What are you going to review the lenovo legion 5 pro ever since it was announced back at ces in january, and i kept saying well as soon as lenovo sends it to me. I will definitely check it out and, of course, review it. Well, the great news is it’s here in the studio, i’ve been putting it through its paces, and now here is my full review. Hey everybody it’s andrew – and this is the lenovo legion 5 pro running the amd ryzen 5800h and the rtx 3070 gpu from nvidia coming up Music. Now, as we take a look at the specs in the interest of transparency and full disclosure – i’m not being paid by lenovo i’m, not being sponsored by lenovo, all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own. Lenovo is not getting copy approval they’re, seeing this video for the first time, just like you, this review unit was provided by lenovo, and once this review is done, i’ll be sending it back now. Pricing has not been determined as of yet, and it will be coming very soon, i’m hearing sometime next month, so we should have that information coming and once it does. I will leave a link in the description below for more information and where you can buy one and with that, out of the way let’s find out what you get inside the box, let’s open it up. Music, you get some documentation along with a pretty massive 300 watt power adapter that uses lenovo’s own proprietary connector, and you also get the extension cord it’s a pretty big power adapter and for those wondering yes, you do get some legion stickers as well now holding the Unit for the first time, you’ll notice, the aluminum top and aluminum bottom, and it also has a pretty decent weight, although not the lightest out there at 5.

4 pounds or 2.45 kilograms, definitely a lot of power packed under the hood. So i will forgive a little bit of heft on it. This thing is going to be a beast when it comes to gaming, all right, let’s check out the port selection on the left side, you get a usbc 3.2 gen, 2 port and you get a headphone microphone. Combo jack on the right side is a usba 3.2 gen1 port and the camera e shutter switch that’s, always good to have for more security and privacy, but where most of the ports, of course, reside are on the back and you’ll find your ac power adapter a Usb a 3.2 gen 1 port, an hdmi port 2 usba 3.2 gen 1 ports, a usbc, 3.2 gen 2 port that supports power delivery and an ethernet rj45, notably missing there’s, no sd card reader. That would have made this the ultimate port selection. All right now. As far as getting inside this laptop and in terms of user upgradability, all is good. On that front, all you need to do is remove the phillips head screws pop off the bottom plate and you’re. In now, once inside, you notice the two fans for cooling, the heat sinks, and you also notice that it has an 80 watt hour battery we’ll get into the battery life in just a little bit. Now, as far as what user upgradeable, the ram is upgradeable, as you can see the ram slots here, and you can actually put up to 64 gigabytes of ddr4 3200 ram.

I actually have 16 gigabytes on my review unit, sent to me from lenovo, but having the ability to go up to 64 gigabytes is really great and you can configure it with up to one terabyte of pcie nvme ssd storage. My review unit has 512 gigabytes of ssd storage and had some excellent reads and writes, as you can see here now. As far as the wireless is concerned, it uses wi fi six along with bluetooth 5.1 and you can’t upgrade it down the road as it’s, not soldered, into the motherboard it’s slotted in, and that is always good and for those wondering yes, you can open the lid With one finger now, they’ll give you some documentation will let you know that pressing the function q will cycle through the different performance modes we’ll get into that in a little bit. Take a look at the keyboard. You’Ll notice, the familiar? U shaped keys we’ve, come to know with lenovo keyboards and actually like this keyboard. Decent key travel, good tactile feedback. It does have a numeric keypad for those that wan na crunch numbers on spreadsheets when you’re not playing games on this now. This is a six row keyboard with multimedia function, keys, numeric keypad, as i just mentioned, and has black keycaps four zone, rgb led backlight, and that allows you to game in a dark room or a dimly lit environment that’s always good. Now you also have a precision touch pad you’ll notice, it’s off to the side or to the left.

