them had that the three series had it and its you dont need a case. You dont feel like you need a case. You could bring this out and not have to worry too much about it there. It is still on the screen. Oh yeah, look at that darked out, of course, because its color power button, nothing doing so were gon na. Do you know what we do? The magic television is gon na be just a mere moment for you, but this is gon na be on the charger for quite a bit as the palm 5 needed uh quite a long time, a little bit of charge in order to get something back in those Batteries and show life, and they want you to charge it all the way i didnt know theres a little led or that might be part of the infrared system up there or a little led perhaps, but were gon na go charge it up and were gon na See what we got right after this? Okay, so as lucky as we had been getting with the palm devices and like the palm three lithium ion or pom5 rather lithium ion battery that had survived the test of time over 20 years. This one did not so i left it on the charger all night thats. Actually a battery power indicator led.

So what happens is it starts to take a charge and that just stops – and i have to imagine thats the battery telling it that its either fully charged or just not working properly, so itll go on and off, but it wont quite take a charge left it On all night, no to no avail were not gon na. I will have im gon na order, a replacement because, like three dollars at this point, replacement battery open it up, thatll be one of the member videos or something like that and then well come back and look at this one, even more yeah. The screen, like i said not as impressive its kind of what i remember in terms of being not that great, you can actually sit there and count the pixel pixels if you want, but its still cool it gets a little bit brighter than i thought you go Ahead and hold that down, you hold the power button down and you get the brightness slider and you can turn it all the way up, but it gets relatively for the time it gets fairly bright, which is quite nice and the color is good and its like. The and the pens, fantastic metal pen and the build of it a little hefty gets a little weight to it, love the fact that the covers on it, but its just cool to see the native color and palm os 3.5. You could see it there, but i cant take it off the charger.

Itll instantly die, but it is, it is quite a nice device, it is in good shape. It was brand new, its just the battery. Sometimes they just dont survive, and i was really shocked when my palm 5 battery actually wound up surviving. So this one not quite, but it is still cool to have it on boxed. Have it on you go through the different things got your date book in color. Look at the blue there thats fantastic, then youve got your calculator in sort of not really color they. Never. They never optimized that one. For that see if we can go ahead, expense yeah expenses, the blue there at the top. So it is cool to see the very first color one and 2000, that was a big deal february 2000 thats, something where youre barely coming off of you. Certainly dont have color on your phones for the most part and its, not something that is commonplace. Its certainly not for pd pdas at that point, so its really cool to see the first one from palm the palm 3c color 449 dollars back in february of 2000 overall, really neat device extra heft. You got to use the connectors im pretty sure from the palm 3, so you got to use your accessories on there as well the different kind of language you see the black dot and then you see the black screen when you go ahead and turn it off To it for the color lcd panel love the brightness love the feel of it overall, a neat device were going to go ahead and replace the battery on this and then see what we can get.

Well, probably do another video on this at some point, because people like seeing the old, the old palm stuff – and i love unboxing it its just its just a lot of fun, its a lot of fun to see where we came from. You know devices that we have now that we dont even think about that. Have these these fantastic displays and even little itty bitty things like on your wrist that have these wonderful displays and all the stuff that we have for note, taking and keeping and appointment, keeping and all the information at a fingertip that we have and to know that It evolved from stuff like this. You know this was really one of the first big leaps of personal when we moved from those personal organizer things to stuff like this. That was fully capable of email and expense reports and and memos and all the rest of it. All the all the rich app ecosystem that tom os had, but just i love going back and looking at these so another another cool pom on another sunday if youve made it this far like comment subscribe, all that fun stuff, remember long, island watch, longwatch.com link will Be in the description mark mark has some cool new stuff to take a look at until next time.