I cant even remember the last time Apple released a product in January, but yes, Apple, just announced the brand new 14 and 16 inch M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pros and also the M2 Mac Mini and, as you can see, I got one right here: okay, This isnt, actually the uh M2 Pro MacBook Pro, but this serves as a useful uh demo because it looks exactly the same right like the new Macbook Pros, look exactly the same as the old MacBook Pros, but there are some hidden details inside of those machines uh That go beyond these newer chips that have more power in them and more uh abilities to customize these chips even higher. I said that very weird, but Im not going to redo this, take because Im just amped up so basically in this video, I want to go over everything new with the 14 and 16 inch M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pro, and then I want to give You some buying advice as well and then go over some hidden details that you may have not really figured out from Apples little announcement, because it was just a press release. It was just a press release. This came out of nowhere, so lets actually go over all this stuff. Okay, so lets go over the new stuff with the 14 and 60 inch MacBook Pro now, like I just said before, they look exactly the same so on the outside.

If you put the 2021 model against this new 2023 model, theyre going to look exactly the same now, what is new? Well, of course. Obviously. First lets start with the chips uh, so, on the lower end, you have the M2 Pro chip. So if you look at Apples website, the first thing youll notice, is that the base model comes with a 10 core CPU and a 16 core GPU, which basically means that if you were to buy the older base model of this MacBook Pro um, you got an Eight core CPU with I believe it was like a 14 core GPU, so right off the bat with the M2 Pro youre, basically getting the highest end M1 Pro that Apple used to offer used to go all the way up to 10 cores for the CPU, and Then 16 cores for the GPU so already just because this is a newer model. Apple is delivering a better value on the base level model. It looks comparable to what you would get on Just a fully specked out M1 uh Pro machine, but dont forget thats. The base model, so if you spec this up, spend 300 more dollars on the M2 Pro chip with the uh, fully binned, CPU and GPU youre, actually going to get a 12 core CPU, so thats, two additional cores and then a 19 core GPU on that M2. Pro model, so just a better M2 Pro chip all around for these Max specifications.

Now, of course, the other new chip inside of this machine is the M2 Max now the M2 Max is even more interesting, so you can get an M2 Max for 500, more dollars and thats going to give you a 12 core CPU with a 30 core GPU, But then, if you spend 200 over that you can get an M2 Max with a 12 core c pu and then a maxed out 38 core GPU, now heres the interesting thing. When we first talked about rumors about these new Macs, we discussed the ability of Apple expanding the memory on these laptops. Well, when you look at the M2 Pro machines youre going to find out that its still the maximum of 32 gigabytes of memory. So if you want even more memory than that youre going to have to spec it up to the M2 Max, but unlike last year, where the maximum amount of memory you could get was 64 gigabytes on these Max chips. Well, apple is now expanding that up to 96 gigabytes for the M2 Max now. The only crevit here is that you actually have to get the full M2 Max model, so you have to get one with a 38 core GPU to be able to spec it up to 96 gigabytes of unified memory. And if you dont get that Max Max chip, you can only upgrade it to 64 gigabytes of unified memory. But just like the last versions of these Macs um, the 14 and 16 inch model can kind of be specked out pretty similarly like.

If you want to go and take a 14 inch model and put in the M2 Max chip with the full 38 core GPU and then also add in the 96 gigabytes of unified memory, well, you can do that even on the smaller 14 inch model. There is no limit theres, no artificial limit placed on the smaller laptop. Now there may be a difference in Performance Based on the 16 inch, maybe having slightly better cooling, but Im actually excited for the smaller 14 inch this year, because uh theres a little thing. I found on Apples website so when I was looking at Apples website and I was breaking down the technical specifications for both of these laptops, I noticed that with the 14 inch model, if you just get the regular M2 Pro chip, its gon na weigh 3.5 pounds, But if you spec this up to the M2 Max chip, while the weight actually shifts a little bit, it goes up to 3.6 pounds now. Why is this important well on the 2021 MacBook Pros on the 16 inch model um when you got an M2 you prochip in that model? It weighed 4.7 pounds, but when you added an M2 Max chip to or an M1 Max chip to that model, it went up to 4.8 pounds and the model that weighed more with the M1 Max chip had a better cooling system in it. While that wasnt the case on the older uh M1 Max 14 inch MacBook Pros, it was the same 3.

