Enable notifications and comment below which you could do on each new Mac, video we make for more chances to win, were going to choose. The winners live on February 1st, so dont miss out on that video. Now the first thing they didnt tell you is that these MacBooks Were Meant to come out months ago. We had many leaks that pointed to that, but they didnt come and after this event, multiple people online mentioned that this video was scrapped from the October event and Ian Zelda went in and download metadata from the AR and from the wallpapers that clearly show what they Were created in October, ready for for a November release now? The second thing is that there are way more changes under the hood than just the performance that they are quoting. We have this whole chip layout, and one thing that was pointed out is that the tlb buffer was really increased. If you dont know with the original M1 Pro and Max laptops, we found out in our testing that the GPU scaling was not good at all, especially with the M1 Max. Now the way that these Apple silicon chips are designed, you have a base ship that M1 and M2, and that gets duplicated to make the larger chips and it should scale properly. But when we looked at the performance, it was not good at all. For example, if were even scaling from the 14 core M1 Pro, we should have 80 000 for geekbench 5, but in fact we had 68 000, and that is because there was an issue with not enough memory buffer, and that was the bottleneck.

But now we have reports where that was greatly increased and improved, so not only youre going to have the quoted performance that they gave on their website, but in certain applications the scaling will be much better. Now we ordered 10 new M1 Pro and M1 Max machines. So were going to be doing a ton of testing with real world programs and we will see what the performance will be like, for example, in blender. We should have way faster results with the 32 core compared to 24, but we didnt. So if you guys want to see how they actually perform make sure to click that subscribe button and enable notifications now for the third one we have to talk about the course apple is showing off a 12 core system two more than before, and that sounds great. But what theyre not focusing on as much is that the two extra cores are actually efficiency, cores, meaning the performance cores are staying exactly the same now that might not help as much with performance, but that is gon na really help in terms of battery life, which Im going to come back to next, we have to talk about the architectural design and the performance. Now we had many leaks with this chip being three nanometer and tsmc. Launching these weve covered all of that and with AMD going to four nanometer, and it might be an in between point. A lot of people thought these ships could be four nanometer, just like the a16, but no, they are still based off of 5 nanometer, which is a bummer, because that means that it will run hotter and use more power.

Just like we got with the M2 Chip compared to the M1. What we have effectively is an overclocked processor, running more power to get more performance, but that also affects the Heat and thermals and throttling which were also going to talk about, but on the plus side. This also means that its cheaper and easier for apple to make these with better yields, and that also means better availability, but before I die dive deep into the performance and other things theyre not talking about you need. Our sponsors must have app for your new Mac. Clean my Mac X, which is notarized by Apple and has been on the market for 14 years. I bought it three years ago because its simple but powerful and takes only seconds to install and use their assistant, provides personalized tips and smart scan will automatically clean up. Protect and speed up your Mac in seconds, which removed almost 10 gigabyte of my junk files. You can also dive deeper, where I found a bunch of files. I did need, along with malware protection and removal and an installer that doesnt leave leftover files and categories as apps. So I could easily see what I havent been using as well as an Easy, Auto. Updater, optimization and maintenance gives you control to easily fix your system, and space lens is super cool visually, showing my large files, where I found a 55 gigabyte phone backup. I deleted plus a sensitive file Shredder.

This app has been great to use with its assistance recommendations and the menu that shows a ton of System Info with tools like memory free up with one click clean. My Mac is giving a 30 discount for two weeks after this video is released, just make sure to use our down the link in the description below now. The next one is about the performance and clock speed now on Apples website. They talk about the increase in performance uh being up to 20, more powerful in terms of the CPU and then 30 in terms of GPU, and they mentioned that its in the same power envelope. But the thing is with the M1 Pro and Max a lot of times, they didnt actually hit their Max rated CPU wattage. Now Apple didnt mention the clock, speed the M1 Max and pro they would run at up to 3.2 gigahertz, but based on the leaks that we have seen, this thing goes up to 3.68 gigahertz likely 3.7, and that is a big jump from 3.2. Now the way they show off their benchmarks is they show up the maximum performance, not what you actually get, and we also know from our testing that these Macs got really hot already hitting over 100 degrees Celsius, and we did have thermal throttling a lot more. So on the 14 inch model, but even the 16 inch model with throttle because of too much heat because of too much wattage.

So with this one running higher clock, speeds means it will pull more itll pull more for longer and for longer renders we might actually have more throttling so that pretty good score in geekbench, which is not limited by heat, might go down, and the 3.68 gigahertz might Also drop down quite a bit for longer renders, of course, we bought multiple configurations, because we will be testing them out and telling you guys, which one is worth buying and next lets switch to some positives. Now, with the previous MacBooks, the 16 inch actually was heavier with the M1 Max than with the M1 Pro, because it had a better cooler, but the 14 inch model was the same, which also led to more throttling. But thankfully, this time around. If you go over to switch to the 14 inch you go into the fine specs, you will see that the 14 inch M2 Max now weighs 3.65, so its heavier than the M2 Pro. Instead of being the same, so hopefully they have stronger fans in this to help with cooling. Now the next one is battery life, and this is a positive now, with this launch Apple, gave it a one hour, better rating for both the 14 inch and the 16 inch model. But in my opinion, its going to be a lot better than that. And that is because I have tested the M2 Chip already now I mentioned that we now have 12 cores and instead of having two efficiency cores, we have four just like with the M2 and the M1 chips, but those cores are way more powerful, meaning that, because Of extra power and doubling the cores for a lot of tasks, you can just use those efficiency cores and not even touch the performance ones.

