I’Ve had the pleasure for owning this laptop for the last four months and in today’s video i’m going to be sharing with you, the most valuable tips and tricks that i found that have actually changed and improved my experience with these macbooks. I want to start off this video with shortcuts. There are so many shortcuts you can use in mac os, but i wanted to highlight the key ones that have actually changed my experience and made my workflow more efficient, the first one being command plus h. This allows you to hide any active windows that are currently open very quickly. This can prove to be especially useful when you don’t want to share what’s on your screen with somebody beside you. Another shortcut you can do with an active program or window open is with command w. This allows you to close any active tabs or windows within a program without actually quitting the entire program, so this is actually really useful. Instead of dragging your mouse to the x. To close tabs in safari, you can very quickly just press the command and close the tabs accordingly to piggyback off the last shortcut. If you press command shift t, it reopens the tab that you previously closed, so this is quite useful when you accidentally close tabs. I do this all the time and just this simple command will bring it right back up to where you just work. This next tip is for a lot of windows owners, so on windows, we’re, very used to pressing x and the actual program closes, but on mac os, when you press x on an active program more often than not, it doesn’t actually quit the program.

It just kind of minimizes it for you on the side and it runs in the background. There obviously are perks to this, but one of the downsides is that battery will be draining a lot faster because the program is still open. So to rectify this, whenever you want to actually fully close a program, you want to press command q that’s, going to fully quit yourself out of the program and help you save some battery life. This next shortcut is going to be your best friend moving forward within mac os. This is hands down the most common one i use, which is command plus spacebar. That gives you access to spotlight, search, spotlight search, gives you the ability to search for files, programs applications. It even lets you do calculations within the spotlight search bar. It also lets you look up things on safari, there’s, a lot of power and function within this tool and the more you use it. The more you you kind of realize how useful it is in your workflow and being productive on mac os. The last shortcut i want to share with you today is screenshots by pressing command shift. Three, you can very quickly take a screenshot of your entire screen or by pressing command shift. Four. You can actually highlight a specific area of your screen that you want to screenshot. I do want to highlight one thing very quickly, and that is if you are enjoying this video, please smash that, like button down below it, helps this video so much and subscribe.

If you’re brand new to the channel, i upload a ton of macbook m1 videos that i know you’ll enjoy, so you definitely don’t want to miss any of that. So let’s get back into those tips. Now now i want to talk about finder and making that more useful for you finder pretty much is the brain of the mac operating system it’s. What allows you to find all of the files within your computer and i think, the way that apple has it set up isn’t the most optimal way out of the box. I think if you make these changes that i’ve made you’ll have a much better experience with this application. The very first thing that i did is change my view within finder to columns by pressing command three. By doing this, every time you press into a file, it shows the file path of where you’re going. I find this to be extremely useful in making sure i’m organized within my computer and when i’m navigating it it’s, also great for singular items and files and documents that are not within folders. By pressing on that single item. It actually gives you a preview on the right hand side and gives you a set of information. I personally find this view just a lot more useful than the default. One you’ll also want to turn on view path bar and view status bar by going under the view tab in finder. This allows you to see more information on the bottom of finder, pertaining to how much storage is remaining on your macbook, as well as where you are within your macbook, by showing you the actual file path as well.

I again very useful stuff to have enabled now. I want to talk about system preferences. What i’m about to share with? You are key things that if you change them, i really think you’re going to have a much better mac os experience in terms of battery life. The way you use the laptop the whole nine yards so let’s start off with scroll bars by default. The scroll bar on the side of your windows are turned off unless you’re scrolling. I think this is a mistake, so you can change that by going into system preferences in general and then enabling scroll bars to be shown. Always it provides you as the user of the laptop the ability to see just how much or how big a web page. Actually is, i think, that’s valuable information also located within the general tab, is turning on dark mode. Not only does it look really cool, but it actually does save battery life on your computer, so you kind of get a win win. Turning on this feature, this next tip is for apple watch owners. If you go into security and privacy and then go to the general tab, you can enable your apple watch to unlock your macbook and other applications. This is just very useful. Instead of having to use touch id or type your password when necessary, still continuing the theme of system preference changes, i do want to focus on the trackpad. I do love the trackpad.