5 pounds, no matter what uh model you got, but not this time. So this time, if you go and put an M2 Max chip on the 14 inch MacBook Pro its gon na weigh 3.6 pounds, so these MacBook Pros at least the 14 inch model – might actually have a better cooling system. If youre opting for that Max model which might be needed because uh, these chips are actually still running on the five nanometer process and what we saw out of the base model M2 chips was that these chips ran a little bit hotter. So if the 14 inch model with an M2 Max is going to run hotter, and especially with all these additional CPU and GPU cores, I assume its going to run hotter. Well. Apple may have me needed to engineer a better cooling solution for those Max models, but that is ultimately a good thing. Well see how well this holds up in tests and reviews, but yeah if youre getting that Max model expect to get better cooling performance than you did out of the 2021 MacBook Pro so expect better sustained performance. Another interesting thing to note here is that these MacBook Pros also get more battery life, so last year the 14 inch model was rated at 17 hours of battery life and the 16 inch was rated at 21 hours battery life. Well now, with these 2023 M2 MacBook Pros theyre, both rated for an additional hour so 18 hours on the 14 inch and then 22 hours on the 16 inch making this Apples uh best battery life for their MacBook Pros ever or just in general.

For the 16 inch model, its the best battery life in any laptop, they have ever shipped now as excited as I am about these M2 chips. Just because you know Apple, silicon is just really exciting to me. On the whole, this upgrade is isnt that substantial. So this was a big refresh with the 2021 models you got new displays new design, more ports, a lot of that stuff stays the same now with these 2023 models, there are a few new things inside of it. So, first of all, you do get Wi Fi 6E, which is great thats, faster Wi Fi speeds. If you have a compatible Wi, Fi, 60 router, so thats thats, all good right, thats, a much needed upgrade and then another exciting upgrade for these new Macbook Pros is the HDMI port, and this was actually I was reading into this, and this is actually yeah there. It is, this is actually a uh, really big upgrade for the HDMI port, so a lot of people were upset with these 2021 models because they only had HDMI 2.0. Well now these new 2023 M2 MacBook Pros come with HDMI 2.1. So Apple has been advertising this. On their website as well, this HDMI cable can drive an 8K display Im sure a lot of the people watching this video right now do not have 8K display. So its probably a wasted feature on you, but what might not be wasted is that this HDMI, cable and apple really didnt cover this.

That much on the website um is that this HDMI cable can actually max out at 4K 240 hertz. So we can get up to a 4K at 240 hertz uh, refresh rate um, the MacBook Pro displays were touted as being super smooth and responsive because they had a fast 120 hertz refresh rate, so the new HDMI cable can actually double that refresh rate. If you have a monitor that can display 240 hertz so for some people, thats actually going to be really exciting and the HDMI 2.1 spec on this um, basically for like display standards, kind of makes, it seem like its surpassing. The Thunderbolt display option on here. In terms of video output uh in just in terms of how you can get up to 8K and then at 60, hertz and then 4K at 240Hz, so thats actually a pretty big upgrade. If you are a frequent user of the uh HDMI port on the MacBook Pro okay, so I think thats pretty much everything that is new on these MacBook Pros, at least all the important things. If I miss something feel free to. Let me know in the comments below but give me a break. They were just announced, so Ive been trying to do my best to get you the best and most accurate information possible um. Now what about buying advice? Now again, I dont have a review model of the 2023 model. I dont think anyone has, at this point um and theres a lot of unknowns about how well these M2 Pro and especially the M2 Max chip when its fully specked out how well these MacBook Pros are going to handle them.

