Now this video isn’t going to be one of those like actual tech tech reviews like i’m, not going to go into detail about the insides of the computer. I really want to talk about the actual practicality and use cases of these computers. Quick context. I use the computer all day definitely way much more than i actually should. My job is entirely online, and so i need something that can keep up with my intensive workflows. Both of these are top of the line, the highest specs for both the possibilities. 2015 and 2020., and actually this is a used computer throughout my entire career. So far, i’ve only bought used computers. This is actually the first brand new macbook that i’ve actually purchased i’m gon na be keeping this one, but i’m super excited to start working on this. One it can’t keep up with me anymore, let’s actually see if it’s worth upgrading to this brand new macbook m1. First of all, i can’t believe it. I didn’t even realize it, but the my new computer is actually smaller than the old one. You know we always just call it the 13 inch macbook air but it’s, actually 13.3 inches personally i’m extremely excited to have a smaller computer it’s gon na fit better into my backpack and to travel. I do take this with me everywhere and it’s extremely practical. In my opinion, to have a smaller computer all right, i think it’s time to take off the packaging.

All right, so let’s have a look at the exterior ports on this. So, as you can see on my macbook air, we have a usb port. We have the sd card holder and i must admit, i’m actually going to miss those switching over to usbc, yes, it’s, faster, probably more performant but it’s, just kind of frustrating that we lose that and now i’m going to have to use all of these dongles. So, if you’re planning on upgrading definitely keep in mind that you’re going to need some dongles you’re going to have to carry these around with you is kind of annoying. I got this official one from apple. I didn’t want to mess around with something that wasn’t an apple product on this computer that cost a lot of money. I appreciate that it only takes up one port. The reason being is that we have two ports on here on the same side, which is really not practical for professionals. You might want to have multiple screens and um it’s not useful to have usbc ports just on one side of the computer hey. This is pre post production, daniela and i’ve been using this computer for a couple months now and i’m, going to jump in to give you my feedback on how i’m actually enjoying using it and with regards to having ports on just one side of the computer. I can tell you: it is very annoying like look at this setup right now, right here, i’m editing, my video right now and i have to have the cord on this side of the computer, because there is no plug on the other side.

If i’m sitting in my couch and i want to charge the computer, i have to make sure that i have the plug. Go all the way around the other side to plug it in, and sometimes the cord isn’t long enough. So it’s definitely been a frustration that i’ve had with this computer. If you absolutely need ports on both sides, you might want to wait until next year before purchasing this brand new computer. We have a headphone jack on the other side of the macbook air and we actually have that on the newer macbook pro – and i must admit, i’m really surprised that there is still a headphone jack on it, but apple got rid of the jack a long time Ago on their phone so i’m just really surprised that they still have that on the computer i’d, rather have a port on this side instead of a jack. So, if you’re considering upgrading, definitely keep in mind that you’re going to lose a lot of ports on this computer, you might also have to buy some adapters and some dongles don’t forget to hit the like button. If you’ve enjoyed this content so far, all right let’s actually move on to the form of these computers. Now i must admit, i really like the wedged shape of the macbook air. I am keeping both of these. So, if i’m typing a lot of stuff i’m, definitely gon na go back to this computer, because the m1 isn’t as ergonomic, but i think the experience is going to be different.

I noticed that some people do get lines on their arms after using this computer. For long periods of time typing, i actually do enjoy typing on the macbook pro and i haven’t had those lines on my arms. I still do use my macbook air for a couple. Things like recording, because the plug on my mic is a usb plug and not a usbc. I haven’t gotten around to buying the new plug. Yet so i haven’t completely made the transition to macbook pro. If you’re an author or writer, you might appreciate the shape of the macbook air more and actually from what i’ve seen the reviews online. The macbook air is the most powerful it’s ever been right now with the new m1 chip. Another thing we might want to look at is the actual color of the computer. I really like how this one’s a little bit darker, i feel like lines and scratches are going to be much more visible on this computer. However, compared to the lighter model, i actually noticed the other day in different lighting in another office that i have a small ding up here, but you can hardly see it in the lighting i have here. I always like to have something that protects my desk. Ideally, some felt that’s very soft and clean so that i don’t get any scratches on the bottom of my computer. Now this is a used computer. It already came with a lot of scratches on the bottom.

The rest of the body was an excellent shape when i bought it, but, as you can see, you don’t want to wind up with that on a brand new computer. This price, another thing people miss from the old macbook airs, is the fact that it lights up. You’Ll see later on that this computer lights up and this one does not have the light on it, it’s not a deal breaker for me. I do think it’s cool to have the light up, but it’s, not mandatory what’s. More important to me is actually the workflows and the power of the computer, and if it can follow my brain and my creativity now i’d like to do a weight test with both of these to see exactly how much they weigh weight is extremely important to me, Because i carry my computer around with me everywhere i don’t have a car. I usually take a bike, walk or scooter around and so in my case, it’s extremely important to have a lightweight computer that’s compact, so let’s start with the macbook air 2015.. We have it at 1.362 kilos and our new macbook pro m1 1.378, so there’s like practically no difference between the two. That is perfectly fine. So, yes, theoretically, the macbook pro is a little bit heavier than the macbook air 2015. But all in all it’s not much of a difference. Will i actually notice that little percentage more while i’m carrying my bag around, probably not all right, here’s something that i’m? Really sad that we’re missing out on it’s the magsafe magsafe here on the 2015 um it’s, the fact that it’s magnetic when you plug in your computer and so if someone comes by and pulls on your plug or you walk into it.

