I wouldnt be here to check out all of their new stuff. MSI announced a few new laptops at the show.. First, up lets cover the GE66 and GS66, the successors to the popular GE65 and GS65 models.. The GS66 Stealth looks similar to the GS65, at first glance, its designed to be more of a thinner and lighter gaming, laptop at under 2cm thick and around 2kg in weight.. Unlike the previous GS65, which had a black and gold colour scheme, the GS66 has an all black finish, and this is something MSI really seem to be moving towards.. The GS66 will feature 10th gen Intel H series CPUs. However, as theres no news of these available at the moment, MSI werent able to provide any specific information.. They also werent specific on what Nvidia graphics would be available, just noting the latest from Nvidida, so that a bit mysterious.. As for what we do know, though its got a 15.6 1080p screen, but whats interesting is. It goes up to a 300Hz refresh rate.. Its also got WiFi 6, a 99.9Wh battery, the largest you can legally have to take a laptop on a plane.. The GS66 has a clean all black metal design. The lid just has a subtle dragon logo.. The interior is also quite clean again with that wide touchpad and usual RGB keyboard.. A small difference I noticed was that the Windows key is over on the left. Here it was on the right before.

. There are some air vents towards the back to help with cooling and down the front. There are front facing speakers which should sound a bit better compared to underneath. On the left from the back theres, a Kensington, lock, air exhaust vent, the power input, USB Type C port, HDMI output and USB Type, A port. On the right from the front theres a 3.5Mm audio combo jack, USB Type C port, two USB Type, A ports ethernet and air exhaust at the back., Oh and its got Thunderbolt 3 too. On the back. There are just a couple of air exhaust vents and heres. What the air ventilation looks like underneath. So, overall, some nice improvements over the GS65. Next lets check out the GE66, the successor to the GE65., The design of this one kind of reminds me of a mini GT76 on the lid. With that silver finish and the hinge area., The front also has an RGB light bar like the GT76 too. Again like the GS66, it will have 10th gen Intel CPUs, but no news on what models will be available and the versions of Nvidia graphics, werent provided., Like The GS66, the GE66 is also available with up to at 300Hz, 1080p screen and 99.9Wh battery, so nice, some great improvements to have. On the left from the back theres, a Kensington, lock, air exhaust vent USB Type, A and C ports, no Thunderbolt on this one, but Theres DisplayPort 1.4, with the Type C and a 3.

5mm audio combo jack. On the right from the front. There are a couple of USB Type: A ports, an SD card slot and air exhaust vent. Theres more IO on the back from left to right, including a mini DisplayPort output, USB 3.2 Gen2 Type C port with mini DisplayPort, 1.4 ethernet port HDMI and a rectangular power. Input. For cooling underneath theres a hexagonal pattern with the air ventilation holes.. The RGB keyboard is also a bit different from the GE65. In that the windows key is on the left and the function key is now on the right and shared with the control spot.. Both the GS66 and GE66 are 15 inch laptops. At the moment I asked if there would be 17 inch models like a GS76 or GE76. They said its probable, but for now theyre just launching these 15 inch versions. Both also have cameras located above the display.. The Alpha 15 that Ive already reviewed, was also on show. However, MSI advised me that they will be updating this with the new Ryzen 4000 series. Cpus in future. MSI also had the new Bravo 15 gaming laptop on display, though theres also the Bravo 17, with 17 inch display.. Both of these also feature AMD Ryzen 4000 series CPUs with Radeon RX, 5500M or 5300M graphics.. The Bravo 15 has two memory slots for dual channel: goodness 120Hz or 144Hz screen options with FreeSync and optional WiFi, 6., Its got a brushed metal lid and, unlike the Alpha 15, the logo is silver rather than green.

. The interior has a similar brushed finish with red keys.. The touchpad doesnt have left and right click buttons, like the Alpha 15, though, and the bottom has air vents towards the back as youd expect. Im, not sure, but it looks like there are three M.2 drives installed. Here. For IO on the left. Weve got an air exhaust power input and HDMI output, while the right has 3.5mm audio combo jack, two USB Type, A ports and two Type C ports, gigabit ethernet and Kensington lock.. The back just has a couple of air exhausts. So, overall, the design is a bit toned down compared to the others leading me to suspect it may be a more budget friendly option, but well see. On the creator side of things. They also had the Creator 17 laptop on display.. What made this interesting is that this one one had a 17 inch, 4K Mini LED screen, making it capable of meeting HDR1000 standards so up to 1000 Nits of peak brightness. You might want some sunglasses for it.. The Prestige 14 was also on show, but thats already available and Ive actually got one back home waiting for me to review after CES, so stay tuned for that.. They had a few different colour options on display, though, from both the Prestige 14 and 15, including white, burgundy and a pink.. They also had the GT76 Titan in sports red, which has a glossy red finish and, as Im sure you well know, red makes things go.

Faster., So those are the new gaming laptops that MSI was showing off at CES 2020.