And if like this increased performance, uh is going to bring on like any thermal throttling. So you have to take everything I say here with with a fair bit of salt, I was going to say grain of salt but Im going to say a fair bit of salt uh, but listen Im gon na try and make my best recommendations based on what I already know, with my experience with the older 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pros um. Now again, like I mentioned at the start of this, video that base model 14 inch is looking like just a better value like its basically getting the better M1 Pro chip at this point with the uh M2 Pro chip now having the 10 core CPU by default. In the 16 core GPU by default, um battery life gains, I guess remain to be seen, But Apples, saying theyre one hour better than the older models is good. I mean the older models, especially on the pro chips had good battery life. I assume these new uh models are going to have good battery life as well as for what like configuration, you should get thats a very personal uh preference kind of thing like I could go out and spec out all these MacBook Pros for you um, but you Know youre dealing with a lot of money here like listen, is the base model 14 inch gon na, be fine for you with 16 gigabytes of memory Plus, possibly, but if youre already running up to the limits on your current computer of like maybe like your memories, Like maxing out, you might want to go for like a 32 gigabyte option on the M1 Pro and then like lets just say.

Like youre, you know an edge case like youre youre, doing more professional work than me, and you have like a 64 gigabyte MacBook Pro and it just cant handle it anymore. Well, maybe youre someone that might want to configure their model all the way up to that new 96 gigabyte configuration um. I think the important question that I can kind of answer for you is: are these new MacBooks kind of worth it and listen? If you have the last Model, the M1 Pro or the M1 Max, these probably arent worth the upgrade right, its a spec bump upgrade it has some nice new things in there. Maybe it can take advantage of it, but ultimately it is a spec bump, upgrade so theres. No new major features inside of these MacBook Pros theyre gon na work, pretty similarly to your to those last MacBook Pros, but listen that isnt Apples target audience theres a a lot of people watching this video right now who have an older Intel, MacBook Pro and my Best advice to you is if youre watching this video now and your current computer is giving you trouble whether that be in battery life performance or all of the above or just like you dont, like the design or the display or whatever. Whatever problem, your computer is giving you if its a big problem – and you want to get a new Macbook Pro well nows a great time to get one youre getting laptops that just are a better value overall and have better performance and just some nice new things About them now, uh one more bit of advice.

I guess I can give you is 14 16 inch model, um Ive been using the 14 inch, as my main laptop actually just made a video on it. If you want to watch that over here – and I will say that I think the performance difference, at least on these older models – um, there was a slight performance difference on the 16 inch model with the max chip. But I found that this 14 inch model just performed so well and was so compact that I really really loved this uh. This is kind of like a laptop that Ive always wanted Apple to make because its the smaller size and you can still spec it out to the max configuration and that still stays true with these newer models. Of course, though, if you like a bigger laptop with a bigger screen, you want slightly better speakers or you just want to make sure that, no matter what you throw at it its not going to slow down well, the 60 inch model is probably the way the The way to go and if you spec these out similarly youll, find that theres only a 200 difference between the 14 and 16 inch model. If you are getting a similarly equipped uh M1 Pro or nm2 Max chip obvious on the 16 inch model, you cannot get that lower Bend. 10, core CPU you just by default, get the 12 core CPU at 2 500, but yeah theyre, both great laptops so or I think, theyre both great laptops.

I got ta review them first, but the older models were, I assume these new ones are just going to be slightly better and my last bit of advice Im sorry this video is everywhere, but thank you for watching. My last bit of advice is, if you want one of these laptops as soon as possible. We know theres been supply chain shortages like crazy and even like last year, with the Mac Studio, its sold out pretty quickly and you couldnt get one for a while. So if you want one of these laptops, my biggest advice to you from if youre watching this video right now, if youre dead, set on getting one of these laptops, go pre order it right now so theyre up for pre order. Right now, if youre getting the base models, theyre gon na ship on Tuesday uh next week, so I think thats Tuesday. What let me check my calendar, Tuesday January 24th, and then I was like specking out some other models: uh, adding customized storage and like memory – and it seems those models – are just shipping out, like two days later on the 26th, so theyre available to pre order. Right now, you can go, buy them right now on Apples website. So if you want them, my my best advice to you right now is to go. Get it right now, so they dont sell out but yeah. Thank you so much for watching this. Video really hope you enjoyed it if you did enjoy it.

If you learned something new, please leave me a like if you want to see more from my channel, including full reviews of the M2 Max MacBook Pro make sure you subscribe and as always thank you. So much for watching and hopefully Ill see you in the next video Im working on a new M2 uh Mac Mini and M2 Pro Mac Mini video right after this.