You trip over your plug cord. It automatically just comes out now on this computer that’s, not the case. We don’t have that magnetic plug anymore. I am afraid of that possibility of having my computer go flying across the room. If someone runs into my cord, i have seen other youtubers talk about an extension that you can add onto the end of the usbc and you can transform the end of the plug into a magsafe plug. However, the problem is that it takes up the two ports. It’S so tall on the top and white on the bottom that it takes up both ports, that’s that’s impossible. I can’t lose both of my ports to have a magsafe plug, so at the moment that’s definitely something that’s frustrating and therefore, if you want to wait until the future and see once you have ports on both sides of these m1 max and and buy it, then, And then maybe have that magsafe plug on one side and be able to plug your screens in on the other. I couldn’t wait that long. I really needed to upgrade all right now, i’d, like to talk about the specs on the insides of the computers. I have not opened the macbook pro yet so here we go for that. Theoretically, it’s supposed to turn on when you open it man, it looks totally different from my macbook air. This is really cool. Okay, so it just booted up i’m gon na take off the film that’s on it here.

Okay, i’m really excited about reviewing it against my macbook air 2015.. Here we go i’m gon na put both computers facing the main camera. As you can see, we have the touch bar. Of course i don’t have that on the macbook air. Honestly, i wasn’t super excited about having a touch bar. I would rather have keys, but i guess it’s going to be a cool new feature to try out. I don’t really think i’m going to be using it as much as i actually use the physical keys on my keyboard. Honestly, the touch bar isn’t everything that it’s hyped up to be after using the touch bar. I noticed that i’m constantly increasing brightness or decreasing the brightness and using the volume controls and not having actual keys is very frustrating because it’s a whole bunch more clicks. So it’s not been very practical for me, so i confirm i would rather have keys. Personally, i already have the fans kicking out on my on my old computer, like i can’t keep up with anything i do anymore, like i just tried to export the videos from my camera and it it just couldn’t. Do it all right, so one of the first things that we cannotice between these two computers is the bezels it’s, definitely much more modern to have smaller bezels on the computers now it’s that black part on the sides and on the top. There are other brands that don’t even have any bezels at all, but this definitely already has a much more modern look compared to this one that has much wider bezels.

Another thing that you notice right away are the speakers that are right here right on the keyboard. I think they look really really cool. I have a wider section here on the old macbook air and you don’t have the the speakers right on the computer they’re actually in uh this area here. So i think, that’s a really cool looking feature. Another thing i’m really excited about is the bigger track pad, so the newer computers have a much bigger track pad a much bigger space to work in it’s going to take some getting used to, i use all of the gestures possible on a mac. This way that way screen switching bigger, smaller i use all of them constantly so i’m really excited to be able to use that trackpad honestly, i haven’t seen much of a difference between using a bigger or a smaller trackpad in everyday practical use, and i use this All day, another thing that we have on this newer model is the keyboard. The keyboards have been completely changed, so the macbook air 2015 has the butterfly keyboard and uh. Honestly, i am so done with it uh my end has come off and i’ve tried, replacing it, but it’s been very frustrating honestly. I’M super excited to upgrade to the scissor keyboard from what i’ve seen a lot of other youtubers really definitely prefer the brand new keyboards. I do appreciate the automatic turn on on the macbook pro when you just open your computer and it’s already ready.

We also have touch id on the newer macbook, so it’s, a quicker way of opening your computer, paying for things and other features that you can use. Don’T have that on the older models now, one thing that i find completely insane is that the webcam on this computer is exactly the same as the webcam on this brand new model. That’S pretty crazy, especially knowing that these days everyone is remote. Hopefully, the newer models in the future will have a better webcam. Apparently they worked on the software part of the image rendering, with this webcam, to improve the image but we’re going to run a test later on and see if there actually is a difference between what the image looks like on an older macbook and what it looks Like on a newer one, with that image, processing software update, another difference with regards to the keyboard is this language button? I think it’s going to be super practical. Apparently it also toggles emojis. If you want to be able to have different emojis in your messages, that can be useful for that. As for that button, i pretty much only use it for emojis and i do enjoy using it for emojis it’s, very practical to not have to search up an emoji on the internet and just have quick access to it all right. I want to talk about how this computer actually performs. So first of all, let’s start with the brightness might be hard to see on the camera, but the macbook pro actually is brighter.

