Last little set up here. Look at this guys, two microphones sensitive and you could close. There paint your face down Music: oh the sd card reader to type c 3.1; usbs your fans, not bad. Oh on this section we have um two usb hdmi, sd micro, car reader, 3.5 jack micro, sd card 3.5 jack and two usbs, one hdmi and a port. Oh look at this. They have the sim card reader here. This is actually for a sim card for the sim card. For the actual you know what this is for the sim card for the actual phones they put in the back. Now they used to be on the side, air ventilations plenty of air. Now, so you got one two, three, four, five, six and seven the middle one right all right, so we find a little corner. One fan one single fan right here: that’s all it has one single fan, um connection to the battery right here. Battery can be replaced one two, three, three, three pretty much three three screws that’s it one two three, it tells you the screws here you can see little fine screws in there screw it in there. You re remove this battery pops out easy to replace it’s a 63wh. They have different models. You could get a smaller one, but keep it the same size two dimms here ddr4. You fill one here. Second, one here: um cpu and video card on one. Now you got the m.

2 here: it’s all closed enclosure. Here you could add another one here, a shorter one, it’s a one minute input right here, but you could actually a smaller millimeter a little description here for this one let’s see that wireless device wireless card, m.2 it’s hidden in here you have to remove a couple Screws remove that one. This one let’s do that right now, we’ll do that in a bit. Let me see ddr4 memory, upgrade extra m.2 and, of course, a battery replacement. Then back here, here’s the sim card reader, the sim card for your telephone provider sd and the two nvme look at the small size is. This is the actual card. This is actually a just an expansion to help it out. That’S crazy. Look at that how small it is see. This is the actual unit itself. You can see the sides you could tell because of the thermal tape, but they do have spacing for 40.. You have enough space for 40, but they give you this extensions line. This is a 512 gigabyte, five, five, five twelve gigs 512 gigs on a little tiny little chip like this. They keep getting smaller and smaller, but if you want a larger one, they do have an expansion for it, and this one actually goes in here. Let’S put it back so as long as the copper is not showing you just drive it down and that’s it make sure this is cover protected, screw it down screw this one down.

First and that’s it for maintenance. You get an aircraft, you blow it in here. Back here clean it out blow it up, pull it in.