This is the what you find in the box. Also, here is the manual which we are not going to read, and i will assume this is the charger and okay, yes, it is here is the charger, nothing else in the box that’s it. This is a charger with the classic connector for the surface and the ac plug to your outlet. Okay, let’s set this aside, and this is the 15.6 inches laptop. It comes with this protective foil and wow heavy, but nice here is the camera. The logo and let’s open up okay, let’s set this aside here is the keyboard big keyboard, the touch surface. The monitor – and here are the webcam sensor. Microphones and i don’t know what else here. Let’S see one side: okay, this is the famous uh trademark, the bending right, nothing here in the back, nothing below other than the microsoft logo and some gum on this side. We have the connector for the power charger usb c and on the other side, we have a card reader and two usb ports and that’s it on this side. Power button and volume let’s give it a try. Hmm, not working, maybe needs to be charged. So here is the surface working with the docking station. Sorry for the mess – and here is my windows – i’m using davinci resolve and it works fine. But yes, once you make the initial investment of this expensive laptop still, you have to invest a lot more in the docking stations, which cannot be a traditional usbc, which you already have, but has to be that special connector not much money, but is the annoyance of Buying new usbc to hdmi cables, you have to buy the docking again, you need to buy the pen because it’s not included you need to to buy the the pen.

Uh it’s heavy um has windows 10 home. You need to buy the pro if you want to just like any laptop in the market. No microsoft office is included, you need to buy it, but that is for everyone so i’m. Not arguing about that. But yes, many things overall, it’s, okay, but it’s not like. Oh wow, please buy it. I think you can get more for your money from other machines.