I should say, and it actually is: okay worked pretty well in terms of responsiveness, two fingers scrolling was buttery smooth and all the gestures work as you’d expect. Now. So people may not like the fact that it’s off centered so much it may get in the way when you’re gaming using the keyboard, but a lot of you may disable the touchpad and use a mouse. I know a lot of the gamers will do that and that may be an option you may want to choose. Okay, let’s talk about what i think is the star of the show it’s display, and what we’re looking at here is a 16 inch display with a 16 to 10 aspect ratio that is right. A gaming laptop with a 16 to 10 aspect ratio or qhd plus resolution that’s 2560 by 1600, and it also has 165 hertz refresh rate, which is great for gaming. It’Ll be very smooth in terms of that experience, and you also get a really smooth scrolling experience through the os and with productivity work as well. You get some really deep, blacks, some very vibrant, colors and it’s. Also, a very color accurate display with a 1.38 delta e rating that’s very good. It also covers the color gamut really well: 95 srgb 72 adobe rgb 72 of the dci, p3 wide color gamut and 67 ntsc, making this a good choice for content creators to do lightroom, photoshop and, of course, video editing, it’s, also a very bright display coming in At a really bright 500 nits making this good for both indoor and outdoor use – and i also love its really slim bezels, giving it a sleek and modern look.

So this is the front facing camera on the all new lenovo legion 5. Pro running the amd ryzen 5800 h got the rtx 3070 in it. Uh really impressive. So far, 720p 30 frames per second webcam. Is it good for zoom? Is it good for work from home needs? Let me know in that comment section below. I am curious to know what do you think about the video? What do you think about the audio, the legion 5 pro sports, an 80 watt hour battery, and it did six hours and 18 minutes on my continuous web surfing test over wi fi at 115? It’S, that means with mixed use, you’re looking at anywhere from four to five hours, of course, depending on what you’re doing and it takes about an hour and a half for a full charge with the included 300 watt power adapter. And yes, it is pretty massive now when it comes to gaming. This thing is a beast and that’s thanks to that amd ryzen 5800h paired with the rtx 3070 from nvidia, and you can see from the numbers here playing on the high settings at 2560 by 1600. You get very playable frame rates with very little stutter, very little drop frames. You will get some excellent gaming performance and it also did really well on the pc mark 10, which is a good indicator of everyday use. Scoring 6836 also did great on the geekbench cinebench test that i ran and, of course the graphics did well, with this 3d mark fire strike and time spy scores, but i did notice the surface temperatures can get pretty warm when you’re really running it under heavy load, Especially when you’re running intensive games – and you will notice the fans kick in when it’s under heavy load, especially when you’re in performance mode when you’re gaming on this you’ll, definitely hear them that’s something to keep in mind.

And when you are really running this under heavy load, you’ll notice that the core temperature can reach up to 95 to 100 degrees celsius, which can get pretty warm. But it didn’t affect performance all that much as it was very little throttling, as it really maintained. Good speeds on this laptop now, as far as the speakers are concerned, you’re looking at bottom facing speakers on this, and i would say, they’re – okay, not great in terms of the audio in terms of bass in terms of the mids, i would say it gets pretty Loud but i would rather go and invest in a good pair of gaming. Headphones you’ll get a better audio experience that’s for sure, but if you need to listen to something in a pinch with this, definitely not terrible, but not good, either. All right let’s bring it all home. What do i think about the legion 5 pro here for 2021, and i got ta say i think lenovo’s hit a home run here once again. This is a great gaming laptop, but not only that it’s, a great general purpose, laptop and that’s, thanks to the fact that they move to a 16 to 10 aspect ratio. A gorgeous 16 inch display with 165 hertz refresh rate you’re, going to get great performance out of that ryzen 5800 h processor, as well as the rtx 3070 gpu from nvidia performance, has been excellent. Gaming has been excellent on this laptop.

I know some of you are going to do video editing on this, so you’d want to have an sd card reader that’s a little bit of a negative here. The fact that it doesn’t have one and some people may not like the positioning of the touchpad off to the left. It may get in the way of gaming when you’re using the keyboard. But, of course, a lot of you will disable it and use a gaming mouse anyway. So not a real deal breaker in my book. Some people may feel it’s a little bit bulky and on the heavy side, not a deal breaker in my opinion, but when it’s all said and done, lenovo’s hit a home run here with the legion 5 pro earning my editor’s choice for the gaming laptop in the 15 to 16 inch category, definitely making it worth your money, Music Applause. I absolutely love it. Love that move to the 16 to 10 aspect ratio, love that 16 inch display it’s, bright, it’s sharp, and i love that 165 hertz refresh rate really great for gaming. Great. For the smooth scrolling that we absolutely love, i love the performance out of that amd. Ryzen 5800 h, based on the zen 3 architecture, and i love the nvidia rtx 3070 gpu, giving it great gaming performance and i didn’t notice it thermal throttle, giving you great performance. Even under heavy load, so please hit the like button. Please subscribe. Please share this video don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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