So, for example, a lot of tablets that you try to use as a laptop dont have the same kind of power as this. This has an onboard fan, meaning that youre not going to throttle your processor. It has an intel, i7 processor and its running windows, which means that youre no longer confined to mobile apps. Instead, you have the full selection of high productive apps that you normally have on a laptop, but at the same time, unlike the laptops like the dell xps or the spectre, this doesnt just have a keyboard that folds around. Instead, the keyboard fully detaches and you have a thin light tablet with slim bezels and a really nice design. So in this, video were going to dive into this and talk a lot more about what this does really well, what it maybe doesnt, do well and why microsoft chose to do what they did now with that being said, im getting ahead of myself lets get into Just a physical design tour to show you what this device is really all about. Now, when you buy it, it actually does not come with the keyboard. You have to buy that separately and the keyboard. Interestingly enough, as you might have seen, comes with a slim pen too, so you can see the slim pen too, fits in this nice little slot there and it magnetically snaps up to the device now youll see as a theme throughout this entire design.

Magnets are a huge part of this magnets, really make everything happen here from holding the pen in place to holding the keyboard up to holding the keyboard onto the device theres a lot of magnets and im here for it. I like it. I love the magnets on this device but, like i said, the slim pen too ill talk a little bit more about the details of what thats actually like to use later on in the video, but looking at the device itself so lets detach the keyboard. You can see on the bottom, the keyboard magnetically snaps on with those two little wells right there. One of them has some pins because you are able to charge the slim pen from your device right here. The blue. The keyboard is also not connected by bluetooth, so it really is using those pins right there and thats nice. You dont have to worry about charging the keyboard or anything like that. Now, going around youll see on the front. We have a really nice display here. 120. Hertz a 13 inch display, which is larger than the surface pro 7, and on top of that, it gives you some pretty slim bezels, all the way around. I found that, if im out in a bright environment or if im indoors in a dimmer setting, i really dont have many problems. Looking at this, it definitely is a little bit more of a glossy finish on the outside its not matte by any means, but i can still use it in brighter environments outside the bezels, i think, are probably about, as slim as youre able to get with the Current infrastructure, so what i mean by that is the bezels on the right and left are probably as slim as you can get, while still having room to hold it with your thumbs, not accidentally touching the screen on the top.

You have your camera and your face. Id and your microphones, and so without getting rid of those theres, really not a good way to have a slimmer bezel on the top and then the bezel on the bottom is absolutely not a problem at all, because as soon as you snap, it onto the keyboard And you flip it up into that little kind of angle right there. It totally covers the bottom bezel, so the display on the front. I think microsoft did a really great job of designing that to be as tight as possible all the way around the edges. Now, looking at the edges beyond that, on the left side, we have a headphone jack, which is great because a lot of tablets dont have that and a lot of laptops do, which is important for high productive work. Sometimes you need to plug in a headphone jack. Then we have a volume control right next to that which makes perfect sense and on the top we have really nothing a nice clean top nothing up there, except you will see a little vent for the speaker and for the fan now, as i mentioned, this does Have an onboard fan, which means that youre not going to be throttling that processor nearly as much as you would on something like a fanless tablet on the right side. You can see we have our power button. We have two thunderbolt 4 ports, so two usb c ports that are extremely functional.

You can plug in 4k monitors and all types of things like that and then below that it looks like an sd card slot, its not an sd card slot, thats microsofts little proprietary plug. They put it on a lot of their devices and it is a way to charge it, and i know you might be thinking like. Why would you do that when you could charge with usbc? I agree, but they like to charge with this, but you can also use it for some other ports as well. Microsoft has some little docs and some little home accessories. You can plug into here and then plug in, like other monitors or an ethernet cable, or something like that. Personally, i think itd be better off as a like an sd card slot, especially because this is such a powerful device like. I think a lot of people will be creating with this making videos editing photos because it is so mobile. It would be so nice to see an sd card slot there and then, if you look back to the front on the right and left side all the way up on the top, you actually have a almost hidden speaker right there. So you have stereo speakers on this that are pointing right at you. Lets get into a test right now to see how those actually sound gen, six, a beautiful smart watch with a fast smooth experience and an impressive battery life as well, and so once again fossils trying to save the smartwatch in a time where all but three smartwatches Are basically on death row getting left behind with a new update, fossil swooping in and then flipping over to the back of this device? You cant forget this theres some interesting things here.