That apple provides it’s the best in any laptop, in my opinion, but it doesn’t mean it’s, perfect right out of the box there’s a couple of key things. We can change to improve our experience using the trackpad, so within system preferences you want to press into trackpad, and the very first thing you want to do is enable tap to click. This allows you to actually press and action things on your macbook without having to hard press on the trackpad. I just find that a lot more intuitive. In my opinion, another thing you want to change is the actual speed of the cursor within the trackpad. I find out of the box it’s a little bit slow for me, so i adjusted the speed just a little bit higher, so it feels more responsive. This is entirely up to you. I definitely encourage you mess around with the scroll bar and see what trackpad speed works for your liking. Another thing you want to change is the battery settings within your computer. If you go into dock and menu bar and then you press into the battery tab, and then you enable show percentage, it just allows you to see how much percent battery life you actually have left it’s a lot more useful than just looking at a blank battery Bar draining on your computer, so the last thing you should change within system preferences has to do with active and open windows in your computer.

So, by default in mac os, when you minimize a window, it goes onto your dock and shows as a preview and there’s a lot of advantages to that. But i find that when you’re multitasking a lot, you can very quickly fill up your dock and it just starts to look cluttered and i think, there’s a better way. You can do this, so what i did within system preferences is go into dock and menu bar and then enable the minimize window into application icon. So now, whenever i minimize windows it’s not going to like fill up, my entire dock it’s just going to go and save within the actual app icon itself, and if i want to get access to it, i just right click on the icon and press the window. Accordingly, now i want to talk about control center it’s, one of the newest features within the mac, os big sur operating system, and i believe, there’s a hidden feature in there that you might not have been aware of, because i only discovered this a few weeks ago. So, by default, when you press into the control center on the top right corner, it gives you quick access to a slew of features that you can enable and disable within the mac operating system. But sometimes you might find yourself wanting to get access to these features faster and you actually can so by holding down on let’s, say the sound. You can drag that onto the menu bar and then now you have quick access to sound without having to go in within control center.

You can do that with any of the icons within control center and it’s very useful for getting access to things faster. So now, within this menu bar, you can rearrange the icons by simply holding down command and then pressing on the icon and then rearranging accordingly. If you want to remove icons off the menu bar, simply press command and drag the icon off the menu bar and then it will delete itself. You can only do this with apple based menu bar items. You can’t do this with third party apps that are showing up on the menu bar. You have to do it a different way within system preferences, so now that we’re done with control center, i want to focus on the dock within the mac operating system. It is fully customizable and i think, there’s a few key changes you can make to make it more useful for you, for starters, it’s really important that you clean up your dock there’s a lot of apps on there that you probably don’t need access to immediately on A day to day basis, so you should be removing those – and you can do so by just right clicking on the icon and then removing it from doc. I’M. A huge believer that the less clutter you have on the computer, the better allows you to think better and kind of just be more productive as well. You can also hide the dock as well by pressing command option d.

This can be very useful on these laptops because the screens are quite small. By being able to hide the dock, you get more screen space to do the work that you need to get done on these computers. You can always bring back the dock by just pressing, again command option d or you can drag your mouse down to the bottom and it can just bring it back up for you on a moment’s notice and that’s it. Thank you so much for watching today’s video we’re already on our road to 11 000 subscribers. We are so close guys. So if you are new here make sure to subscribe, if you’re brand new to the channel more macbook m1 videos are to come in the future and i know you’ll enjoy them, make sure to drop a like if you did enjoy the video and also comment hashtag Macbook m1, if you did finish i’ll, make sure to heart and respond to your comment for doing so, but anyway, thank you guys, so so much for tuning in and i’ll catch.