Now, with the M2 MacBook Pro and air, I did testing with a low power mode that basically switches off the performance mode and even though things do take longer, especially tough productivity, it is still more than fast enough and smokes Windows laptops in real world use, while Getting insane battery life now with that machine Apple quoted empty MacBook, Air, slightly better in battery life and in real world. We got about an hour better, but when we enabled the low power mode, the CPU and GPU wattage drops like crazy, becomes extremely efficient and instead of going from about 9 to 10 hours, I got 15 hours of real world use, which is insane so with this Machine the new 14 and 16 inch laptops. If youre going to use low power mode, it will actually be able to do so, instead of basically making very little difference with the current 14 and 16 inch. Your battery life is going to get a lot better, and that is a great thing now. The next one is minor, but interesting with these MacBooks we have. The mini LED displays that look amazing. They hit up to 1600 nits beautiful, beautiful HDR, great for color grading. Hdr, video and photos, but this time around, if we look at the fine print Ive, not seen this before it literally says in temperatures, less than 25 degrees Celsius, which is around 77 fahrenheit, meaning that now theyre telling us once the Mac gets warmer youre outside or In a warm room, youre not gon na get that full performance now the next one is pricing.

Now here in the states, the prices stayed the same, even though I think its costing Apple a little bit less to make these instead of doing like a three nanometer. Now, if we actually go and account for inflation, though, that 3 500 for a spec like I have here, actually turns into about 3 800, meaning that technically its a little bit less expensive for us. But with that said in other parts of the world, it unfortunately got a lot more expensive, for example, in Denmark it went up by about 220 Euros or 300 bucks. In England, it went up by 300 pounds, which is about 370 bucks and even in Canada, by a hundred dollars. Now one guy in Denmark said that he bought a 14 inch, one terabyte discounted for 2300 USD. Now these new ones are 3 300 thats, a huge price Gap and apple had some great sales recently and hes asking. Should I return it and get the new one? I would say for that big of a price difference. I would not do that and surprisingly, in Singapore they actually got Cheaper by a hundred dollars, so pricing is all over the place and it does suck that it got more expensive in some regions. Next we have connectivity now. This was mentioned on this slide, but I really have to emphasize this, because these are the first Macs that have Bluetooth 5.3, along with Wi Fi 6E. Other Windows, laptops and Android phones have had this for a long time and its great that Apple added this, even though the M2 MacBook Air did not get it now.

This is great if you have a new router and youre in a congested area, because you have that special band better for Speed and if you guys saw my video on Apple, possibly making another Wi Fi air power router. We have a lot of leaks about this, and that would be very cool to see so Im glad apple is finally stepping it up now with that. The next one is the 96 gigabytes of RAM. That is a lot of ram to have, I think, its more than enough or too much for most people, but if you want to get that what they advertise on screen, you have to have the 38 core M2 Max the most expensive version of that now. I always do videos where I compare different amounts of ram, so with all the MacBooks that I bought, I will be comparing 64 gig and 96 along with 16 versus 32 and even 8 versus 16.. So if you guys want to see videos on how much of a difference that makes for different real world tasks, the next one, we need to talk about connectivity now we were so excited to have HDMI again on a MacBook, but people are disappointed because it only Supported 4K 60 with old school HDMI, but now not only they show up that they have updated HDMI. What they didnt tell you is that this is something that nobody else really has. The empty Pro supports up to three external displays, which is great, but the M2 Max now supports up to four external displays, which is a lot.

You could use all three of the Thunderbolt ports along with that HDMI, and not only can you now do 4K 120 or you could do 6K 60. You can actually do 4K 240 frame per second, which is absolutely insane now. The crazy thing is now: the crazy thing is: if we go to hdmi.org the main website, the latest HDMI 2.1, a says they can only go up to 4K 120 frames per second, because that is the maximum bandwidth. So apple is using something that is even better than the best announced version now. That is because they are using display stream compression to make this happen. It adds very, very little latency and it allows you to have higher resolutions, have HDR 10 bit and super high frame rate so Im glad the apple is putting in the latest tech into this now. The one thing that you have to know is that if you want to make this work, you have to have a good cable, because there are so many fake hdmis. Hdmi 2.1 could actually be older, its crazy. So you have to make sure you buy the right one now I did some research and found a set of cables that are index offensive, but they have the best ratings that will support anything that the laptop can output so Im going to go ahead and Link That down below now, along with that, we have memory, bandwidth and RAM the M2 Chip got faster than M1, but Apple didnt, mention that the Mt Pro and Max they did not get any faster, theyre just advertising how fast it is so theyre sticking with the same Exact Ram speeds as before and along with that, the next one is the neural engine, the neural engine theyre, showing off the 16 core one and theyre not saying that its the same exact one as with the M2 Chip.

So, if youre doing tasks that are based on the neural engine, more AI stuff, even on photography, a lot of stuff is using that now it might not be any faster or much faster than just having an M2 MacBook Air and the last one that I have For you, guys is the fact that, finally, the charge cable with magsafe thats braided color matches the space gray on the laptops. Now the one I got for myself is space gray, so that is nice just like with the M2 MacBook Air, but thats, just a simple one. Let me know which one surprised you the most once again make sure you comment down below and check out each one of our new videos uh from the time of the launch on Tuesday up to February 1st and comments so that you can have a chance to Win either a MacBook Pro or a Mac Mini weve done these giveaways many times before we ship them out. We pay for everything, so its great click that Circle above to subscribe, to see more videos check out one of those right there and if you want to buy one of these MacBooks check out YouTube shopping feature.