So we have a camera and a microphone on the top, and this is able to actually shoot 4k video more on why they chose to do that later and then, of course, on the bottom. We have our little kickstand that props this up, either as a tablet. Standing alone, or as a really laptop, when you have it connected to the keyboard and theres, actually a hidden thing behind that you can see if we just take a little sim removal tool and poke that tiny hole there, this pops off and you can actually expand The storage, because the storage on here, when you get it is not especially large, so you might want to buy this and expand it further on down the road. Now, while i really do like the compact design of this, the nature of it is that you will have some compromises, one of them being that if you want a slim device with a powerful processor and a 120 hertz display, youre gon na have to compromise a Little bit on the battery life – and this is definitely not the longest battery life out there – youre getting approximately like seven or eight hours of heavy use with this, maybe even less, if youre really pushing it and so thats something you definitely want to keep in mind. As something that is such a mobile device, it would be nice to see a longer battery life but again, like i said, youre kind of constrained right now with the current technology.

So this device, i think, is interesting because its really something thats going to be great for people who dont know exactly what they want to do, or people who want to do everything, because it is a very versatile device, like i said its going to work as A full blown laptop and compete with the best out there with not only a comfortable keyboard, a really nice display and also a compact design, but at the same time, very detachable, very functional as its own standalone tablet, and so that kind of leads to that question. I had before of why would microsoft put a 4k camera on the back, because microsoft typically makes a lot of laptop style stuff and its kind of strange that youd have a 4k video camera on the back. When you might think all right, you can scan documents with it. You could maybe record a lecture but its kind of a weird angle, but i think really what theyre looking for here is that extra versatility? So if you have to take this in the field, if you have to take a video when youre walking around maybe some type of architectural site or engine environmental engineering, like whatever you might be doing, having a 4k video camera on the back, allows us to compete With a lot of other tablets, now as a side note, there are other very capable devices for two and ones. For example, the ipad pro now running the m1 chip on there might lead you to wonder which of these two is better, and i will actually make a full comparison between this and the ipad pro and the galaxy tab s7 for that matter.

So if you want to see that video going down and click that subscribe button, so you dont miss it when that comes out and speaking of the camera lets actually get into a video test now, with both the front and rear facing cameras all right. So this is the onboard microphone and the front facing camera. If i was in a zoom call or some type of video meeting, it would probably look and sound something like this personally, i think that this is really impressive, because, unlike a lot of other laptops out there, this at the very least, has a 1080p webcam, which I think you can tell it looks a lot better here. So leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this. So this is the rear facing camera. It is by no means the best at handling dynamic range, but it does have a pretty decent resolution being 4k and overall. I think it would definitely get the job done for most business type stuff. I know i keep mentioning this as kind of a theme in this video, but this device works really well as both a laptop and a tablet, and although it looks and feels a lot like a tablet with the device alone, when you put it onto a keyboard, A lot of keyboards that detach have mushy keys or they sit weird on the table. I think microsoft has really mastered that, and that is one of the major selling points of this device.

Being such a nice keyboard, theres, not a ton of flex. There is some flex but its at a great angle: theres backlighting, on the keys, the keys have a really ideal travel in my opinion, and it just feels like a nice premium keyboard on top of that, it houses the slim pen more on the slim pen. In a second, but i found that my typing speed with this was really on par with most other devices. It didnt feel too cramped overall, the keyboard on this. I think it did a great job and you can even hear a little sample right here of what it sounds like. So, of course, the slim pen, i think its really crafty that microsoft hit it down in that that little folded portion of the keyboard. I think thats a great spot for it, and the pen itself is a little different than previous years, because it now has a haptic motor in there and the haptic motor, i think, is an interesting touch, because it does give you a little bit more feedback when Youre using it, and it feels more like youre writing an actual paper, but the catch is this because youre using microsoft and microsoft windows has been around for so long. It wasnt made for tablets. First windows 11 is doing a great job of becoming more ready for tablets, but theres still some quirks in there. So, for example, depending on what software youre using you may or may not have that haptic feedback.

