Also, if youre wondering about this shirt, you can get it at, but also if you want to try your hand at a free one. Well, currently, the biggest tech giveaway of all time is going on right. Now a collaboration with me, mr whos, the boss and dbrand theres, literally dozens of iphones and galaxy s, 22 ultras and ps5s and nintendo switches and more – and there are some shirts in there with all that tech too, link below if you want to enter so today. Apple announced a bunch of new stuff, some of which is kind of boring, but some of which is really interesting here. So the beginning of the event was pretty chill: they dropped an apple tv plus announcement with some exclusive friday night baseball games meh. I dont really watch that much baseball, so yeah kind of boring. Then they drop some new colorways for the iphone 13, so theres a new, solid, green 13 and uh alpine green 13 pro so thats fine. You know they already have a red, so they couldnt add that as the mid cycle refresh but green cool got it, and then we got the iphone se refresh that we were all expecting. This is the budget iphone and apple absolutely followed the same formula. They typically do so. They put the new chip in here, its the same a15 bionic thats in the iphone 13 and in the old body, which in this case is still the iphone 8.

. They also give it 5g sub 6, only so no millimeter, wave and thats it so thats thats the iphone se i mean they did so. The new chip gives it a deep fusion gives it hdr4 gives it the new photographic styles, and they did also throw in a slightly larger battery, so thats all good, but no surprises at all here, its kind of funny, the se and iphone sc used to well. It stands for special edition, but honestly this is the most formulaic boring non special phone. That apple makes and then the price they dropped is actually slightly higher than last year. Its 429 instead of ‘9., still probably one of the best budget phones in its general class. Thats, giving you the best performance and one of the best cameras so ill probably still review it. If you guys are interested theres a lot of competition at that price, so it wont be easy to win it but thats the iphone se and then the ipad air. Also got an update same body and design as before, but now theres an m1 chip inside now apples been way ahead in the tablet, performance and packaging for a while – and this is just another example of that – this will be an absurdly fast chip the fastest in Any tablet and its in the package of an ipad air now for 5.99 plus they also updated the selfie camera to the 12 megapixel ultra wide with center stage.

It also gets 5g and its got a thunderbolt port now because of m1, and it added a new blue color. As far as i can tell thats thats it, everything else is the same same battery same display same fingerprint reader same design, all that – and they mentioned they – wanted to keep making steps forward on their commitment to the environment, so theyre using recycled design. I mean sorry recycled, aluminum, recycled aluminum in this thing, um im still mad, they havent added final cut pro to the ipad. Yet this thing is so powerful, and still i mean imovie is fine but like come on. Add final cut pro cowards, but then we got to the real meat of the presentation, the unveiling of the new mac studio with m1 ultra chip and a new studio display. Now this. This is interesting to me not just because we have a youtube channel called the studio, make sure you get subscribed to that, and not just because the studio dogs name is mac, so we already have a studio mac but yeah. This particular machine feels so perfectly targeted. Its clearly built for someone like me: oh, are you a creative professional in a studio, okay, so yeah? This is. This is for you. Youve got my attention, so this all starts with the new chip thats inside that they announced, which is called the m1 ultra. So basically, you can think of this as two m1 max chips, fused together i mean technically speaking, thats not that far off, so a single m1 max by itself that chip in the highest end macbook pro thats already crushing, was the largest and most powerful chip apple.

Ever made this m1 ultra, i guess shout out to samsung, for the ultra name, behaves like a single massive chip, literally 2.5 terabytes per second of bandwidth, between the two halves of the chip and then 800 gigs per second of memory, bandwidth for the whole combined thing, But the whole thing has 64 or 128 gigs of unified memory. It has a 20 core cpu, with 16 of those being high performance cores for high efficiency and with a 48 core or 64 core gpu, so thats good, stuff, thats good stuff, its the new biggest most powerful chip apples ever made that lives at the top of Their lineup and the only machine that they announce that will have this new m1 ultra chip inside it is the new mac studio. So this thing is uh its in the shape of a mac mini. If the mac mini ate a lot of extra, maybe it ate another mac mini. I dont know basically its roughly the same 7×7 footprint but its much thicker, its a whole 3.7 inches tall, so still small enough to fit under most monitors. But if you have a ruler or something or if you happen to know exactly how big 3.7 inches is, you know you can see thats pretty tall and can fit on most desks. But honestly, this is a fascinating design. Basically, it has all these perforations at the bottom, where its sucking in fresh cold air and then basically half the internal volume of this thing is for cooling theres, a bunch of fans in the top and its pushing that hot exhaust air out of the top half Of the back of it now im no expert but im just looking at the thing, and it looks like it has enough cooling, but also it worries me just a little bit just a little bit because it reminds me kinda of the old trashcan mac pro.

