We have a warning these touchscreen yeah lets open up the box all right. We have weird black thing, weird black thing, with black thing: cardboard: wrapping um, cardboard, Music. This is a very nice manual. It just says it has a limited warranty: thats legit it so yeah uh, the computer, its here now magically opened and everything is good, so, basically its just a laptop its chromebook, but then its just chromebook. I mean its decent enough, where i can play games and not have much problems at all and plus school is here, and everyone has to do school. So this is perfect because its a chromebook, obviously what what but yeah, basically its a computer that you can use and thats it its its its its nothing fancy its just a computer. Now lets get to the review so basically its a nice keyboard standard keyboard, thats, outdated, but thats. Fine because it still works very im, very good speakers on the side, its like it gets loud that wasnt a very good example that wasnt it didnt get loud at all all right and then um mouse glow cool didnt come with the mouse. I got him out separately, so yeah its a its a good computer, but im just gon na do like the cons and pros or whatever its called alright, so pros uh nice display it has touchscreen um high quality, very high quality. Look at my shirt. Look at my face only eyes on my face: Music: no boobs does it look very good though i just died all right, so basically it works where i can just play games and thats what i want, because i want to get it just.

I want to just have a computer that can, let me do things that i didnt do on mobile, so its cool and all, but then heres the oh. It has gold speakers and a nice keyboard all right, heres. The cons, if you noticed like i think, if you noticed on the mouse, you might see that its doubled so say if youre in first person, the mouse doesnt move. But then the mouse moves, because its not synced up where its just gon na go to hello. But its just gon na be on the other side, so yeah its not the best thing for first person shooters, but it definitely puts the point down that its still good, if you could just go in third person um. Another thing is the design of the app stuff its nice, but then to the fact where its just lags its not the best app storage ever. Why? What what i dont know why he said that i dont know this guy stranger danger: can you well yeah? It does work um its fine in general, but then its just its decent, but yeah i mean its a nice computer theres, not many things wrong with it. I did hit um 75 k ping in adopt me yeah, i its not the best, but it does work. It doesnt lag in other games like look its fruit, ninja fruit, ninja, hello, its fruit, ninja, fruit, ninja, look its fruit ninja. What happened to him? Man? What happened to him? Oh god, its loud, see, look its fruit.

Ninja, i mean it. They have decent apps like its basically an android device, because it really is drag the strawberry. I am not this old. I just felt like it. Alright, they really updated this game now, didnt they it just goes then its lagging somehow look at the lag, though i mean oh im, okay, its pro ninja thats it i think they did put decent work into the computer, its just it lags sometimes its all. I dont mind that it lags sometimes its just. I need something that doesnt lag much when you are gaming or gaming, god moment or gaming chair. I have no gaming chair. I have a wooden chair, its basically like a dining table chair because i i didnt feel like getting one i might get one i dont know i missed the other one ninja. I am the gaming guard at three ninja gaming, and can you play with that? Can you draw with the mouse no but im glad that this thing has touchscreen just so you can do stuff like that im, not very good at the touch screen, because its very sticky, because well its a computer and its supposed to be like that im, not Saying its sticky for me, making it sticky im saying its just sticky, because, while its a computer, i am the gaming god im pretty sure the thing comes up on the screen or no hey. Oh! No! No! No! I need my fruit wheres, the fruit! Well yeah! I mean its basically just a computer that you can use just for a funny funny and uh in general.

Just get a computer. I would recommend it, but its just meh. So i mean it does work its just, not the best at doing im getting an ad right now on the other screen, thats funny so yeah, i basically yeah thats. Basically it the computer is nice. I dont mind it its just it its just it. Like. I mean you could have better computers like the graphics, theyre good. I mean probably not on the camera because of all the cameras, eight years old, because im recording on an eight year old ipad, because i have nothing else better than i can do so i mean it works and i would recommend it thats. Basically it its the chromebook 14 inch yeah. Well, thank you guys for watching uh go get one.