I found that you do have it in things like the handwriting to text features which, by the way, is weirdly different on different applications, kind of a weird quirk that we have on here. But at the same time, it also works on other things like snip and sketch right. If you take a screenshot and you draw but weirdly enough, where i didnt feel any haptic feedback was in the whiteboard app, and so i dont know why thats literally a shortcut that comes as a default on this device, i dont know why you dont have that Working in there, maybe it is and im just not feeling it, but for my testing it definitely seemed like the whiteboard did not have any haptic feedback. It also works as a mouse. So, whenever using this around, if you tap it gives you a little jolt with this, so it is very satisfying to use – and i think that was a really nice idea to add that you dont see in most other pens. However, for the price i do wish, this pen was made out of a little bit more of a solid material. It feels like it has kind of loose tolerances like the button on the top feels weird. When you click it, you have to push harder than you think, and i mean its not bad by any means and im definitely nitpicking here, but personally for a pro model device and for something that is as expensive as his pen.

I just wish it was made out of aluminum or something that was a little bit more premium than this relatively loose tolerance plastic. I dont want to make it sound like this pen is not a really great device, though, because i love how microsoft really took a different approach on this, like i said by having the haptic feedback on there, but also by allowing you to flip it over to The back to erase in a very intuitive way, rather than hitting a button to switch between, writing and erasing flipping around just feels so natural and intuitive. You do also have a button on here both on the finger area and on the top, so you can have shortcuts for different things like opening whiteboard, for example, and the writing with this pen also feels pretty natural. I didnt notice a ton of lag, and recently i have been using both the s pen on the tab s7 and the apple pencil too, and this really doesnt feel that different, okay, so solid design, solid keyboard, pretty decent pen. Great cameras lets talk about the internals of this because, if youre actually going to compete with the best laptops out there, you need really strong internals, and i found that with this, for the most part youre getting pretty good internals for the size of this device. This device right here has 256 gigs of storage. It has an intel i7 and its an 11th gen g series, processor, which is probably the most powerful youre going to get in a mobile device like this.

This also has 16 gigs of ram, and so that set is going to allow you to do most photo editing, maybe some light video editing or honestly, maybe some moderate video editing, but its really not going to be a total workhorse, which you didnt expect it to A device of this size is more than powerful enough for pretty much any task, youre going to throw at it, and i would argue that it is more powerful than most other two in one devices that are anything like this. But, of course, the compromise here is not necessarily the hardware, its, not necessarily the specs. It is the price youre paying a lot of money for device with these specs. Unfortunately, the price of this device is really high for the specs. I have this. One was sixteen hundred dollars which is pretty expensive, but the worst part is it doesnt actually come with the keyboard. So, im not sure who would use this as just a tablet and not get the keyboard, and i guess you could technically get your own bluetooth keyboard or use the on screen keyboard, but i think youre missing out on a lot of the experience with this. If you dont get microsofts signature keyboard, because not only is it a very slim portable keyboard, but it also has that slim pen too, on there – and i think that adds a lot to the experience with this and makes this a surface pro.

So, overall, the surface pro 8.. Is it a good buy? Well, i think it comes down to this if youre looking to only buy a laptop and all youre going to use this, for is a laptop, then keep in mind with this device here, youre compromising a little bit on the battery life, and it is a lot More expensive, you can find other options that are a little cheaper that are slightly bulkier and have similar ish specs, at least. But if you are looking to only get a tablet, then again, there are other options that are a little bit more tablet friendly, like this is running windows 11, which is getting more optimized for tablet. But you still dont have like a good swipe to go home. Gesture and things like that with that being said, anybody whos looking for either a very light slim travel friendly, laptop or want the best two in one on the market. I think this is a clear choice. Not only is it extremely light and extremely thin, its also very, very powerful youre able to do all types of work on here if you want to be productive while youre on the go in an airport in a train station coffee shop. This is a very high end laptop for that and, at the same time, its extremely light and extremely portable and very capable of being used as a tablet for drawing for taking notes for doing anything along those lines.

So travelers students, or just anybody who is not worried about the cost of this its a fantastic device but leave a comment below. Let me know what you think of the surface pro 8..