So you remember that thing also had the cool air coming in the bottom, all the components in the middle and then the cooling out the fans at the top. But im thinking apples learned their lesson from that machine, especially because now this is, after all, their own silicon. Instead of hot intel chip and huge dedicated gpu, but yeah im just saying thats a lot of power in a pretty compact box. Basically, but then, last but not least, theres the new studio display, so they dropped a 27 inch 5k display. That looks like a junior version of the pro display, xdr just minus the whole xdr thing. Basically, so its got a couple different stand, adjustments and ill get to the pricing of all the stuff in a second, it has a nano texture, glass option and theres a webcam and speakers. In there the webcam is familiar once again, its a 12 megapixel ultrawide camera. With center stage built in a triple mic array and a six speaker setup that supports dolby, atmos and spatial audio, so okay for my take so on the chip, i am very impressed. I mean i definitely want to get it in here in our studio and do our benchmarking and testing, because apple did show a bunch of graphs again, as they usually do, but they cycled through them very quickly and a lot of them werent super useful, but it Basically looked like they did most of their comparisons against the old imac pro, which is no longer on their site anymore rip and then against.

The current intel mac pro tower, which you still can technically buy, but definitely shouldnt. So, on paper, theyre just going to brag about performance per watt right so theyre saying it uses less power than this core i5 and better cpu performance than a core i9 12 900 k at the same power consumption and it can deliver the same performance at 100. Watts less power, which is great for everybodys electricity bill and for thermals and then of course, theyre saying itll, take way less power than an rtx 3060 ti and can take 200 watts less power than an rtx 3090 while delivering the same performance, which sounds absolutely sick. But im gon na be testing that, for myself we got ta, see so well. Have those machines in here sooner or later, and make sure you get subscribed to see those videos when they come out. But then, as far as the max studio itself, im very tempted – or, i should say, im interested uh, so this machine actually starts with the m1 max in it and that one starts at two thousand dollars. But then theyll ship you, the m1 ultra max studio. That starts at four thousand dollars and that one has two thunderbolt ports on the front by the way, instead of the two usbc, if you get the m1 max and on apples site, you can spec it up to the 64 core gpu for a thousand bucks. You can double that unified memory for 800 bucks and you can go up to eight terabytes of storage for a total max of eight thousand dollars, which isnt actually that crazy.

But my main question – and i tweeted this during the event – is basically: is this a mac mini pro or is it a mac pro mini and thats a real theres, a real difference, and that actually matters? Because if this new machine, this mac studio, outperforms the literal highest end 28 core mac pro, then is this the end of the road? Is this the highest end machine that apple now needs to make to complete the transition of all the macs? This will basically make it. The new mac pro just happens to be small enough to fit on your desk, but is totally capable of running a whole studio or even doing things that the current mac pro isnt doing. It has double the media engine, so it can now play back 18 streams of 8k prores 422 video like how could you possibly need more than that im? Looking at our im, looking at the the intel mac pros over here with the 28 chord xeon chip and 768 gigs of ram and the vega 2 gpu and im like that, that got to end of life pretty quickly, it was pretty expensive. But john turnes did say something at the very end of the presentation, together with the studio display. These products will empower users to create the studios of their dreams and to continue to change the world and they join the rest of our incredible mac. Lineup with apple silicon, making our transition nearly complete with just one more product to go mac pro, but that is for another day now back to tim uh and see that that actually answers the question see its not a mac pro mini its a mac mini pro.

Its a its a small desktop computer that sits right on your desk on your mouse pad, just like that and costs a tenth of the price of the big dog and just happens to be just as capable, if not more capable because of the architecture but yeah Its its clearly not the end of the line and theres still one more like theres a reason: theres still a bunch of mac pro towers behind them in their labs and theyre, not all replaced with mac studios. The tower form factor can still unlock the very highest end of power and modularity, and what the mac is capable of so thatll have, i guess, a new chip we havent even heard about yet and thats the one im going to keep waiting for, although clearly the New mac, studio, maxed out, should be totally capable of handling everything we do here in this studio. Now the studio display stan included starts at 15.99, its an extra 300 for the nano texture coating and an extra 400 to make that stand height, adjustable, which is kind of crazy. Now there is a lot of talk about whether or not this is actually a good price for this monitor overall, and i think the reason thats actually kind of hard to answer is there isnt really any other monitor out thats exactly like it so the way i Kind of look at it, its like they its if they took a 27 inch, imac display and just popped.

The display out exact same panel, same brightness, same resolution, same size and then just repackaged it and put a bunch of apple features around it. So i mentioned the webcam with center stage. You know other monitors have webcams and mics, but not quite like this. You know other monitors have speakers too, but if the macbook pro speakers are anything to go by, then these are probably pretty unique as well, and then the monitor has a whole a13 bionic chip inside just to act as a super high powered image signal processor. For that webcam to do noise cancellation on the microphones and for your three usb c ports and one thunderbolt port around the back. Basically, this is like everything the lg 5k ultra fine monitor ever wanted to be, except that thing came out six years ago had basically the same specs, but this is a much cleaner packaged. Much better looking. You know first party version, so i think if thats, what youre looking for its still pricey, but it is pretty unique in that way. You know its not hdr its, not higher fresh rate, theres lots of things that it isnt, but you know itll pair well with basically any mac and thats what it does well that makes it so good, but so that thats it there you have it. Those are my reactions honestly get subscribed to this channel if you want to see the evaluations in the machines as they come in and get subscribed to the studio channel.

If you want to see my reactions to the events sort of in real time, and as we evaluate them when they show up here, those videos are always really fun, either way.