The macbook air actually has 334 nits of brightness, whereas the macbook pro has 500.. All right i’d like to do a keyboard test just for fun, let’s, open up a document and see what it’s like just to type all right. So just from doing a quick first test, i can definitely feel my buttons um falling off on this one here. I think we’re gon na have a lot more fun typing. You can see how thick these keys are. A lot of dust can get in there and they come off pretty easily on the macbook pro the keys are thinner. You see they’re pretty close together, they’re taller here personally i’m very excited to have the new keyboard. I love this keyboard way way better than the old macbook air i’ve never used a touch bar before so it’s. The first time i’ve seen it working i’m in safari and it’s, providing me options for websites to go to, but if i click on it, it brings me directly to twitter very fast by the way that’s kind of cool, though other than for brightness and volume control. I don’t use the touch bar let’s see how it performs when it’s running a youtube video whoa. The speakers are insane. Okay. The speakers are totally different. Wow like completely different from my computer. I can already hear it the color’s a lot nicer um on the macbook pro let’s, get the sound on, spend a lot of time, looking for an up to date, blogging method that actually generates passive income, and i finally found it when i tried out project 24.

. Never heard of it that’s, probably because the owners don’t run cheesy youtube ads, let’s switch over to the other computer. Just so, you can see the difference between between the two speakers: passive income by blogging, there’s, a link in the description to learn more about project 24. And if you sign up through that link, we’ll make a commission on that sale. But that doesn’t change that we’re active project 24 members, and that is amazing. I would like to confirm that the speakers on this are absolutely amazing. I love these speakers. Let’S talk about battery life really quickly. Well, for sure, if you have an older mac, it probably doesn’t hold up as long as it used to this one can last about four or five hours, maybe off of the plug i’m. Still pretty satisfied with that it’s part of my work day, but not the entire workday. I definitely have to take my plug with me. If i go to see a client or anything like that, if i don’t have the plug there’s high chances that my computer won’t make it and i’m gon na wind up with no computer in the middle of a meeting, so there’s no choice for me at the Moment with this brand new computer, we have 20 hours of battery life that’s insane and, with that i’m very excited to not have to take my plug with me when i’m working remotely for a day. Now, one of the reasons why i upgraded was for battery life – and i am very sad to tell you that i am not impressed by the battery life of this computer – i have multiple tests where i can show you that it did not.

Last the entire day. Now, yes, i am editing video, i am doing very heavy workflows. I watch videos a lot upload and download videos and clearly it just can’t keep up with me the first time i noticed this was when i was on a zoom call and it completely drained out my battery and that’s really frustrating, because it was really something that I was counting on all right: let’s. Do a webcam test i’m going to put both computers side by side; okay, so here’s the video quality on the macbook air 2015 and here’s the video quality on the macbook pro 2020 now other than the colors in the image. Honestly, i don’t see much of a difference. Please comment below if you actually see a difference between these two images. Personally, i feel like it’s practically the same thing. There might be a little bit more noise on the macbook air, but even then i honestly don’t see that much of a difference i wouldn’t switch over just because i think that the camera quality might be better on the newer computers, even if they have that software Update that processes, the image better theoretically, in reality, i don’t see that much of a difference. So let me know what you think below in the comments. If there’s one thing i would upgrade for so far, it’s. Definitely the keyboard. The keyboard is amazing. I definitely would not get an m1 mac right now for the camera quality there’s just no difference.

I decided to provide a summary of my feelings about this in a table with emojis to express how i feel about features. Alright, editing. Video is absolutely amazing. I am super happy with the speed at which this computer can keep up with me. I can now edit 4k video i’m super happy about that, and it was an extremely important point for me. Trackpad is about the same keyboard, definitely better magsafe, i’m, sad that they got rid of it. The webcam is just as terrible as it was in the older versions of the mac. The ports having all ports on one side is just not doable for me. So if you can wait until one of these m1 macs have ports on both sides probably be a better option. The speakers on this are amazing. I love the size of the computer. I really do enjoy having a smaller, more compact macbook pro the touch bar meh battery life. I am not impressed by it. I don’t know if my settings are off or something’s wrong. Please comment below if you have any ideas, but clearly i empty the battery out in a day for sure, but the overall speed is insane and i definitely have no regrets for upgrading. I needed this computer right now to be able to continue creating videos. So should you upgrade well if you’re, in the case where your computer can no longer keep up with you? If you have these ideas – and you have no time to execute them because you’re waiting on your computer, then there might be a return on investment for you to upgrade and get a better mac in my case, it’s.

Definitely true, even though this isn’t the perfect computer, that i wanted, it was still definitely worth upgrading from the macbook air 2015., if you’re a student or an author, or if you do light work on the computer, you might rather go with the macbook air, apparently it’s, As powerful as it’s ever been, but i haven’t checked if that computer doesn’t have ports on both sides, i’d wait personally, so this video is definitely random for my channel, which is all about making passive income so like this video, if you enjoyed it but don’t subscribe.